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Chapter 14

Islamic Psychology 101


      Various mental malformations are usually at play when an individual goes ‘Postal’ and kills randomly, but those kinds of disorders do not represent the Islamic character. With one fifth of the world’s population Muslim, it is impossible to characterize the appeal of Jihad to hundreds of millions as a psychological disorder. On the other hand, mental and emotional forces at play leading to large groups becoming brainwashed to a single cause have been characterized in other gang, tribal, nationalistic, and religious cults, and extrapolations of those ‘cause and effect’ examples certainly appear to apply to Islam.


      It is no accident that many rituals practiced in Islam are centered on violent or war-like activities. Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) is one of Islam's most important annual holidays where every family participates in the ritualistic slaughter of animals by slicing the creature’s throat. While western men might help a son with the distasteful task of cleaning a fish, Muslim fathers involve their young sons in the bloody gruesome practice of slaughtering a large animal. Such a spectacle desensitizes its participants to the sight of pain, blood and death, serving to prepare young Muslims to carry out the very nasty work of Jihad against human beings. A 10-day festival called Ashura also appears designed to prepare Shiites for martyrdom. In it, participants of all ages slash their foreheads with swords, beat their breasts in penance, and flagellate themselves with chains and whips until the streets are stained with their blood. An attempt to describe other factors that induce a devout Muslim to kill in the cause of Jihad will be further outlined in this chapter.


The Victim de-Humanization factor:


      The principals governing Muslim relationships with others is vital to militant Islam because in all genocidal activities to date, grooming killers to first dehumanize victims in their minds is an important prerequisite. The indoctrination in sacred script and official publications and media creates the erroneous belief that Americans, Jews, Hindus, and other non-Muslims are not human beings in the same sense as Muslims, and can and should be slaughtered with impunity.


      With regard to the concept of equality, the idea is unacceptable to Islam. For in all forms of Islamic thought and practice, the non-believer cannot be the equal of the believer. A basic principle of Islamism holds that humanity is divided according to a strict hierarchy of worth. At the top of this hierarchy are free Muslim males, the cream of humanity. Below them, in descending order of humanity, are: Muslim male slaves, free Muslim women, Muslim female slaves, the males of the "People of the Book" (Jews and Christians), and, then, the female of the ‘People of the Book’. Finally, the rest of humanity comes in dead last (excuse the pun); because they lack a soul they are regarded as worthless having no rights whatsoever. This unfortunate final grouping includes Buddhists, Hindus, atheists, agnostics, and others. But before Jews and Christians celebrate escaping last-place in this uniquely Islamic popularity contest, the fine print should first be carefully studied. Quotes referencing Christians and Jews from the Qur’an include: – "Worst of Creatures, Perverse, and Friends of Satan". The clear direction from Muhammad appears to be that Muslims are not allowed to even be friends or take favors from Jews and Christians, unless that devotion/tax is extracted by force or threat of force. Christians and Jews then and now hold a special place in Islamic theology, and are presented in a hateful manner in the Qur’an and in modern Islamic theology today. In the end they were regarded with contempt by Muhammad, the final words reported from the mouth of the dying Prophet were a curse on them "Allah's damnation be on the Jews and the Christians …."


98:6 Verily, those who disbelieve (in the religion of Islam, the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad) from among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians) and Al-Mushrikun will abide in the Fire of Hell. They are the worst of creatures.


5:51 O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliya' (friends, protectors, helpers, etc.), they are but Auliya' to one another. And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya', then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong­doers and unjust).


      Many who have known devout followers of Allah have felt the distance between themselves and their associates. This anti-social philosophy also goes a long way to explain the experiences of many women who have married Muslims, only to be turned into slaves or otherwise treated harshly. In the officially ‘state sponsored’ Wahhabi controlled elementary schools in Saudi Arabia (our alleged ally in the war on terror), there is a fifth-grade lesson book that reads as follows: "It is forbidden for a Muslim to be a friend of one who does not believe in Allah and his Messenger or who fights the Islamic religion. God has severed the [link of] friendship between Muslims and infidels. The Muslim, even if he lives far away, is your brother-in-belief, while the infidel, even if he is your brother of kin, is your enemy by religion." It is the Qur’an itself that directs Muslims to break friendship and business ties and other allegiances. The Qur’an even takes this a step further.


58:22 You (O Muhammad) will not find any people who believe in Allah and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad), even though they were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred (people). For such He has written Faith in their hearts, and strengthened them with Ruh (proofs, light and true guidance) from Himself. And We will admit them to Gardens (Paradise) under which rivers flow, to dwell therein (forever). Allah is pleased with them, and they with Him. They are the Party of Allah. Verily, it is the Party of Allah that will be the successful.


      This shows that even family blood ties are to be broken in the cause of Islam, sometimes causing orthodox Muslims to fight and kill their own relatives if they reject Muhammad’s rule. Family ties, devotions, and sensibilities form the backbone of Western civilizations, from which we derive our strength and teach morality. In Islam, even normal, natural family bonds are subservient and must yield to Muhammad’s vision of Islam. This explains why, in many Muslim communities and households, family member are expected to police the acts, thoughts, and expressions of other household members. On a slightly broader scale, communities are expected to monitor the conduct of families in their neighborhoods. So in Islamic lands, the control structure in place extends from the highest branches of the government (including the Judiciary), to the lowliest family member. The consequences imposed for failure to support the official family, neighborhood, tribal, national policy with respect to violent Jihad vary by tribe and region, but are often quite brutal. Here is some more supporting Muslim opinion on the subject:


"O believers, do not treat your fathers and brothers as your friends, if they prefer unbelief to belief, whosoever of you takes them for friends, they are evil-doers." (Repentance: 20)


"Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends.... whoso does that belongs not to God." (The House of Imram: 60)


"O believers, do not make friends with the Jews and Christians; whoso of you makes them his friend is one of them." (The Table: 55)


      When one takes into consideration all that Muhammad asks of the faithful, the direction to have no Muslim friends makes perfect sense. It’s all part of the psychology of violence. Built-in natural human feelings of empathy and all impulses of conscience must first be overcome before an individual can perform an act of violence or treachery upon another. Normal feelings of affection, respect, and trust toward a friend would get in the way of a Jihadic action that might require the killing of that same friend. When Muhammad specifically tells followers not to develop personal relationships others it serves to dehumanize all non-Muslims. This philosophy and psychology, when internalized, is designed to groom the Muslim believer into becoming an effective, non-thinking, non-feeling Jihadist warrior (i.e. a killing machine). Objects of disdain are much easier to kill than real live, feeling human beings. Not exactly in line with their oft repeated claim that ‘Allah is most merciful, most forgiving, most loving and charitable’, but for some reason that contradiction does not seem to register. Certainly any personal dilemma resulting from such contradictions are easily dismissed once fully immersed in the blood-lust and lynch-mob mentality of Islamic militants. Apparently ‘most-merciful’ in their minds only applies to fellow Muslims and is not proffered to infidels, except perhaps to survivors who agree to pay the eternal ‘survivor tax’ (assuming you can wrap your mind around the concept of ‘kind enslavement’ or ‘merciful indentured-servitude’). From the perspective of non-brothers however, the Muslims personification of Allah seems awfully cruel, unforgiving, unmerciful, and unfeeling.


      Islamic dehumanization of non-Muslims results in people innocently taking a tube in London, a train in Madrid, a plane in Washington, a bus in Jerusalem, or going to the theater in Moscow or a school in Beslan, to be wantonly murdered with nary a Muslim afterthought. Indeed videos like the beheadings of American civilians or mutilating their corpses invokes excitement, pleasure, and celebration in the Arab world, where they are replayed over and over to a demanding audience. The graphic video of the de-capitation murder of Nick Berg, while his faithful Muslim murders chant ‘Allah Akbar’ sickens human beings capable of empathy and normal human emotion, ...but is a spiritual religious experience to Islamists. It is pure stupidity to expect reform from individuals or cultures excited and thrilled at the images of such wanton violence and brutality as has been perpetrated by Osama and his ilk. One can study the culture and religion to understand in an abstract intellectual level the process of Islamic corruption of the individual psyche, but one cannot truly ‘understand’ the depth of animal depravity gripping the hearts and minds of these ‘new barbarians’ without trying to put yourself in their place and trying to think and feel as they do, but any attempting such methods of full immersion risk losing humanity in the journey, if not sanity.


The Full Immersion and Education factor:


      The first step in any process wherein an individual surrenders personal will over to any cause is full immersion into the alternate doctrine and philosophy demanding the devotion, and separation from all competing realities. In keeping with this rule, the secrets of Islamic extremist group’s successes lie in the effectiveness of Islamic schools worldwide. The secret is embodied in millions of poor and impressionable boys kept entirely ignorant of the world and, for that matter, largely ignorant of all but one interpretation of Islam. These schools often manufacture young men who are the perfect Jihad machines. With support from governments, family, and cultural traditions, such schools continue to serve as Islam’s primary method of indoctrination. The Qur’an is recited, memorized, and then recited again. Considering the source material memorized, it is a simple, natural act for those so brainwashed to step out of such schools, pick up a weapon, and start killing infidels.


      We all know (because it’s true and because it has been repeated so many times) that ‘repetition is the best teacher’. Repetition and consistency are indeed the best teachers, of which Islamic students receive heavy doses along with further reminders five times a day when called to prayer. For Muslims, daily prayers are not personal supplications where questions are asked or answers expected. The Islamic God is unapproachable and unknowable, and certainly above considering anything as mundane as individual needs or personal revelation. All instructions and answers are already contained in the scripture, word, and example of Muhammad, and it is the duty of Muslims to accept the Cleric or Imams explanation of how these unalterable revelations apply to their life issues today. As such daily prayers represent more declarations of compliance than typical supplications seeking help on a personal level. These personal devotionals, repeated five times a day, seem designed to be more chants to reinforce commitment to all Islamic principals and aims. Then there is the socio-emotional power of ‘group-think’ events. In many other Muslim group settings (Friday sermons, funerals, protests), the rapture of large gatherings raising arms and chanting ‘Allah Akbar’ have the same socio-emotional effect as the huge crowds in the early 1900’s raising arms, clicking heals and proclaiming ‘Heil Hitler!’ The otherwise weak and powerless individual gains power, acceptance, and respect by surrendering self to the group, thus cloaking that weakness with the perception of power that comes from affiliation with a group drunk on a sense of superiority and a divine mandate to make war.


The Overcoming Empathy factor:


      Man is born with internal mechanisms intended to further both the individual and the species. Some of those mechanisms are emotional, including the natural tendency for empathy towards others. Empathy is the ability to see and feel things from the viewpoint of another. Empathy plays a critical role in persuading individuals to conduct their activities so as not to cause undo harm or pain in others. A person who has not lost the ability to feel empathy and compassion actually "feels" a portion of the anguish and pain experienced by a victim. A person so in tune with others responds by seeking relief for the victim, and in doing so also consoles his own empathetic suffering. Empathetic feelings are quite natural in children, increase with cognitive development, and are further sharpened when children are born and natural parental instincts become more active. A person who has lost the ability to feel empathy feels nothing at the sight and sound of fellow beings in anguish, and those who take pleasure at the suffering of others have deteriorated further into depravity and are said to suffer a dangerous form of mental and/or emotional illness (narcissism is a dangerous personality disorder characterized by the lack of empathy and self-deceit, which malady most of the worst despots in history have suffered from).


