JFK Shooting
Bullet found on the floor in the hospital
The Shirt the Presidenrt wore
These Books Can Be Checked out at www.internetarchive.com
He said he did not shoot anyone

Warren Commission Report, LIES!
JFK Assassination Reports and Records
The operating room he was taken to
Jack Ruby shooting Oswald
They are passing the Book depository building on the right
Warren Commission exhibit CE 520
Photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald and two policemen taken after Oswald's arrest
CE 520_2007_001
Photo of Jack Ruby
Warren Commission Exhibit CE 2422
Record Group 272
Records of the President's Commission on the Assasination of President Kennedy, 1854-1965
CE 2422_2011_001
Arriving in Dallas the morning of the Murder

There is an Abundance of proof the "official" version is a lie. The doctors and others were threatened to not tell the truth!

Secret Service File
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