Flat Earth
I don't know the shape of the Earth, but we do know its not a perfect round ball shape. The following is information presented so you can look further into this subject. A rational thinking person would have questions about this, but I have not found anybody with 100% proof of the shape of the Earth. We all have opinions the following information may be true or may not be YOU DECIDE!
Zetetic Astronomy
Earth Not a Globe
by Parallax (Samuel Birley Rowbotham)

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    Signed Y. Y.
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    Note: Library holdings do not list this issue, v. 40, no. 3, May 2019. However, the specific article is listed in the Web of Science database and freely available online.
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    Bibliographic footnotes.
    "That the sphericity of the earth was clearly established in the ancient world is beyond dispute. Apparently unknown to the Babylonians or Egyptians, it was a discovery of Greek astronomy and was generally accepted among natural philosophers by the time of Aristotle. It was the received view of educated Romans as well, including Pliny the Elder. Among Christian thinkers, however, its fortunes are not quite so clear. It was not without significance that the ancient Hebrews, whose views were reflected in Scripture, conceived the earth as a flat disk covered over by the dome of the heavens ... [Isidore's] grasp on the spherical nature of the earth was tenuous at best ..."
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    Declares that "the Bible itself nowhere states that the earth is flat."

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    Proctor, Richard A. A challenge from the earth-flattening society. Knowledge, v. 4, Nov. 30, 1883: 336. External
    Call Number: Held by the Catholic University of America at Q1 .K73
    Available online from HathiTrust External
    Proctor, Richard A. The earth-flattener's challenge. Knowledge, v. 4, Dec. 14, 1883: 362. External
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    Call Number: Held by the Catholic University of America at Q1 .K73
    Available online from HathiTrust External
    The former secretary of the Zetetic Society "promises to show the nature of the deceptions practised by some at least among the advocates of the flat-earth theory."

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