The Over-riding Conscience factor:


      Other innate internal tendencies are also programmed in the human spirit, including longing for freedom, and our conscience. Conscience is defined as that internal moral sense which enables us to differentiate between right and wrong, and which lights the way for moral conduct. It is the gut feeling of rightness or wrongness, which grips ones heart as we act on the varied daily impulses that drive us. Normal empathy certainly plays a part in this internal compass, but conscience is cognitively and spiritually more significant than simple empathy. All these codes are ingrained in our minds and hearts and serve us individually and as a species, for without subjecting behavior to a common standard of vice and virtue, social evolution is not possible. This is the reason that even primitive societies have always had words denoting a differentiation between good and bad. Although societies do not all practiced universal standards of vice and virtue, yet it is well known that almost all communities have always had codes to acknowledge what was good and bad. Codes, for example, respecting others and their property, mutual fidelity, speaking the truth, keeping promises, respecting family ties, helping the poor, weak, and handicapped. These codes come into being in response to our innate conscience, and are generally considered signs of good morality. Since every one desires security of person and property, liberty to worship, fair trial, freedom of speech etc., these facts, over a period of time, rose to become what is called Human Rights. He who violates these rights is considered by developed nations to be an enemy of humankind.


The Islamic Superiority factor:


      For a person to abandon internal standards guiding proper behavior towards others, forces or factors must first be applied to break down those natural internal clocks. There are many ways this can be accomplished in individuals and societies, and proven methodologies continue to be applied today with predictable results, as has indeed been the case with every political, national, or religious sect, which has ever behaved badly toward non-members or the non-privileged (including Islam). Islamic fundamentals preach innate superiority of Muslims over non-Muslims, social segregation, hatred of unbelievers, and elimination of dissenters through dominance, death and destruction. We turn to more quotes from the Qur’an to verify that conclusion:


         Do not let non-Muslims enter mosques. They will go to hell. -Repentance: 17


         ye who believe! The non-Muslims are unclean. So let them not come near the Inviolable Place of Worship. -Repentance: 28


         ye who believe! Murder those of the disbelievers ...and let them find harshness in you. -Repentance: 123


         Humiliate the non-Muslims. -Repentance: 29


         Certainly, God is an enemy to the unbelievers. -The Cow: 90


         God has cursed the unbelievers, and prepared for them a blazing hell. -The Confederates: 60


         Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends.... whoso does that belongs not to God. -The House of Imram: 60


         Moslems are hard against the unbelievers, merciful to one another. -Victory: 25


         Muhammad has been sent by God with the religion of Truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religions. -Private Apartments: 28


         Muslims are the best of all nations. -House of Imram: 110


      A Muslim naturally believes in all such Qur’anic verses, pounded into his mind and spirit from childhood, which then warps his social outlook as he quickly becomes a narrow-minded sectarian. This psychological approach is the fountain of all fundamentalisms. It is a myth to say that Islam advocates good relationship with People of the Book (Jews and Christians). If this were not enough, one could refer the matter to the sayings of the Prophet. Hadith, Chapter 71 of SAHIH MUSLIM clearly states that Islam is the religion for all humanity and abrogates (overrides, replaces) all others. Simply stated it means that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims and have the birthright to dominate them. This is why Islam calls itself Din-e-Ghalib, the religion of dominance.


      Obviously, believers from the best religion are superior to other people, and Muslim fundamentalists must fully assimilate this sense of superiority before they can act without natural conscience against inferior beings or objects. As previously mentioned, step-1 for any murderer is to first dehumanize the victim in his or her own mind. This fundamental Islamic sense of superiority, then, is step-2, and becomes the foundation of Islamic morality, over time supplanting or abrogating all superior natural or built-in instincts.


The Sex/Lust factor:


      For the entire history of mankind, pirates, bandits, and armies have attracted young men to their ranks implicitly or explicitly advertising opportunities for rape and plunder, but Islam adds a twist to this base attraction. To succeed in Jihad is not only to gain honor, booty, and privilege in this life, but also in the next. To further illuminate the powerful force that is driving young men to Jihad we must ask …what is this hoped for paradise? Muslim scholars are usually embarrassed by this question and some even pretend that it is not physical but a condition of the mind. But in truth ‘Islamic Paradise’ is the chief temptation for enjoining active participation in Jihad, especially for young men. The reason that the Qur’an explains it so well and in such detail is that it was (and is) intended as a primary recruitment tool. The ‘revelations’ came at the beginning of Muhammad’s prophetic journeys, as he was starting the process of gathering young men into armies to do his bidding. Descriptions of Paradise describe luxurious surroundings dwelt in by Houris and also Ghilman. Houris are the most beautiful ever-young virgins with wide, flexing eyes and swelling bosoms. Ghilman are the immortal young boys, pretty like pearls, clothed in green silk and brocade an embellished with bracelets of silver (apparently to satisfy those preferring the 'alternate' lifestyle). Allah guarantees every believing man no fewer than seventy Houris and many Ghilmans. To make sure that the lucky fellow can cope with them, Allah will increase his virility a hundred-fold! Individual lust and desire to dwell in such surroundings is a driving force justifying Islamic morality, and why Muslims (usually depressed and deprived as a result of Islam), are ready to practice a twisted morality based on violence. Those who surrender their psyches to the seduction of Jihadic violence fully expect to eat celestial food, drink pure wine, and enjoy the carnal company of divine consorts. Their staunch belief in the intercessory powers of the Prophet Muhammad (his authority to accommodate his followers in paradise irrespective of what they may have done), inspire them to follow his example into the ranks of Jihadic warriors. It’s a win-win proposition … succeed and enjoy the carnal benefits of power, rape and plunder in both this life and the next, …or fail and enjoy all you lust after in the next life. Either way your reward is sure and guaranteed. Allah has promised all sorts of rewards, gluttony, and unlimited sex to Muslim men who kill unbelievers in his name. He promises that in the fight for His cause whether a man kills or is killed he will return to the garden of Paradise, where Allah will "wed us with Houris (celestial virgins) pure beautiful ones", and unite us with large-eyed beautiful ones while we recline on our thrones set in lines. In that glorious place Jihadists are promised to eat and drink pleasantly for what they did, and have sex with "boys like hidden pearls", and "youth never altering in age like scattered pearls". (See Qur’an 9:111, 56:54, 56:20, 56:19, 56:24, 76:19, and The Tidings: 30)


      The only way to miss out on all this great stuff (and end up in fiery hell) is to fail to engage in Muslim violence against non-believers. Allah warned that: "Unless we go forth, (for Jihad) He will punish us with a grievous penalty, and put others in our place" (Qur'an 9:39). In these ways, through fear, false faith, greed, and lust, Islam is driven and inspired into the conscience of individuals, manifesting itself in gross crimes against humanity worldwide. After the people of Taif - the last major Arab City to resist Islam - surrendered in February, 631 C.E., to escape horrors of the siege, Muhammad was presented with three beautiful women; he gave one of them "to Ali, another to Usman and the third to Omar." To realize the significance of this episode, one ought to remember that both Ali and Usman were his sons-in-law and Omar was his father-in-law.


      Muhammad constantly promised men fighting for his fledgling movement that if they die fighting Allah will reward them with a “virgin-rich” Garden (Suras 44:51-56; 52:17-29; 55:46-78). The more fighters he lost in battle, the more explicit the descriptions became. The heavenly trick worked then, and amazingly still works today, despite the impossibility of enjoying the physical sex act with no physical body. But will the God of all men comply with murderers demands for heavenly consorts upon their arrival into the spirit world after death, or will they simply be laughed at as they are escorted to their spiritual prison cells? You do the math.


The Self Loathing factor:


      With their carefully cultivated sense of superiority, a gnawing sense of inferiority persists. As described in the chapter on Islamic Politics and Economics, it remains impossible for Islamic lands to compete with western economies and political freedoms. All attempts to 'catch up' within any Islamic context continue to fail. But for all their hatreds of the West, most Muslims are westernized to some degree, which leads to some degree of self-hatred. Western wear is the preferred dress for mass events involving chanting “Death to America”, and those same young men can be found cuing at embassies seeking a better life in Western lands. Even Osama dresses half-Western, with his reliance on Western inventions total. Islamists are totally dependant on Western inventions and even democracy itself for the means to organize, communicate, and attack its benefactors. So there is day to day humiliation of individuals, with no practical way out, whose rage and jealousies become further amplified by officially sanctioned conspiracy theories. Within these constructs and this mindset, an element of personal self-loathing exists and grows in Muslim minds. When combined with the idea that victims are always already guilty by virtue of unbelief and/or opposition to Muhammad, otherwise rational Muslims transform themselves into Jihadists when they readily accept that the correct response to this conundrum is murder.


Blind Allegiance to Muhammad factor:


      As every student of psychology knows, the purpose of any fundamentalism is to secure blind following from its adherents. This is possible when one is conditioned to a certain object or goal which begins to rank as the sole purpose of their lives. As a result, the purpose begins to overrule the method of acquisition; whatever secures it is good and whatever obstructs it is bad. In a nutshell, people must stop thinking for themselves, especially in terms of morality. As the Marxists brainwashed people in the name of proletarianism and what it stood for, Muslims have been conditioned to the person of the Prophet Muhammad, who is projected as the savior of his followers, having complete power to find them permanent residence in paradise (the abode of luxury, love making and lasciviousness). For total obedience, they are at liberty to indulge in the most convenient morality such as dishonesty, rape, murder, theft, and treason without losing their chance of entering a paradise that has been absolutely guaranteed by their faith in the Prophet.


      For those properly conditioned, the use of violence for securing territorial and political advantage over non-Muslims then becomes the sole standard of Islamic morality against which such acts can be favorably judged (which explains the Palestinian prison systems ‘revolving-door’ concept for fellow Muslims caught committing crimes against Israelis). Islam declares Muhammad as the final and greatest of all prophets, and reverence for him and his methods has become an article of faith. A Muslim unwilling to force Islam on others is considered deficient in belief. As a result, every Muslim looks for an opportunity to demonstrate the magnitude of his faith by molesting non-Muslims, and even attacking fellow-brothers who express less bigotry. More Qur’anic verses clearly states that Jihad is a definite exchange proposition for Muslims (i.e. paradise for killing non-Muslims or getting killed in the process of Jihad).


"Allah has bought from the faithful theirselves and their belongings against the gift of paradise; they fight in the way of Allah; they kill and are killed." (Repentance: 110)


A HADITH (the saying of the Prophet Muhammad) declares: "Know that Paradise is under the shades of swords." (Sahih Bokhari, Ch. 22: 73)


      Islamic terrorist organizations are among the most self-defeating and destructive because they send their own young to be killed under the guise of martyrdom while attacking and murdering the innocent. Leaders and Imams promote such brutality consciously as a tactical tool, but the vicious psychological undercurrent supporting such vile behavior comes from strait from Islam.


