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Shadow Net-   A look into the Major Goal of Democrats,  to take down Trump

Supreme Court won’t weigh if jurors can be removed for religious beliefs in lesbian employment case
The U.S. Supreme Court won't delve into whether jurors can be dismissed due to their religious beliefs about homosexuality in a case tied to a lesbian woman's employment dispute in Missouri.

In an orders list on Tuesday, the nation's high court declined to hear the case of Missouri Department of Corrections v. Jean Finney. The decision came after Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, a Republican, appealed the discrimination lawsuit against the state's Department of Corrections. MORE
Trump warns of rising anti-Christian sentiment under Biden, promises task force to fight back
Former President Donald Trump warned of a growing anti-Christian sentiment in the government under the Biden administration and pledged to address it with a special task force if he takes back the White House.

Speaking to a packed crowd Thursday evening at the National Religious Broadcasters 2024 International Christian Media Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, Trump opened his speech by warning his Christian audience of what he described as the enemies within the U.S. who pose a greater threat than those abroad.MORE
SBC disfellowships 4 more churches, including 2 that support women pastors
The Southern Baptist Convention has disfellowshiped four more churches deemed not to be in friendly cooperation with the denomination's regulations, including one for having a female senior pastor and another that allows women in church leadership.

The two other churches were ousted for issues related to sexual abuse and the retention of a "biblically disqualified" pastor.

Acting on the recommendations of the SBC Credentials Committee, the Executive Committee of the nation's largest Protestant denomination voted in Nashville on Tuesday to remove Immanuel Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky, from fellowship, reports the SBC's official news service Baptist Press.

The church, which hired Rev. Katie McKown as its senior pastor in 2023, was deemed to have a "faith and practice that does not closely identify with the Convention’s adopted
Justice Alito sounds alarm after Christians denied jury duty in state court
WASHINGTON (BP) – The barring of two Christians from jury duty in a trial involving a lesbian is evidence that Christians with a biblical worldview are increasingly seen as bigots, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said after Missouri asked the High Court to review the ruling.

Such treatment of Christians is what he warned of in his dissent in the Obergefell v. Hodges legalization of same-sex marriage in 2015, Alito said in “reluctantly” concurring with the court’s decision not to hear Missouri’s appeal Feb. 20.

“In this case, the court below reasoned that a person who still holds traditional religious views on questions of sexual morality is presumptively unfit to serve on a jury in a case involving a party who is a lesbian” Alito wrote. “That holding exemplifies the danger that I anticipated in Obergefell v. Hodges, … namely, that Americans who do not hide their adherence to traditional religious beliefs about homosexual conduct will be ‘labeled as bigots and treated as such’ by the government
How gambling preys on the longings of the heart
It is estimated that Americans lost $161 billion to all forms of gambling in 2018, with $306 million of that going to online gambling. While this amount is for all types of gambling, the fastest growing kind of gambling is online. Online gambling has been increasing each year, and the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated that gain. As brick-and-mortar gambling sites saw a decrease in activity, online gambling venues took up the slack. Often, people turned to online gambling during the pandemic for entertainment during long days and nights of being stuck indoors. This created the perfect storm for gambling on the 2022 Super Bowl. It is estimated that 31 million people bet more than $7.6 billion on Super Bowl LVI, an increase of 35% over 2021.

With 71% of Americans believing that gambling is morally acceptable, and only 36% of Christians believing that sports betting is morally wrong, it is clear that America has a gambling problem. It isn’t only sports betting online that is exploding. The internet offers practically any kind of gambling that someone could desire.

Barrett Duke
The internet has certain built-in features that make gambling more dangerous for people, too. Gambling is available 24/7 to anyone with a computer and an internet connection in their homes, which is more than 77% of Americans, or more than 250 million people.  MORE
The Most Popular and Fastest Growing Bible Translation Isn't What You Think It Is. The link below will open the PDF report.
Alabama’s Supreme Court Rules IVF Embryos Are Children
The Story: Alabama’s Supreme Court invoked Christian faith and the state’s constitution in ruling that frozen embryos created and stored in IVF clinics can be considered children under state law.

The Background: The court’s ruling involves a case in which embryos stored at a fertility clinic were accidentally destroyed.

In December 2020, a patient at an Alabama hospital wandered into the fertility clinic through an unsecured doorway. The patient then entered the cryogenic nursery and removed several embryos. As the court notes, “The subzero temperatures at which the embryos had been stored freeze-burned the patient’s hand, causing the patient to drop the embryos on the floor, killing them.”

