Trinity Baptist College
Dr. Thomas Messer
Dr.Bob Gray
Dr.Bob Gray
Couples may
not be alone after dark other than in the lighted areas around campus
The college's policy on sex, sexuality, and gender identity is firmly rooted in its religious identity and the
teachings of the Bible within the Protestant Evangelical theological tradition. This policy encompasses issues
related to transsexualism, transgenderism, and broader gender identity concerns. Recognizing past
mistakes and the pain caused by ill-informed and harsh actions of Christians, Trinity Baptist College
acknowledges its responsibility to love all individuals while upholding God's revealed truth.
The college affirms that God created humanity as male and female, but recognizes that due to sin and
brokenness, individuals may experience their sex and gender differently from God's original design.
Nevertheless, the college does not endorse the resolution of tension between biological sex and gender
through the adoption of a psychologically discordant identity or through medical intervention to change
one's biological birth sex or of an indeterminate identity. Instead, the college affirms God's ability to heal
and transform brokenness.
As a Christian residential institution of higher learning, Trinity Baptist College commits to respecting
individuals whose moral views differ from its own and seeks to embody Christ-like love, patience, and
gentleness towards all. Institutional decisions, including those concerning housing, student admission and
retention, employment hiring and retention, and other matters, will be made in accordance with this policy.
This perspective also extends to areas such as bathroom usage, locker rooms, student housing, and
participation in gender-specific college groups, clubs, and organizations
Regarding physical contact between members of the opposite sex, the college expects that it remains
limited to hand holding and non-intimate embraces
As a pledge of cooperation, the student understands that Trinity Baptist College in the interest of
nurturing the school atmosphere and spiritual goals is committed to maintain an alcohol-free
environment and requires that students refrain from alcohol use both on and off campus
Appropriate attire for the classroom, chapel and outside of class should include a shirt, dress shirt, dress
pants, casual pants, jeans, or shorts with appropriate footwear
Earrings may be worn in ears and small studs/rings may be worn in the nose
Appropriate attire for the classroom, chapel, and outside of class includes dress pants, casual pants,
jeans, leggings, capris, shorts, dresses, or skirts with appropriate dress shirt or T-shirt; appropriate
footwear. When wearing leggings or jeggings, the shirt should be long. Skirts, dresses, and shorts should
come to at least the middle of the thigh or the bottom of the fingertips and should fit in a modest way.
Shirts should have modest straps. Garments with low and revealing necklines and tops that expose the
midriff should not be worn. Proper undergarments should be worn with each outfit. Meaning, they should
not be visible.
Earrings may be worn in ears and small studs/rings may be worn in the nose
Beach and Swimwear
Appropriate and modest attire for the beach or pool would include a modest one-piece or two-piece
swimsuit. While en route to and from the beach or pool casual attire must be worn over the swimsuit.
Course forgiveness at Trinity Baptist College allows a student in a four-year program of study to request
to have up to twelve credits of courses with grades of D or F to be removed from his or her grade point
average. To receive course forgiveness a currently enrolled student must complete the appropriate form

The College Chapel Band is comprised of keyboard, piano, electric guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, drums, and three vocalists. The band rehearses once a week and supplies music for weekly chapels on Fridays and for other special events.

The chapel band strives for excellence in both their musical and spiritual lives. The band plays a variety of music with a specific focus on songs that encourage active congregational participation and marry dynamic musical components with theologically rich lyrics.

It is our sincere desire that chapel be a dedicated time of spiritual renewal, set apart from the busyness of life and classes.  Our team feels a calling to lead others in engaging worship and to live out this worship calling in their daily lives as well.

If this sounds like something that interests you, and you would like to be part of this impactful experience during your college career, we highly encourage you to submit an audition today!