The Group-think factor:


      Because no good can come from outside Islamic tenants and peoples, without Islam a Muslim is in danger of losing his sense of belonging to anything of value. With everything else outside of Islam shut-out due to being unclean or unworthy, Muslims would be completely lost if deprived of their Islamic identity and connections, and so do not dare even think of abandoning their ‘faith’.  Along with the threat of fiery hell, a possible death sentence in this life awaits Muslims who oppose Islamic methods and goals, which is why even the thought of such heresy invokes feelings of sheer panic to most Muslims. Being a member of the Islamic Umma gives him strength, confidence, and a sense of purpose and superiority that otherwise he wouldn’t have. This false sense of superiority then becomes an emotional and psychological trap. Those caught in this web are saddled with a self-image propped up only by words and bravado having no foundation in truth. When coupled with fear and insecurity, this image is what leads otherwise normal human beings into egregious thinking errors resulting in poor judgment, including decisions to engage in or support bigotry, and eventually …murder.


      History teaches us that groups of people, or sometimes even an entire nation, can suffer from dangerous delusions. One need only cast a look back at the last century when millions of Germans believed they were the "Master Race" and the Japanese believed their emperor was a living god and the conquest of Asia was their destiny. For several decades, most Russians were brainwashed into believing that Communism was the ideal social/economic system, oblivious or ambivalent of the millions who died in Soviet gulags and their own spiritual bankruptcy. Now, despite an even longer history of defeat and despotism, fundamentalist Muslims around the world are experiencing pretty much the same kind of mass delusion, believing that it is Islam’s destiny is to dominate and rule the entire world.


The ‘Resistance is Futile’ factor:


      As will be seen in subsequent chapters on Islamic politics and economics, there also exists within its economic and political structures, along with these psychological and social forces at play, a certain system of interdependency which guarantees the perpetuation of the Islamic order. These interdependencies act to compel continued individual participation in a society so organized. To put it another way, the entire social, political, psychological, economic, and religious structures and practices exert significant force to coerce involvement of its members, and to perpetuate its existence. It is literally a trap; in any way you view it, with options for escape nearly impossible. For poor Muslims who know no other way, it seems the only way to escape the kind of despair guaranteed to exist in Islamic societies is by and through the sword. Consider the following points collectively:


         Hate is taught from birth, and Muslims are mandated to expand Islam.


         You live in continual fear because someone might accuse you of collaborating, or of being a ‘bad Muslim’.


         You must support and fund your cleric and his causes, because not supporting the organization will certainly mean your family being economically/socially cut off, if not brutally dealt with.


         You can't leave the organization and ‘best’ social order to join another; such treason is punishable by death.


         Any act or expression of dissent is tagged as an insult to Muslims, or blasphemous, with perilous repercussions.


         Fear destroys faith, without faith nothing permanent is begun or built and everyone is guaranteed to live in a miserable impoverished fearful condition.


         Unable to criticize the ‘best religion’ your miserable condition must be blamed on unbelievers.


         The only way to remain safe, or to gain any advantage in Islamic lands, is to support and/or participate in the process of Islam’s often-violent methods of expansion.


         Killing unbelievers (or bad Muslims) or being killed in the process is the only offer that guaranties paradise, and so is the only way out of your miserable existence.


      In summary, Muslims suffer from a strong sense of superiority, despite technical and intellectual inferiority. This leads to Self-hatred caused by recognition of their actual state of inferiority as well as the impurity of their own desires. No practical means of escape from genuine and never ending humiliations, combined with the promise of rewards (monetary, honor, and sensual), in this life and/or the next.


      So it is, with personal free agency surrendered to Islamic causes, Muslims find themselves between a rock and a hard place. In reality they can escape the spiral of despair, but they do not know it. They are held to their limited and perverse options by a combination of fear and ignorance. Did the one God of the universe create this social order that removes both personal choice and culpability for killing others, and which perpetuates misery and despair forever? Is this the final, best, and greatest religion Muslims claim it is? If not God, then who created this perfect secret society where you must kill or be killed to be saved?

Chapter 15

Islamic Politics 101


      History occurred Jan 2005 in the Middle East with the initial Iraqi elections. Emotions ran high with the large turnout, with purple stained fingers now a symbol of democratic success. Iraqis and Americans alike sacrificed dearly for the future hopes of a suppressed, persecuted people. The chief question now is whether principals of freedom, tolerance, and equal rights can take permanent root in Islamic lands and reform Jihadists. Unfortunately, the possibility exists that such aspirations may be nave in the long term. The Mullahs in Iran continue to demonstrate that a violent, unpopular, ruthless minority can successfully frustrate the hopes and aspirations of the majority. Lebanon has also shown that it takes just a handful of Islamic anarchists to ruin a society, even when most citizens want progress and prosperity. Even the hold of secularists in Turkey remains tenuous. Democratic regimes built up in Afghanistan and Iraq will likely remain only as long as Western troops are present to protect them, and are in danger of quickly evaporating without that massive support. Any future prediction not firmly founded in actual history is simply a wish.


      Any review of the Qur’an and history shows that Muhammad taught and led a totalitarian movement (enforced by the sword) strikingly similar to those led by other fascists and despots in recent history. Political Islam compares very well to any totalitarianism system of government including fascism, communism, and imperialism. It is simply indisputable that Islamist fundamentalism shares with other totalitarian movements a commitment to centralized political power and economic control. Islam, by its own definition and design, is a growth industry designed to mobilize the masses to score political victories, subvert host governments, and establish Islamic domination. Although it attempts to appropriate a particular religious look and feel, at bottom all forms of Islamist totalitarianism are not religious (spiritual) movements. Pure Islam is first and foremost a political movement – a quest for political power for the express purpose of physically subjugating all people everywhere. In both its totalitarian methods and global goals, fundamentalist Islam is even more intimidating than both fascism and communism, and so political Islam is the true successor to those largely spent movements. Militant Islam rises in full ascendancy from the ashes of earlier 20th century failed/discredited systems like the fabled Phoenix. This is happening before our eyes due in no small part to the fact that both good manners and the PC police prohibit disparaging certain religions, and Islam in particular.


      Islamic totalitarianism is obsessed with worldly power and influence. Islamic governments desire not only to dictate regional politics, but also to dominate the West at every game of worldly success and power. Radical fundamentalists are not content with mere rejection of the West’s alleged vices. If that were all there was to it, they might simply do what the Amish have done and stage a retreat from wickedness. But the Islamic mandate is not about building a few mosques, schools, clinics, or community centers to meet the needs of Muslim congregations, but rather to change existing societies into Islamic societies, to make Islam both dominate and supreme. Islam’s totalitarian mantra and credo strikingly similar to pure secular ideologies more easily identified.


      Islam’s goal is to overthrow all competing governments and establish the Khalifat. The utopian fantasy of one seamless totalitarian state is a common thread that unites all radical movements of all ages. The Islamic utopian blueprint calls for a Caliph (a glorified Mullah) to wield the Islamic sword of power in one seamless totalitarian worldwide state. This outrageous fantasy pre-dates and has survived all relatively more modern failed political experiments. Today, extremists easily extract the appropriate language (found throughout all Islamic sacred texts) to sell the concept that the Qur’an insists that all nations must be fought until they embrace Islam. Despite claims otherwise, the most violent passages have not been abrogated by more recent doctrine from Muhammad. The Qur’an is the immutable and unalterable word of God, so the movement has been permanently cast into the cement of an unalterable mandate, which is what has given it unusual durability. The doctrine of Jihad and Jizya essentially means building the Islamic Empire by denying infidels all rights except the right to serve their Muslim masters. The secret of Islam’s survival and longevity lies in both the deceptive cloak it wears in the form of a religion, and in the fact that economic weakness is always inherited by states based on its tenants. Up until the age of oil this has made Islamic countries appear relatively unthreatening compared to more modern industrialized countries with more powerful economies and the armies that can be built thereby.


      By any historical definition, bin Laden, the Taliban, and all other Islamic militants can be accurately described as fascists. As violent devotees of Islam, they believe in the innate superiority of a fanatical elite, anxious to torture, jail, and kill any who disagree. Non-Muslims of any religion, women, homosexuals, are all dehumanized as their innate and natural inferiors. Hitler also believed he was the leader of the master race destined to rule the world, blaming all Germany's problems on Jews and Western governments. Hitler for a time managed to convince most Germans it was not a crime to kill all who did not fit into his Arian mold of the 'perfect human', because they were inferior and sub-human, thus leading to millions of deaths and destruction previously unimaginable. Hitler was a threat to the world many years before a world blinded by pacifism and relativism finally realized that self-preservation dictated he must be fought and destroyed. Hitler justified heinous acts in his efforts to make the Third Reich the ‘only’ Reich, just as Muhammad and militants justify anything to make the entire world bow to Islam. The Nazis cleverly manipulated the German people's collective frustration into a pervasive sense of victimization. Once this victimization psychosis was fully accepted, the Nazis then offered the answer; entitlement, under the guise of superiority and social justice. Properly indoctrinated and incited, Germans readily embraced their inherent superiority and forcefully claimed their entitled power, obliterating or enslaving all opposition. As Germany became more powerful and acted more and more irrationally towards neighbors, elitists and appeasers of the day refused to properly identify the gathering threat. Seventy years later’s Deja vu, all over again. In the twentieth century, genocidal totalitarian maniacs wore swastika armbands and herded members of supposedly inferior races into death camps shouting, "Heil Hitler!" In the twenty-first century, they wear black pajamas and masks, decapitate civilians, shoot children in the back, and plow hijacked airplanes into buildings shouting, "Allahu Akbar!"


      1400 years of history also demonstrate that Islam is imperialist, in that it seeks perpetual humiliation of non-Muslims through a system of everlasting subjugation and payment of tribute. This method of dominating and subjugating a people for national gain (through booty and tribute) is what is known as pure Imperialism …by definition! Imperialism is the campaign to establish of economic and political hegemony over her conquered. Murder and plunder of other nations for booty by the Romans, the Persians in Iran, the Mughals, the Turks, the Spanish in Central/South America, or the British, was horrific for the exploited. Though dressed in religious garb and chanting ‘God is Great!’ …the Islamic beast of Imperialism is just as ugly and evil as any other in the history of man. Though Islamic leaders claim to be pious representatives of God acting on divine instruction, it does not change the practical facts and consequences to the conquered peoples and lands. Of course, the practice of Imperialism is not an Arabian invention, murder and plunder of other nations for booty pre-dates Muhammad’s adaptation of the practice for ‘religious’ purposes. But where all other imperialist movements have waned with enlightenment, the decay of regional powers, or the death of individuals, Islam’s imperialist movement has amazingly survived and thrived these last 1400 years, which is the only thing that makes it unique. Everything about Imperialism is self-serving and at other nations expense, nothing about it is isolationist, self-protective, pacifist, or harmless. Though presenting itself in religious garb demanding respect and protection, Islamic Imperialists practice Jihad more to expand Islam than to protect it. Islam has one goal, and that is to overthrow all competing governments (including European) and establish the Khalifat. Nothing is more dangerous to weaker competing forms of governance than Imperialism.


