Suprising Quotes & Beliefs of Preachers/Groups
Here are Luther’s words in his Large Catechism, P. 83, #24.
“To put it most simply, the power, effect,
benefit, fruit, and purpose of Baptism IS
Baptism is valid, even though FAITH be
lacking.” (Par. 53).
“...because without these (i.e. Baptism and
the Lord’s Supper) no one can be a
What is Confession? Confession embraces
two parts. One is that we confess our sins;
the other, that we received absolution, or
forgiveness, from the pastor as from God
Himself, and in nowise doubt, but firmly
believe, that by it our sins are forgiven
before God in Heaven.”
Statement on the King James Version

Recognizing that different convictions exist among us regarding Bible texts and versions, we believe we should balance soul liberty with Christian charity in these matters, and therefore, agree not to magnify these differences at our meetings in order to remain united as a fellowship. We believe we should leave such discussion and decision to the privacy of individual conscience and the sovereign determination of each local church. Though some of us may use certain versions in the study, we prefer the King James Version in our conference preaching. We trust our speakers will honor this preference. As our Baptist forefathers, we continue to believe that the King James Version is the Word of God in English.
In Millions Disappear: Fact or Fiction? Ruckman says: “If the Lord comes and you remain behind, then start working like a madman to get to heaven, because you’re going to have to. ... You must keep the Ten Commandments (all of them, Ecclesiastes 12:13), keep the Golden Rule (1 John 3:10), give your money to the poor, get baptized, take up your cross, hold out to the end of the Tribulation, wait for Jesus Christ to show up at the Battle of Armageddon, and be prepared to die for what you believe. In the Tribulation you cannot be saved by grace alone, like you could before the Rapture.”
(1) Angels are thirty-three year old males without wings; and all women in the Church Age will receive thirty-three year old male bodies at the Rapture.

(2) The plan of salvation for Tribulation saints is faith plus works and the plan of salvation in the Millennium is works alone.

(3) When the believer is born again, his soul is literally cut loose from the inside of his fleshly body. (Ruckman takes spiritual circumcision very literally!)

(4) Demons are winged creatures ranging in size from those of flies and mosquitoes to eagles and vultures.

(5) Sexual unions constitute marriage in God’s sight.

(6) The soul is an invisible bodily shape.
(7) The flood mentioned in 2 Peter 3 is not Noah’s flood but is one that supposedly occurred at the judgment of the earth, when Satan was cast out of Heaven.
(8) “God has ordained on this earth 12 boundaries, with 12 nations, who are destined to leave this earth (transported by angels--Luke 16:22), and populate outer space infinitely and forever, beginning with the 12 constellations that are seen on the earth once every 12 months” (The Unknown Bible, p. 588).
(9) “In eternity, the Christian is in New Jerusalem; he is in his apartment house that is made out of transparent gold, like clear glass. ... He is called out on trips, and these trips take him to Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, etc. transporting couples into gardens placing them down and saying, ‘be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth’“ (Ibid., p. 592).
(10) “I know they [demons] have to be small. ... there’s two little animals that have wings. One’s a fly and the other’s a mosquito. Know what these things are? They’re pictures of demons. THE THINGS HAVE WINGS” (Ruckman, Demons and Christians, Bible Baptist Bookstore, 1976, side 1).
He believes the CIA has implanted brain transmitters in children, old people, blacks, and prisoners (p. 243) and operates underground alien breeding facilities (p. 256). He believes in Atlantis (p. 171) and the Bermuda Triangle, time warps (p. 160), creatures with one eye (p. 173), web footed aliens, blue aliens with blue blood (pp. 85, 86), black aliens with green blood (p. 244), and grey aliens with clear blood (pp. 310-11). He believes that Adam originally had water in his veins instead of blood (p. 185).
He holds that Judas Iscariot was not human because Jesus said of him “one of you is a devil.”
J.C. Ryle
Sound doctrine and holy living are the marks of true prophets. Let us remember this. [A] minister’s mistakes will not excuse our own.
J.C. Ryle
“… and now Jesus is taken from their sight, and hidden in a cloud, but he did not leave. He just changed forms. He did not disappear. He just was no longer visible. Instead he was internal… He said “it’s good that I’m ghosting you. It’s good that I leave in physical form because then I can give you in spiritual form, then I can direct you from a deeper place.”
“Following Jesus doesn’t change you into something else, it reveals who you’ve been all along.”
He teaches that God created a good Law, then broke His own Law, and did it because He loves us. “What God did when he sent his son… [he] broke the Law for love.” The idea is that love is greater than the Law. That sounds good, but it’s the opposite of what we see in the Bible.
“God is energy. God is spirit. God is a molecular structure that fills all in all. That’s what it means to say that Christ was from the beginning.”