Several parents of these embryos sued the clinic under Alabama’s Wrongful Death of a Minor Act, a statute that allows parents of a deceased child to recover punitive damages for their child’s death. A trial court originally ruled that because cryopreserved embryos (i.e., children in the embryonic stage put in suspended animation) don’t fit within the definition of a “person” or “child,” the loss couldn’t be considered a wrongful-death claim.  MORE

Evangelical preacher hints civil war 'worth it' for Trump win
A clip of Evangelical preacher Andrew Wommack saying it would be "worth it" to face another civil war in America if it meant getting former US President Donald Trump reelected and the country reconnected to its biblical roots has sparked controversy on social media.

"I've actually had people say that if Trump was to be elected [and] if we got a conservative Congress, that they feel we would have a civil war," said Wommack last week during an episode of his Truth and Liberty show. "I don't want a civil war. I don't know anyone who does. But would it be worth it to turn this nation back? I believe it would."  MORE
Biden’s Defense Department is trying to hide its DEI agenda
Two years ago, when such things still surprised some people, investigators at Open The Books revealed that the Department of Defense’s first-ever diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) education chief had a history of making flagrantly anti-white racist statements and profited from selling her far-Left books to schools serving children of America’s military servicemembers.

After significant congressional pressure from Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), among others, the Department of Defense sent its under-secretary for military readiness, Gil Cisneros, to Congress to announce that the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) was dismantling its DEI division and re-assigning its chief DEI officer. But as it turns out, that didn’t signal the end of DEI in DoDEA schools, but rather the adoption of a new policy: don’t ask about DEI, because we won’t tell.

Rightly skeptical that the Biden administration would truly pull the plug on indoctrinating children of American military service members in left-wing ideology, investigators at Open the Books followed up with a Freedom of Information Act Campaign. As they recently revealed, even though DoDEA officially   MORE
Recent archaeological research and new discoveries at the ancient Philistine city of Gath have greatly enhanced scholars' understanding of Philistine religion, beliefs, and culture.

During a recent digging operation within the temple precincts of the lower city of Gath, a group from Bar-Ilan University, under the guidance of Professors Aren Maeir (archaeology) and Ehud Weiss (expert in archaeobotany), has managed to research and restore the flora associated with Philistine ceremonial practices....MORE

Exploring Goliath's city: Archaeologists shine new light on Philistine religious rituals
Nowhere in the Bible do you find the words West Bank,’ says Troy Miller, CEO of National Religious Broadcasters
When the CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters Association, Troy Miller, stepped into his new role in July 2022, just months before Israel's 75th anniversary, he wanted the NRB to build closer ties with Israel and the Jewish people.

In the latest episode of THE ROSENBERG REPORT on TBN, Miller told host and ALL ISRAEL NEWS Editor-in-Chief Joel Rosenberg that the NRB has a rich history of supporting Israel.

“We have a lot of shared ideologies. We have a lot of shared morality in what's going on in the culture and things,” Miller said in an interview at the annual NRB convention in Nashville, Tennessee last week.

“Then along came, October 7th,” he added....MORE

Palestinian official: Holocaust was necessary because ‘Jews planned to take over Germany’
Fatah Official Yasser Aby Sido appeared on Egypt’s Sada Al-Balad TV on February 23, where he claimed that the Holocaust was a necessary action because the “Jews planned to control Germany," according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Sido began the interview by commenting on international condemnations of a potential IDF military operation in Rafah, comparing it to the Holocaust. ...MORE
Gov. Doug Burgum to Newsmax: Biden's the True 'Threat to the Planet'
President Joe Biden's calling Republicans "Neanderthals" for being skeptical of humanity being the cause for global climate is deflecting from the climate damage Biden's policies actually do, according to North Dakota GOP Gov. Doug Burgum on Newsmax.

"Joe Biden looking for people to blame," Burgum told "America Right Now."

"We don't have to have agree or disagree on climate change, but we can all agree that the approach of the Biden administration in response to their concern has been to try to kill the U.S. energy industry...MORE
Women Injured by the Abortion Pill are Flooding ERs, FDA Concealed the Risks
When the federal agency responsible for ensuring the safety of the food we eat, medication we take, and products we use decided to remove critical safeguards that it originally deemed necessary for abortion drugs, it knew there’d be a problem.

By the FDA’s own admission, its actions sent more women and girls to the emergency room.

Yet the Food and Drug Administration recklessly plowed ahead anyway and disregarded the harms it would cause when it eliminated the few, crucial safety measures that had been in place for years.

The federal government knew it would cause more women to need emergency care, and therefore planned on emergency-room doctors and OB-GYN hospitalists stepping in to treat the women it abandoned. My colleagues and I at Alliance Defending Freedom are representing physicians like these in our lawsuit currently before the U.S. Supreme Court. As we explained in our latest brief filed with the court on February 22, we’re challenging the Biden administration because it betrayed Americans — particularly pregnant women and girls — when it removed its safety standards that had protected their health.

As the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit agreed, these doctors have suffered concrete and specific ...MORE