      There are also many similarities between fundamental Islamists and die-hard communists. Both of these groups abhor highly educated thinkers and scholars, essentially forbidding rational thinking that does not support their ideologies. In the early 1960s, as part of the ‘Cultural Revolution’, the Chinese Maoist regime killed many intellectuals and scholars, virtually suppressing most higher education for decades. In place of rational thought and real education, they set up institutions to study Marxism and Maoism. Mao’s "Red Book" became a Bible to his subjects, a focus of education with memorizations required. Contrast this with Iran, where Ayatollah Khomeini’s regime killed millions of intellectuals, scholars, and rational thinkers right after the Islamic revolution. Like the communist Chinese, the Iranian fundamentalist government closed universities for three years and in their place advanced schools emphasizing religious indoctrination. Memorization of the Qur’an became a national imperative. Because communists possess a hatred of the capitalist West, they supported the Iranian fundamentalists in their rage against America. Despite similarities in their methods and anti-western / anti-capitalist rhetoric, these two competing ideologies did get along very well once their common enemy was removed. In the aftermath of Shah’s removal from Teheran, the Mullahs and their Islamic henchmen killed nearly all communist who helped bring them into power, right along with other infidels and intellectuals. To Islamists in Iran, communism was simply a tool to be used to secure power. While they were being used by Islamists, poor communists did not imagine they would be killed by their Islamic ‘comrades’. Although most were killed, in a twist of irony a few were able to save themselves by escaping to the evil capitalist West. Remaining and emerging thinkers and intellectuals now struggle to escape their own homeland. [Note: Islamists are currently using liberal democrats in the same way in their efforts to bring down conservatives acting in opposition to Islamic hegemony.]


      Though they differ in their methods of control, German Nazism, Italian Fascism, Japanese Imperialism, Stalinist/Maoist Communism, and now Islamic Fundamentalism are all cut from the same totalitarian cloth. The Columbia Encyclopedia, 2001 Sixth Edition defines totalitarianism as follows:


"A modern autocratic government in which the state involves itself in all facets of society, including the daily life of its citizens. A totalitarian government seeks to control not only all economic/political matters, but also the attitudes, values, and beliefs of its population, erasing the distinction between state and society. The citizen’s duty to the state becomes the primary concern of the community, and the goal of the state is the replacement of existing society with a perfect society".


      In Berlin in 1939, you would be hard pressed to find a German who did not sincerely believe in the superiority of Arian genetics. The Japanese similarly all originally truly believed in the divinity of their emperor and superior rights/standings of their native people, as did comrades following Iosif Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, and Genghis Khan at the peak of their influence. Another common thread in all these theologies is the fundamental belief of the superiority of their system of living -and- their inherit right to impose it on others by any means necessary. This thread is duplicated perfectly in the fundamental practices and beliefs of all of Islam, moderate and extremist. Such thinking errors are rampant, and unfortunately at this stage in cultural development, probably completely intractable.


      Unlike Constitutional democracy in the US, there is no cultural or legal mandate for separation of church and state in Islamic states, making all forms of secular democracy an alien and hostile concept to Muslim culture and law. Women have few rights, even against their husbands, who may legally beat their wives and concubines. Enslaving infidels and raping infidel women are also justified under Qur’anic law (and still occur in some Muslim lands). Grotesque punishments for crimes (beheadings and such) are not medieval holdovers; on the contrary, they will forever be part of authentic Islam as long as the Qur’an is revered as the perfect Word of Allah. The problem is that for all its schisms, sects, and multiplicity of voices, Islam’s (often-violent) expansionist elements are firmly rooted in its central texts. Following these tenants strictly, Islam cannot be other than a religion of violence, and any system of governance based on it must always be oppressive by Western standards (no principles of tolerance, no religious freedom, and no laws protecting equality or individuality). In Islam, all aspects of personal, religious, and political life become merged. This template has resulted in a series of various despots, and corrupt monarchies or Mullahs, and a few Soviet-style state autocracies imposed on tribal societies in the Arab world. Any attempt to throw off the prescribed and accepted Islamic templates are fought vigorously by Jihadists. Beirut Lebanon was briefly a shining example of co-existence between Muslims and other ethnic groups, and a showcase of prosperity, until the fundamentalists took control and turned it into a nightmarish quagmire of terror and oppression. As the people slid backward in every way imaginable, affluent educated Lebanese seemed powerless to prevent the calamity. Few dared risked life, limb, and eternal Islamic hell to resist fundamentalist goals.


      We seek out and fight terrorists, yet overall we ignore the religious infrastructure that created them. Three and years since 9/11, the theology remains largely immune from challenge because it calls itself a religion. If Adolph Hitler had called Nazism a religion, would we have been similarly disposed and refrained from criticizing Nazi credos? Note that in previous conflicts success meant we did not support or excuse ‘moderate’ Nazis, Fascists, Imperialists, or Communists …all followers and supporters of the dangerous philosophies were brought low in total war. From 1933 onward, anyone wearing a swastika and reciting from Mein Kampf would be immediately recognized as a potentially dangerous enemy of freedom and democracy. Americans need to become fully acquainted with the aspirations, methods, and political philosophy contained in the Qur’an adopted by those who worship the man who wrote that manifesto, which unfortunately are no less dangerous.


      Another point that needs to be made is that Islam is not initially opposed to democratic processes in non-Islamic countries. To orthodox Muslims in non-Muslim lands, democracy represents a convenient tool, not an enemy. Remember both Hitler and Khomeini came to rule through democratic means, but once in power they killed the process that elevated them to power. Now, instead of opposing democracy, the Shiite Mullahs of Iraq have wisely made good use of the elections to secure near total power and control. Through democratic means Islam seeks opportunity through discontent, deception, conversions, and/or demographics to seize control of government institutions, and then gradually to introduce ‘reforms’ until the region is subject to every form of Islamic manipulation and governance. In democracies under siege, non-Muslims are not mistreated initially. But as Islamists power grows, freedoms and protections quickly erode and then persecution begins. This modus operandi is the template Muhammad taught by example in conquering the indigenous people in Medina and Mecca. This is peaceful Islam. Those countries that prove resistant to such methods are subject to more violent forms of Jihad to weaken them to the point that they accept and submit to the dictates of Muslim political ambitions. Ultimately, Islam offers only three options to non-believers …convert, pay Jizya (become slaves to superior Islamic masters), or die. The term "Islamic democracy" is an oxymoron, like "Tolerant Bigot", "Honest Falsehood", "Capitalistic Communism", or "Humane War". Although democracy has room for a defanged Islam not bent on destroying it, unfortunately real Islam leaves no room for democratic principals. When principals of free speech and human rights are genuinely adopted, the baby it delivers is free-will and free-enterprise, which then promotes and protects individual progress. All of these positive progressive concepts represent a direct threat to the elaborate control structures ensuring Islamic power over the masses.


      Until it becomes the dominant political force controlling courts, police, and the military, the form Islam takes appears as a harmless religion to the uninformed, but in reality the faith is contaminated with all the perversions, lusts, and control mechanisms of its secular cousins. Cleverly masked by religious trappings, Islamic totalitarianism in democracies is easily able to hide behind the extended civil liberties and protections offered to actual religions. In this setting it has found fertile ground and has had a free hand to continue its mischief, since criticizing a ‘religion’ is considered ‘bad form’ and unacceptable in all societies. However, as its worldwide members continue in unison to act in treasonous and warlike ways, the movement will likely eventually be reclassified as the dangerous political movement it actually is. When that reclassification is finally made, it will signal the 'beginning of the end' to Islamic deception and expansion. As their prophet Muhammad correctly observed, "War is deception", and removing an opponent’s ability to succeed at deceit renders it much less potent and successful in warlike activities. The biggest deception of all being played out on the West is the claim that Islam represents a benevolent religion deserving of the usual respect and protections.


      Once taking power through whatever means, the grip of Islamic politics is iron tight. Instead of clicking heals and proclaiming "Heil Hitler", Muslims must bow and recite requisite prayers five times a day and proclaim "Allahu Akbar" on demand (the prayers are not supplications, simply recitations designed to reinforce complete devotion to Islam and all her ways). The first things to go in conquered lands are certain freedoms of speech, writ, and religion. German Nazism, Italian fascism, Japanese militarism, Stalinist Communism, and now Islamic fundamentalism have always been and will always be enemies of free speech and religious tolerance, because those concepts represent a direct threat to indoctrination and control of the masses. Control and power are what is at stake, and evil knows very well that Truth and Knowledge are the antithesis and antidote of totalitarianism. Final and permanent victory in the War on Islamic terror cannot occur until the dangerous ideologically is recognized and fought with the same vigor Islamic militancy is opposed militarily. As a first step, schools and universities need to start teaching American kids (including Muslims) all about real history and real Islam, instead of the propaganda it currently sells our children. Tenured or not, Communist, Islamist, and all apologists promoting misinformation and propaganda need to be exposed and expelled. The last thing we need is colleges and universities pumping out more Islamic brown shirts. In the case of Islam, excessive diversity is irresponsible and means only one thing …national suicide.


      Until -all- Muslims abandon the philosophy of violent Islamic Jihad, survival dictates that we must protect ourselves from militants committed to, and engaged in, such vile activities. To do so we must seek and apply the rule of law, but it would also be wise to present alternate social, religious, economic and political options to the many good, kind-hearted Muslims living among us still bound to what amounts to a totalitarianism system deliberately disguised as a religion of peace. But in its conduct with non-Muslims over time, that religious disguise is becoming paper-thin, becoming even more translucent daily as the evidence against it continues to mount.

Islamic Economics 101


      The renowned scholar Bernard Lewis tells us that Arabia was once, by middle-age standards, a great civilization. For reasons to be explored here, the hard facts on the ground today are that economies in predominately Islamic lands have been in steady decline for at least the last four-centuries.  It is common knowledge that the economic performances of Islamic lands are pathetic when compared to Western industrialized nations. The July 2002 U.N.'s "Arab Human Development Report," written by Arab intellectuals, painted a surprisingly accurate picture of Arabic societies. With a collective population roughly that of the United States, the 22 Arab states have:


         A total GDP less than Spain's, with exports (without oil) less than Norway's, and per capita income less than one-sixth that of Western democracies (sorry, no credit for terror exports).


         Fewer Internet connections per person than even Sub-Saharan Africa, and fewer books translated into Arabic over the past 100 years than even Spain translates in an average year.


         No visible presence in main arenas of human excellence today — Nobel-prize winners, World Cup finalists, Olympic medal-winners, breakthrough scientists, leading historians, international business successes, internationally recognized leaders like Gandhi or Martin Luther King.


         No democratic civil or political rights, sub-standard human rights for her own peoples, virtually none for women or infidels. No political visionaries of any kind. Instead what we see produced are more dictators and despots.


         Dismal standard of living, few legitimate business or economic opportunities, poor health care, and education systems that churn out religious fanaticism and little else.


      These sad facts are the hallmarks of a civilization devoid of legitimate, democratic government and free-market economies. Despite all the claims otherwise, neither quality nor longevity of life are by-products of fundamental Islam. The reasons for this poor performance is obvious to everyone except the poor inhabitants of these areas. Numerous human social experiments in communism and pure socialism have shown convincingly that when you remove freedom and economic incentive, productivity and innovation languish. If it were not for the oil in the ground, the productive output of Arab lands would be at the bottom of undeveloped third-world countries. Except for a handful of fortunate countries with massive natural resources (oil), all majority Muslim countries fall into the category of economically "less developed nations". But the reasons for this go beyond the lack of free-market opportunities and mechanisms. The continuing lack of Muslim economic success is a direct result of a culture and practices dictated by oppressive Islamic principals. The lack of innovation and growth is a direct result of incompetence, corruption, or over-regulation on the part of ‘religious’ governments. The condition is obvious, even to Muslims, but the root causes are not so easy for otherwise intelligent Muslims to identify. The usual reaction is both typical and predictable, …the West must be at fault, nothing bad could possibly come from the worlds ‘best’ religion. Within this construct, the only solution which can be proffered is to return to more pure Islamic values, and to attack Western hegemony with Jihad. As such, the erroneous diagnosis and prescription guarantees a continuation of the patients predicament. This culture of blame can not produce either introspection nor reform. Indeed, in terms of achievement, Arab leaders lack standing to criticize any country, culture, or society. Without excellence in any endeavors today, Arabs look silly as they continue to disparage others and export misery and terrorism. This destructive cycle continues endlessly, ensuring only the continuing economic disadvantage, frustration, and misery of its participants.


      By contributing to order, honesty, and fairness, a progressive religion can be an asset to the economic well being of citizens. But when a ‘religion’ propagates ignorance, inefficiency and poverty it becomes a liability to host societies. Like other totalitarianism systems, Islam acts as an economic hindrance, placing barriers to ambition, prosperity, and fulfillment of human potential. With Islamic education focused (as a political necessary) on indoctrination, and with other Islamic control mechanisms in society, the kind of education which might lead to significant economic reform is not offered. Only a tiny minority of the most privileged escape to western institutions, and then usually choose to stay in the open societies who host them. Then there is the fact that half the population (women) are prevented from getting an education, entering the workforce, and contributing to industry. Instead women are regulated to being nothing more than servants to their husbands and baby factories for Islam.


      Paying large percentages in alms is also a heavy burden, as is the personal and social burdens associated with caring for large numbers of minors. Contributing to support local and distant Jihads is also expected. In fact the opportunity to donate sons and money is irresistible to many Muslims, the following reveals why;


Allah will give "a far richer recompense to those who fight for him" (Sura 4:96). The Prophet said: "Whatever one spends to facilitate Jehad, Allah shall give him a reward which will exceed his contribution 700 times." (Tirmzi, Vol.1, p.697) "He who reared a horse for the sole intention of using it in a Jehad, then he will be rewarded one virtue for each grain he gave the horse as a feed." (Ibn-E-Majah, Vol. 2, p. 172) "A martyr (in Jehad) is dressed in radiant robes of faith: he is married to Houris and is allowed by Allah to intercede for seventy men (i.e. he is authorized by God to recommend seventy men for entry into paradise, and his intercession is sure to be granted.) (Ibn-E-Majah, Vol. 2, p. 174)


      Consider also the productivity effects of a limited workforce who are interrupted 5 times a day for rather lengthy compulsory prayers, and who fast all day for weeks on end (40 days/year). Then for merchants, there is undoubtedly fear of providing services or products not in complete conformity with rigid, canonical Islamic restrictions. Such realities are not exactly conducive to market expansion and employment.


      Because of the Islamic prohibition to usury (interest rates attached to monetary loans), any who manage to acquire wealth in Islamic lands have no incentive to invest in or otherwise finance new businesses ventures. This prevents the flow of capital to fund other companies or start-ups, effectively killing the entrepreneurial spirit.


      Of even more significance is the general Islamic disrespect when contracting to non-Muslim entities. Non-Muslims quickly learn of the propensity of Muslims to break contracts for self gain, and act instead to protect their own capital investments by avoiding such adventures in financial recklessness. Opportunities for cooperation and profit disappear when comes to be known that Muslims are taught my Muhammad himself that covenants with infidels can be broken with impunity if it serves the best interest of Islam. But business behavior between Muslims also suffers from an Arabic culture which is tribal and hegemonic. All such self-destructive business conduct flows as a natural extension of the example exemplified by the caravan raiding Muhammad. The Islamic and/or Arab morality that glorifies dishonesty and cunning to get gain results in suspicion instead of trust. It is a fact that when you remove trust from business relationships, nothing much will happen. Because personal or institutional risk becomes untenable, things like long-term-investment, shared-vision, common-goals, cooperative-projects, and group-achievement become impossible.


      The net result of all these Islamic cultural effects on markets and industry make economies based on it much less than competitive in a world economy based on open markets, freedom, and business law not based on the Qur’an. Lands hamstrung by Islamic principals and culture seem guaranteed to fail competitively, producing only the kind of desperate uneducated, unenlightened core material required to produce ever more Jihadic foot soldiers. Another consequence of the Muslim model is that the trappings of superior economic models in adjoining non-Muslim lands are thereby guaranteed to be superior, which more often than not produces jealousy and bitter animosity, if not fodder inspiring conquest and plunder. It is a bitter pill for Muslims to see inferior ‘Infidels’ enjoying bountiful fruits of their industry while large numbers of ‘brothers’ and their families flounder in relative poverty. Such feelings of jealousy and outrage also further stoke the flames of angry, expansionist Islam. The restricted, repressive economic model of Islam is the root cause of poverty and economic stagnation in societies based on it, but the blame is easily shifted to ‘repressive’ neighboring peoples and religions. So Islam itself seems designed to perpetrate both the root neediness, and the goals and methods which the political movement must employ to satisfy those needs (conquest and plunder) …how terribly convenient.


      But what else can we hope from the example of a man who could only show his followers how to assassinate and plunder enemies to get gain. Muhammad never created wealth through legitimate means, yet he became very wealthy, but only at the expense of a host of hard-working innocent victims. His example and revelations were intended more to help himself in recruitment efforts aimed at men he sought to participate in his core business. His cut of the exploits were profitable whether he participated in the murder and plunder or not. Of course, not everyone can be a bandit, much larger numbers must toil the soil and produce/improve the lands and merchandise to make the system work for the few thugs who benefit from such an unsustainable system.


      If good-hearted, intelligent, and hard-working Muslims can not quite find enough humanistic reasons in the example of Muhammad and his devout followers worldwide to leave the religion, then one might hope that pure economic self-interest will do the trick. On almost every plane of human existence (spiritual, economic, intellectual, emotional, physical) Islam is a heavy ball-and-chain preventing both individual and economic progression. Forced obedience to any cult through fear, coercion, ignorance, and lust creates vice instead of virtue, stagnation instead of growth. My heart goes out to all the good families trapped in Islam. May they all find the means and support necessary to survive the ordeal until enough of their fellows gain sufficient enlightenment and strength to wrest their lands and families from the blight.

The Women of Islam


      We have seen clearly into the mind and heart of male Islamic terrorists and the ‘moderate’ Muslims who actively or passively support them, but what about the women of Islam. What could possibly drive them to continue their allegiance to the causes of Muhammad? There are many women who have escaped Islamic bondage who have written quite eloquently about the ordeals of women in the Muslim world. The author must defer to those numerous testaments and will not explore the details of living as a Muslim woman in Muslim lands. This work is dedicated to understanding the motivations of Muslims on Jihad, and so Muslim men in particular. The author admits that his insights into the feminine Muslim culture is very limited, and that he is not qualified to say what makes Muslim women become or remain devoted followers of Muhammad. I will, however, express an opinion without the usual evidentiary backing.


      A former Muslim woman has provided care for my young children, and her good nature and strong sense of family values are beyond reproach. She sacrifices and works for her family, and genuinely cares for others in general. Her work ethic and dedication to family seems to exceed the maternal instincts of many Christian women I have known. My suspicion is that Muslim women participate in Islam out of necessity, because there are no alternate options, and because they have a strong natural maternal instinct and have great love for their children. Beyond that, I can’t imagine why they practice the religion, as it seems to this author that Islam has little to offer women. It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma, but I hope to understand it one day.


      Islamic paradise, that very carnal place envisioned by Islamic Jihadists, does not seem to apply to Muslim women. Indeed, it would seem that even if their husbands virility were increased a hundred fold, that the 70 virgins, all the pretty little boys running around, the other wives, and the slave-concubines, might leave a Muslim girl wondering if she will be the beneficiary of any attention at all from an adoring (if not exhausted) husband. When you speak of paradise to Muslim women, they seem at a loss to characterize their afterlife in any but very nebulous abstract terms. What is very carnal, visual, and well defined for men is much less than clear for poor Muslim women. Muhammad’s revelations were obviously intended more to help in his recruitment efforts, aimed at men he sought to participate in his exploits. Another potential problem in the logic of Islamic paradise is this; as Muslim men practice their new found virility on the Houris (celestial virgins) there would seem to be a constant need in Muslim heaven for replacement untouched young girls to replenish the somewhat more soiled originals, but in any case most Muslim women would certainly not qualify for that particular position as described. Once you scratch the words ‘untouched, unspoiled virgin’ off your resume, my understanding is that it’s near impossible to put them back.


      Burquas symbolize to westerners the outwardly manifestation of repression for tens of Millions of Muslim Women living in what amounts to Islamic bondage. This all-encompassing garment separates women from all but close relations. They may not speak to others, travel alone or in the company of non-relations, hold leadership positions, vote, drive, attend school, or speak freely. Their lives consist of servitude to their masters, at deadly peril. Some societies are less limiting, with women only confined to wearing a hair covering and veil with other restrictions less pronounced, but even in these societies’ women’s rights and opportunities cannot be compared to western standards. All women in Islamic lands subject to Sharia are subject to horrific punishments for promiscuity or adultery. Even in Saudi Arabia, one of the more advanced, wealthy, and educated Arab Islamic lands, it is a common ploy for husbands to end arguments with their wives by raising their finger and proclaiming "I divorce you, ...I divorce you, ...I .…" Usually at about the second invoking of the official ‘three strikes and your out’ Islamic method of divorce, women are on their knees begging the angry man for forgiveness and imploring them not to repeat the fateful third ‘I divorce you’. These poor women degrade themselves because they know full well how utterly alone they are in Islamic society without the benefits of property, rights, and substance that they enjoy only through their continued association with their husband. At-Talaq is the title of Sura #65 dealing with divorce. In its primitive sense, the Arabic word 'talaq' means ‘to dismiss’. Instant divorce by uttering the word three times is a rampant practice in many Muslim lands. Under Muslim law sending a talaqnama (a statement of divorce) is also enough to end the marriage, without seeking the wife's opinion or consent, similar to saying talaq thrice. In an ever so subtle concession to worried wives, in August 2001 Singapore's highest Islamic authorities declared that Muslim men may not accomplish ‘talaq’ via cell phone text messages. However, July 27th 2003 the Malaysian government decreed that a man may indeed divorce his wife via text message.


      Are there women who join Islam without either being born into the cult, forced into the organization, or deceived into believing it is something entirely different? What inspires women to join? I really can’t imagine.


      As for women, the Qur’an 4:34 states that "men have authority over women". Sura 4:34 instructs that that woman must be obedient to their husbands or be admonished (verbally abused), banished from the bed (psychologically abused) and beaten (physically abused via wife-beating). This and other passages clearly claim that women are inferior to men and their husbands have the right to scourge them if they are found disobedient. It advises men to take a green branch and beat their wives (because a green branch is more flexible and inflicts greater pain). (Qur’an 38:44). It teaches that women will go to hell if they are disobedient to their husbands (66:10). It maintains that men have an advantage over the women (Qur’an 2:228). It not only denies women equal rights, it decrees that their witness is not admissible in courts of law (Qur’an. 2:282). This means that a woman who is raped cannot accuse her rapist unless she can produce a male witness.


      There are further suras that make a woman's inheritance (4:11-12) worth half of a man's. These are actual Islamic teachings which provide the basis for numerous misogynic cultural practices.  The Qur'an also states that if a women becomes captive in a war, her Muslim master is allowed to rape her (33:50), and that women are "tilth" (property to cultivate) for their husbands  (2:223). There are also numerous hadiths which reflect poorly on women, including one in which Muhammad declares that most of hell's population is female and that women are deficient in intelligence and piety (Bukhari, I:6:304). The Holy Prophet allows men to marry up to four wives, and is licensed to sleep with slave maids and as many 'captive' women as he can acquire (Qur’an 4:3) even if those women are already married (as He himself did). Furthermore, by the example of Muhammad, a man may take a pre-pubescent wife as young as 9 years old to his marriage bed. Although most countries limit such marriages to children 11-13 years old, the practice of bedding younger girls is not unknown in some regions. Further, the insane practice of genitalia mutilation and honor killings continues today in many Islamic lands and families.


[A word of warning for those who find their version of the Qur’an translated differently than the verses quoted herein. Almost all English translators of the Qur’an have deliberately tried to soften many harsh verses. Yusufali in particular goes out of his way to twist words to hide the harshness of the real Qur’an. For example he translates the verse (Qur’an 38:44) that says plainly in Arabic "take a green branch and beat your wife" to "take a little green grass and strike therewith". He translates a different verse (Qur’an 4:34) that states "beat your wife" correctly, but he cannot help but add the word (lightly) in parenthesis.]


      Since the Qur'an can not be altered, these practices are not likely to be influenced by Western norms. As the preceding text demonstrates, Muslim women are often considered by Westerners to be victims of Islam, and as such receive almost blanket immunity from the more violent and inhumane acts of their sons, brothers, husbands and fathers. However common sense tells us that nurture, instruction, encouragement and support by the women folk must play some role for an entire culture to support such vile activities. Although not generally true for all Muslim women, the following article speaks volumes of the feminine mindset fully immersed in Islam.


The Guardian - Jul 20, 2004 - Arab women singers complicit in rape, says Amnesty report. ( While African women in Darfur were being raped by the Janjaweed militiamen, Arab women stood nearby and sang for joy, according to an Amnesty International report published yesterday. The songs of the Hakama, or the "Janjaweed women" as the refugees call them, encouraged the atrocities committed by the militiamen. The women singers stirred up racial hatred against black civilians during attacks on villages in Darfur and celebrated the humiliation of their enemies, the human rights group said. "[They] appear to be the communicators during the attacks. They are reportedly not actively involved in attacks on people, but participate in acts of looting." Amnesty International collected several testimonies mentioning the presence of Hakama while women were raped by the Janjaweed. The report said: "Hakama appear to have directly harassed the women [who were] assaulted, and verbally attacked them." During an attack on the village of Disa in June last year, Arab women accompanied the attackers and sang songs praising the government and scorning the black villagers. According to an African chief quoted in the report, the singers said: "The blood of the blacks runs like water, we take their goods and we chase them from our area and our cattle will be in their land. The power of [Sudanese president Omer Hassan] al-Bashir belongs to the Arabs and we will kill you until the end, you blacks, we have killed your God." The chief said that the Arab women also racially insulted women from the village: "You are gorillas, you are black, and you are badly dressed."


The Janjaweed have abducted women for use as sex slaves, in some cases breaking their limbs to prevent them escaping, as well as carrying out rapes in their home villages, the report said. The militiamen "are happy when they rape. They sing when they rape and they tell us that we are just slaves and that they can do with us how they wish", a 37-year-old victim, identified as A, is quoted as saying in the report, which was based on more than 100 testimonies from women in the refugee camps in neighboring Chad. Pollyanna Truscott, Amnesty International's Darfur crisis coordinator, said the rape was part of a systematic dehumanization of women. "It is done to inflict fear, to force them to leave their communities. It also humiliates the men in their communities."


The UN estimates that up to 30,000 people have been killed in Darfur, and more than a million have been forced to flee their homes. Peace talks between the Sudanese government and two rebel movements broke down on Saturday when the rebel groups walked out, saying the government must first disarm the Janjaweed. Another human rights organization, Human Rights Watch, today publishes alleged Sudanese government documents showing that it was much more closely involved with the Janjaweed than it has so far admitted. The documents, which Human Rights Watch said it had obtained from the civilian administration in Darfur and are dated February and March this year, call for "provisions and ammunition" to be delivered to known Janjaweed militia leaders, camps and "loyalist tribes". One document orders all security units in the area to tolerate the activities of Musa Hilal, the alleged Janjaweed leader in north Darfur interviewed by the Guardian last week. Peter Takirambudde, the executive director of Human Rights Watch's Africa division, said: "These documents show that militia activity has not just been condoned, it's been specifically supported by Sudan government officials." The official government line is that it did not arm or support the Janjaweed, though its presence was useful in helping to combat rebels in Darfur.


BBC- 18 June, 2002- The Gaza Strip, Israel: By Middle East correspondent Orla Guerin. The mother of a Palestinian suicide attacker who killed two Israelis before being shot dead has spoken of her feelings about her son's actions. A video released by Hamas shows a proud mother taking up arms beside her favorite son. First a warm embrace, then a loving kiss. Naima al-Obeid was saying goodbye to her 23-year-old Mahmoud, a college student on his way to carry out a suicide attack. "God willing you will succeed," she says. "May every bullet hit its target, and may God give you martyrdom. This is the best day of my life." Mahmoud says: "Thank you for raising me".


Naima got her wish... Mahmoud was shot dead attacking the Jewish settlement of Dugit in the Gaza Strip on Saturday. Two Israeli soldiers were killed in the ambush. Their deaths are being celebrated near Mahmoud's home. We found crowds coming to the mourning tent - and not just because of him. People here aren't just remembering Mahmoud - they are honoring his mother. She has become a heroine, being talked about on the streets, praised in the local papers. Some Palestinians are taking a great deal of pride in a mother who saw her son go to kill and die without shedding a tear. They are already saying she will inspire other women to do the same. In her home, in Gaza, she showed me pictures of the son she calls "my heart". She had no sympathy for the dead Israelis, no regrets over the loss of her own son. "Nobody wants their son to be killed. I always wanted him to have a good life. "But our land is occupied by the Israelis. We're sacrificing our sons to get our freedom," she told me. I asked her if it mattered whether her son killed women and children. "The women and children are also Jews," she said, "They're all the same for me. "And I want to tell Jewish mothers - take your children and run from here because you will never be safe. We believe our sons go to heaven when they are martyred. When your sons die they go to hell." Naima is surrounded by well-wishers, no one asking why she gave her son a license to kill. She has nine more children, whom, she says, all have a duty to fight the Israeli occupation.





Chapter 16

The Infidel POW


      An increasingly popular trend among Islamic terrorists worldwide is to post videos of Muslims beheading infidels. Non-Muslims have been beheaded in the Philippines, Chechnya, Kashmir, Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere. The Qur’an’s Sura 47:4, has been cited as the theological basis for such acts: "When you meet in battle those who have disbelieved, smite their necks; and after the slaughter fasten tight the bonds, until the war lays aside its burdens.  Then either release them as a favor, or in return for ransom." Sura 8: The Spoils of War, section 12 also states that Allah will throw fear into the hearts of the disbelievers, and directs faithful Muslims to ‘smite their necks and fingers’, with section 67 informing that "A prophet may not take captives until he has made a slaughter in the land".


      The beheading of Daniel Pearl in 2002, followed by the killings of Nicholas Berg, Paul Johnson Jr., Kim Sun-Il, and Eugene Armstrong, as well as the killing of other nationals and threats to behead a growing list of captives, have garnered major media attention for the terrorists as Arab satellite channels rush to air the pictures and videos to customers eager to see them. Yet Saudis Arabia's Prince Sattam issued a statement to Westerners that Johnson’s beheading was a malicious crime rejected by Islam, declaring, "This has happened for the first time in the Kingdom". But according to a Jun 25 2004 CBS News report, the Saudi government ordered and carried out 52 beheadings in 2003, for crimes including robbery, drug smuggling, and homosexuality. In the kingdoms largest cities such beheadings (with other gruesome punishments) are regularly performed in the courtyards of mosques following Friday prayers.


      The terrorists are not primarily using the various beheadings as a technique to make us cower and drive us out. The beheading films are first and foremost a recruitment tool, and have been around for a long time. The first generation of vile home-movies depicting the gruesome slaughter of infidels were circulated in North Africa decades ago. The purpose, now and then, is to demonstrate to orthodox Muslims their bona fide status as true emissaries of Muhammad, and to excite homicidal fanatics and lure them into the local Islamist gang. These recruiting films are aimed at subhuman homicidal maniacs who revel in bloody brutality, an emotion that passes for spirituality to them. Thanks to the Internet and comrades at Arab satellite stations, Muslim Jihad marketing and distribution methods have now improved dramatically.


      Today’s Jihad movement, like so many before, continues to draw its foot soldiers from people who dream of beheading infidels, a fantasy that flows naturally after receiving a proper education consisting of memorizing the Qur’an and studying the life, words, and example of their ‘prophet’. It is quite clear that they see us all as animals deserving slaughter. These vile sub-human acts discredit any notion that our enemies are normal human beings driven to desperation by injustice, misery, and oppressive US hegemony. It is pure folly to think terrorists and their masters are people trying to avenge some injustice or remedy old grievances, yet some people still fall for this sort of complete rubbish. The only way sensible people could possibly begin to believe such garbage, is to first carefully censor all evidence showing the true nature and source of terrorist acts. Islamic propagandists (including our own left leaning liberal media elitists) accomplish this by taking the scenes of 9/11 and the beheading videos off the air, and journalistically by filtering the utter barbarity of these people through the use of ‘sensitive’ words designed to have no emotional impact. This censor effort has become an imperative of Islamists and their apologists because they know the beheadings truly define and bring into clear focus not only the hearts and minds of terrorists, but also the core values of the parents and communities who raised them, not to mention the ‘religion’ that inspires them.


      The scenes we saw Sept 11 were every bit as horrible as the beheadings, which briefly unified us in the realization that we were facing an enemy that would have to be fought to the finish. Videos of the people who jumped to their death from the Twin Towers, or those burned or crushed in New York and Washington provide clear documentation of what awaits us all if we fail to win. Now the beheading videos both confirm and deepen that evidence. We cannot wage an effective war unless we understand the true nature and objectives of our enemy. We jeopardize prolonging the agony if we do not grasp that terrorists' ranks are full of people who are there primarily because they are thrilled by the prospect of beheading us, and who believe such acts are pious and will win them a ticket into Muslim heaven where scores of virgins await, anxious to provide them an orgasmic eternity. Survival dictates we not be over-sensitive to the point we avoid viewing the actual history being played out before our very eyes. To ‘Know Thine Enemy’, we need to see, feel, and understand these creatures, to solidify national support and bring our full military might to bear to end this thing as quickly as possible.


      The fact that Jihad means obligatory war for devout Muslims has been previously discussed in earlier chapters, proved using authentic Islamic sources. Muslims who commit acts of violence and terror against infidels can find ample justification for their actions, based on the teachings of the Qur’an and, more importantly, the example of their prophet. The prophet himself left a trail of assassinations and other bloody acts behind him until his own death, all of which are recorded by Muslim historians, which become a tradition among Muslims in the early centuries of its development. The growing body of Islamic internet site proud postings of violent videos/pictures makes it disgustingly clear the practice is continuing through today. We now attempt to further clarify the mind and rational of Islamic militants carrying out so many terrible instances of beheadings. Unfortunately these cruel rituals are neither new, nor isolated incidents or aberrations.


      It is a perilous fact that the practitioners of the Muslim religion are taught a philosophy that encourages terrorism against civilians, and does not differentiate between innocent civilians and soldiers. The Geneva Conventions and conventional rules of war have no validity and are simply rejected by Jihad warriors, who believe they are immune because they operate under a higher law. Accordingly, all infidels without a treaty of protection (i.e. not already subdued and paying the Jizya tax) can be dealt with at the pleasure and discretion of the fighter. Options at his disposal include kidnapping and ransom, slavery (including sex slavery), or to simply torture and kill the poor soul.


      This review highlights some additional Islamic direction on the subject. The citations herein are but a small portion of the enormous amount of evidence indicating that killing noncombatants or captives appears supported by both Islamic principles and history. What is outlined herein should give Westerner civilians caught up in Jihad a clear idea of what he/she can expect from Islamic warriors, as well as what prisoners of war can expect from their Muslim captors.


      Many of the remaining citations were taken from an article by Andrew G. Bostom, Jihad Killings of POWs and Non-Combatants, first published September 9, 2004 at


      W.H.T. Gairdner, the renowned early 20th century scholar of Islam, wrote the following discussion of Muhammad’s treatment of POWs, based exclusively on Muslim sources:


"After Badr, especially, the greatest vindictiveness and bloodthirstiness were manifested. Many prisoners were slaughtered in cold blood, at least two of them at the personal insistence of Muhammad who had a special grudge against them. The most famous Companions (except Abu Bakr) were then the most truculent. One of them was for burning the prisoners en masse! [Gairdner’s emphasis] The Prophet checked these excesses. But the very words in which he did so, the very limits set up, show clearly that defenseless prisoners might always be slaughtered in cold blood if they could not get anyone to redeem them. The Sura produced after the event (Q.8:67-68) explicitly commands the slaughter of prisoners on occasions when it is advisable to make an impression by ‘frightfulness’: on such occasions the sin would be to grow rich by accepting ransoms! And there is a whole series of traditions which make out that the ‘leniency’ shown at Badr was a sin, that Mohammed had been against that sin, humane Abu Bakr was the chief offender, and that had that sin been punished, only the whole-hoggers who had urged the slaughter of all the prisoners (‘Umar and Sa’d) would have escaped…the Koran itself recommended the ransoming of war-captives as a form of charity suitable for rich Muslims. But the Badr alternative is always there in the background, and on suitable occasions may always be brought into the foreground. The prisoner of war is mubah damuhu: his life’s essentially forfeit." [33]


      A review of Egyptian high school textbooks in 2002 reveals the classical exegesis on these Qur’anic verses which is still being taught to students in non-Azharite (i.e. non-religious) as well as Azharite schools.


"Studies in Theology: Tradition and Morals, Grade 11, (2001) pp. 291-92 ...This noble [Qur'anic] Surah [Surat Muhammad]... deals with questions of which the most important are as follows: 'Encouraging the faithful to perform jihad in God's cause, to behead the infidels, take them prisoner, break their power, and make their souls humble - all that in a style which contains the highest examples of urging to fight. You see that in His words: "When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield strike off their heads and, when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly. Then grant them their freedom or take a ransom from them, until war shall lay down its burdens.'"


"Commentary on the Surahs of Muhammad, Al-Fath, Al-Hujurat and Qaf, Grade 11, (2002) p. 9 …When you meet them in order to fight [them], do not be seized by compassion [towards them] but strike the[ir] necks powerfully.... Striking the neck means fighting, because killing a person is often done by striking off his head. Thus, it has become an expression for killing even if the fighter strikes him elsewhere. This expression contains a harshness and emphasis that are not found in the word "kill", because it describes killing in the ugliest manner, i.e., cutting the neck and making the organ - the head of the body - fly off [the body].' "


      Although chilling to our modern sensibilities, particularly when being taught to children, these are merely normative interpretations of the rules for jihad war, based on over a millennium of Muslim theology and jurisprudence. And the context of these teachings is unambiguous, as the translator makes clear that:


"[the] concept of jihad is interpreted in the Egyptian school curriculum almost exclusively as a military endeavor… it is war against God's enemies, i.e., the infidels… it is war against the homeland's enemies and a means to strengthening the Muslim states in the world. In both cases, jihad is encouraged, and those who refrain from participating in it are denounced."


      Ibn Hudayl, a 14th century expert and author of an important treatise on jihad, explained forthrightly, sanctioned procedures and methods which contradict Islamic apologists erroneous assertions that certain war crimes, including razing beheading, are not sanctioned by Islam: 


"It is permissible to set fire to the lands of the enemy, his stores of grain, his beasts of burden – if it is not possible for the Muslims to take possession of them – as well as to cut down his trees, to raze his cities, in a word, to do everything that might ruin and discourage him, provided that the imam (i.e. the religious "guide" of the community of believers) deems these measures appropriate, suited to hastening the Islamization of that enemy or to weakening him. Indeed, all this contributes to a military triumph over him or to forcing him to capitulate. [34]


      The late, seminal 20th century scholar of Muslim Spain and North Africa, Charles Emmanuel Dufourcq, characterized the impact of these repeated attacks, indistinguishable in motivation from modern acts of jihad terrorism (like 9/11/01 and, perhaps even more geographically relevant, 3/11/04): 


"It is not difficult to understand that such expeditions sowed terror. The historian al-Maqqari, who wrote in seventeenth-century Tlemcen in Algeria, explains that the panic created by the Arab horsemen and sailors, at the time of the Muslim expansion in the zones that saw those raids and landings, facilitated the later conquest, if that was decided on: ‘Allah,’ he says, ‘thus instilled such fear among the infidels that they did not dare to go and fight the conquerors; they only approached them as suppliants, to beg for peace.’ " [35]


      Al-Mawardi, a significant 11th century (Shafi’ite) jurist from Baghdad, wrote regarding the treatment of jihad POWs. The real issues at hand: what does Muslim Law actually instructs regarding jihad POWs in various campaigns conducted throughout Muslim history, and how does the spate of contemporary beheadings of prisoners of jihad terrorism comport with these rulings. Al-Mawardi’s writing makes clear that killing of jihad POWs is a primary (i.e., "first") option based solely upon what is most expedient for the Muslims:


"As for the captives, the amir [ruler] has the choice of taking the most beneficial action of four possibilities: the first to put them to death by cutting their necks; the second, to enslave them and apply the laws of slavery regarding their sale and manumission; the third, to ransom them in exchange for goods or prisoners; and fourth, to show favor to them and pardon them. Allah, may he be exalted, says, 'When you encounter those [infidels] who deny [the Truth=Islam] then strike [their] necks' (Qur'an sura 47, verse 4)"....Abu’l-Hasan al-Mawardi, al-Ahkam as-Sultaniyyah." [36]


      Al-Mawardi was hardly unique, the views of this Shafi’ite jurist being nearly identical to those of key jurists representing the three other main Sunni schools of Islamic jurisprudence, including the Hanafites, who prevailed in Ottoman Turkey: 


      Abu Yusuf (from the Hanafi school of jurisprudence, d. 798): 


"...that one can even ...finish off the wounded, or kill prisoners who might prove dangerous to the Muslims.. As for the prisoners who are lead before the imam, the latter has the choice, as he pleases, of executing them, or making them pay a ransom, for the most advantageous choice for the Muslims, and the wisest for Islam. The ransom imposed upon them is not to consist either of gold, silver, or wares, but is only in exchange for Muslim captives…" [37]


      Ibn Abi Zayd Al_Qayrawani (d. 996), head of the North African Maliki school at Qairuan: 


"There is no inconvenience to kill white non-Arabs who have been taken prisoner". [38]


      The famous Syrian jurist Ibn Taymiyya (d. 1328) of the Hanbali school under the Mamluks: 


"…If a male unbeliever is taken captive during warfare or otherwise, eg., as a result of a shipwreck, or because he has lost his way, or as a result of a ruse, then the imam may do whatever he deems appropriate: killing him, enslaving him, releasing him or setting him free for a ransom consisting in either property or people. This is the view of most jurists and it is supported by the Koran and the Sunna…" [39]


      These rulings had tangible consequences. For centuries, from the Iberian Peninsula to the Indian subcontinent, jihad campaigns waged by Muslim armies against infidel Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians, Buddhists and Hindus, were punctuated by massacres, including mass throat slittings and beheadings of captives. Here are but a few examples. Non-Muslim (i.e., Christian) prisoners were beheaded, summarily, during a jihad campaign against Tripoli in the mid-7th century, as chronicled by Ibn Khaldun in his, History of the Berbers and the Moslem Dynasties of Northern Africa:


"Abd-Allah set siege to the city [Tripoli]; but later, unwilling to let himself be diverted from the goal that he had in mind, he gave the order to break camp. While we were making our preparations, we spied some vessels that had just landed on the shore; immediately we attacked them and threw into the water anyone who was aboard. They put up some resistance, but then surrendered, and we tied their hands behind their backs. They were four hundred in number. Abd-Allah then joined us, and he had their heads cut off." [40]


      During the period of "enlightened" Muslim rule, the Christians of Iberian Toledo, who had first submitted to their Arab Muslim invaders in 711 or 712, revolted in 713. In the harsh Muslim reprisal that ensued, Toledo was pillaged, and all the Christian notables had their throats cut. On the Indian subcontinent, Hindu combatants captured during jihad campaigns were killed in orgies of brutal violence, on a simply staggering scale, as documented by Muslim chroniclers. After Muhammad bin Qasim took the fort of Brahmanabad in Sindh following a 6-month siege, around 711-712 C.E.


"…When the plunder and the prisoners of war were brought before Qasim, and enquiries were made about every captive, it was found that Ladi, the wife of Dahir, was in the fort with two daughters of his by his other wives. Veils were put on their faces, and they were delivered to a servant to keep them apart. One-fifth of all the prisoners were chosen and set aside; they were counted as amounting to twenty thousand in number, and the rest were given to the soldiers…(Qasim) sat on the seat of cruelty, and put all those who had fought to the sword. It is said that about six thousand fighting men were slain, but according to some, sixteen thousand were killed…" [41]


      And Amir Timur, during his jihad campaigns through Northern India (1397-99 C.E.) conducted what may have been the greatest mass slaughter of prisoners ever chronicled:


"Next day, Friday the 3rd of the month. I left the fort of Loni and marched to a position opposite to Jahan-numa where I encamped… I now held a Court… At this Court Amir Jahan Shah and Amir Sulaiman Shah and other amirs of experience, brought to my notice that, from the time of entering Hindustan up to the present time, we had taken more than 100,000 infidels and Hindus prisoners, and that they were all in my camp…I asked their advice about the prisoners, and they said that on the great day of battle these 100,000 prisoners could not be left with the baggage, and that it would be entirely opposed to the [Islamic] rules of war to set these idolaters and foes of Islam at liberty. In fact, no other course remained but that of making them all food for the sword. When I heard these words I found them in accordance with the rules of war, and I directly gave my command for the tawachis [drumbeaters] to proclaim throughout the camp that every man who had infidel prisoners was to put them to death…When this order became known to the ghazis of Islam, they drew their swords and put their prisoners to death. 100,000 infidels, impious idolaters, were on that day slain. Maulana Nasiru-d-din ‘Umar, a counselor and man of learning, who, in all his life, had never killed a sparrow, now, in execution of my order, slew with his sword fifteen idolatrous Hindus, who were his captives…" [42]


      Lastly, Babur (1483-1530), the founder of the Mughal Empire, who is revered as a paragon of Muslim tolerance by modern revisionist historians, recorded the following in his autobiographical "Baburnama", about infidel prisoners of a jihad campaign:


"Those who were brought in alive [having surrendered] were ordered beheaded, after which a tower of skulls was erected in the camp." [43]


      Other historical examples from jihad campaigns abound demonstrating a philosophy and conduct violating basic standards of Human rights. Recent jihad-inspired decapitations of infidels by Muslims have occurred across the globe- Christians in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Nigeria; Hindu priests and "unveiled" Hindu women in Kashmir.


      Any contention that Islam does not sanction the killing of non-combatants is highly questionable, as any claim is clearly contradicted by the repeated actions of Muslims during jihad campaigns yesterday and today. Both Muslim and non-Muslim sources document countless episodes of the pillage and massacre of non-combatants during jihad conquests and raids. And there is ample juridical justification for such acts. For example, the great Maliki jurist and philosopher Averroes (d. 1198) asserted,


"Most scholars agree that fortresses may be assailed with mangonels, no matter whether there are women and children within them or not. This is based on the fact that the Prophet used mangonels against the population of al-Ta’if." [44]


      The much lionized Sufi theologian Al-Ghazali (d. 1101) made a similar pronouncement. The lauded Al-Ghazali's wrote plainly on acceptable behavior during jihad war, and the treatment of the vanquished non-Muslim [dhimmi] peoples:


"…one must go on jihad (i.e., warlike razzias or raids) at least once a may use a catapult against them [non-Muslims] when they are in a fortress, even if among them are women and children. One may set fire to them and/or drown them... " [45]


      The Hanbali jurist Ibn Taymiyya (d. 1328) provided this caveat, which allowed for killing those who would otherwise be classified as non-combatants, if they merely engaged in verbal or written propaganda:


"As for those who cannot offer resistance or cannot fight, such as women, children, monks, old people, the blind, handicapped and their likes, they shall not be killed unless they actually fight with words [eg. by propaganda] and acts [by spying or otherwise assisting in the warfare]. Some jurists are of the opinion that all of them may be killed, on the mere ground that they are unbelievers, but they make an exception for women and children since they constitute property for Muslims" [46]


      Contemporary Muslim theologians like Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, hailed as a moderate voice in Britain, sanction homicide bombings against all Israeli citizens using jihad criteria consistent with those iterated by these classical jurists.


      Unfortunately, historical examples of the killing of non-combatants during jihad campaigns abound, beginning with the very earliest Muslim conquests. The 7th century Chronicler John of Nikiou describes the jihad conquest of Fayyum and Nikiou, including the massacre of non-combatant women and children:


"[In Fayyum] The Ishmaelites attacked, killed the commandant, massacred all his troops and immediately seized the town…Whoever approached them was massacred; they spared neither old men, nor women, nor children…Then the Muslims arrived in Nikiou. There was not one single soldier to resist them. They seized the town and slaughtered everyone they met in the street and in the churches – men, women and children, sparing nobody. Then they went to other places, pillaged and killed all the inhabitants they found… But let us now say no more, for it is impossible to describe the horrors the Muslims committed when they occupied the island of Nikiou, on Sunday, the eighteenth day of the month of Guenbot, in the fifteenth year of the lunar cycle, as well as the terrible scenes which took place in Cesarea in Palestine." [47]


      John Cameniates provided an eyewitness account of the jihad capture and pillage of Thessaloniki in 904 C.E. Cameniates, his elderly father, and his brother, taken prisoner while they tried to escape by the ramparts, were spared their lives because they promised their captors a large amount of money. They were marched as prisoners through the city, and thus witnessed the terrible carnage of their fellow townspeople who had sough refuge in the church of Saint George. A summary, and excerpts from Cameniates narrative reveals that:


"The Thessalonians tried to escape through the streets, pursued by the Saracens, who were unleashed like wild beasts. In their panic, men. women, the elderly, and children, ‘fell into each other’s arms to give each other one last kiss.’ The enemy hit with no mercy. Parents were killed while trying to defend their children. No one was spared: women, children, the elderly, all were immediately pierced by the sword. The poor wretches ran through the town, or tried to hide inside the caves; some of them, believing they could find refuge inside a church, would seek shelter inside, while others tried to scale the walls of the ramparts, from where they jumped into the void and crashed to the ground. Nuns, petrified with fear, with their hair disheveled, tried to escape, and ended up by the thousands in the hands of the barbarians, who killed the older ones, and sent the younger and more attractive ones into captivity and dishonor… The Saracens also massacred the unfortunate people who had sought refuge inside churches."
"The church [of Saint George] was full of wretches who had sought safety within it. There were about three hundred of them, as we learned later. A great number of murderous enemies came in. Immediately their leader bounced onto the holy altar, where the divine offices are held by the priests: there, crouching down with his legs crossed, in the manner of the barbarians, he sat, full of rage and arrogance, looking at the crowd of those people, full of the evil spirit of what he intended to commit. After grabbing my father and my brother with his hands, and after ordering that we be guarded in an area near the entrance by some of his men whom he had chosen, he gave a sign to his men to do away with the crowd. Like wild wolves when they meet their prey, they began to massacre the poor creatures quickly and mercilessly, and, overflowing with rage, they inquired with their eyes as to what the terrible judge wished to do with us: but he stopped them from doing anything against us, for the moment… After the end of the massacre of those poor people, the entire floor was covered with bodies, with a lake of blood in the middle. Then, as the murderer could not get out, he ordered that they pile up the bodies one on top of the other, on the two sides of the church; then he quickly jumped down from the altar, came up to us, and grabbed my father and my brother with his hands." [48]


      Professor J.B. Segal reviewed the jihad destruction of the Christian enclave of Edessa in 1144-1146 C.E., during the Crusades, using primary source documentation, including a contemporary account by Michael the Syrian.


"Thirty thousand souls were killed. Women, youths, and children to the number of sixteen thousand were carried into slavery, stripped of their cloths, barefoot, their hands bound, forced to run beside their captors on horses. Those who could not endure were pierced by lances or arrows, or abandoned to wild animals and birds of prey. Priests were killed out of hand or captured; few escaped. The Archbishop of the Armenians was sold at Aleppo…The whole city was given over to looting, ‘..for a whole year..’, resulting in ‘…complete ruin..’. From this disaster the Christian community of Edessa never recovered." [49] 


      Michael the Syrian (Patriarch of Antioch from 1166-1199) chronicled the two devastating jihad attacks (1144 and 1146 C.E.) by the Seljuk Turks, which included the mass murder of non-combatants, as follows: 


"The Turks entered with their swords and blades drawn, drinking the blood of the old and the young, the men and the women, the priests and the deacons, the hermits and the monks, the nuns, the virgins, the infants at the breast, the betrothed men and the women to whom they were betrothed! …Ah! what a bitter tale! The city of Abgar, the friend of Christ, was trampled underfoot because of our iniquity: the priests were massacred, the deacons immolated, the subdeacons crushed, the temples pillaged, the altars overturned! Alas! what a calamity! Fathers denied their children; the mother forgot her affection for her little ones! While the sword was devouring and everyone was fleeing to the mountaintop, some gathered their children, like a hen her chicks, and waited to die together by the sword or else to be led off together into captivity! Some aged priests, who were carrying the relics of the martyrs, seeing this raging destruction, recited the words of the prophet: "I will endure the Lord’s wrath, because I have sinned against Him and angered Him."8 And they did not take flight, nor did they cease praying until the sword rendered them mute. Then they were found at the same spot, their blood spilled all around them…." 


"The Turks descended from the citadel upon those who had remained in the churches or in other places, whether because of old age, or as a result of some other infirmity, and they tortured them, showing no pity. Those who had escaped from being suffocated or trampled [in the crush] and had left the city with the Franks were surrounded by the Turks, who rained down upon them a hail of arrows which cruelly pierced them through.


O cloud of wrath and day without mercy! In which the scourge of violent wrath once again struck the unfortunate Edessenians. O night of death, morning of hell, day of perdition! which arose against the citizens of that excellent city. Alas, my brethren! Who could recount or hear without tears how the mother and the infant that she carried in her arms were pierced through by the same arrow, without anyone to lift them up or to remove the arrow! And soon, [as they lay] in that state, the hooves of the horses of those who were pursuing them pounded them furiously! That whole night they had been pierced by arrows, and at daybreak, which was for them even darker, they were struck by the swords and the lances!... And then the earth shivered with horror at the massacre that took place: like the sickle on the stalks of grain, or like fire among wood chips, the sword carried off the Christians. The corpses of priests, deacons, monks, noblemen and the poor were abandoned pell-mell. Yet, although their death was cruel, they nevertheless did not have as much to suffer as those who remained alive; for when the latter fell in the midst of the fire and the wrath of the Turks, [those barbarians] stripped them of their clothing and of their footwear. Striking them with rods, they forced them – men and women, naked and with their hands tied behind their backs – to run with the horses; those perverts pierced the belly of anyone who grew faint and fell to the ground, and left him to die along the road. And so they became the prey of wild beasts, and then they expired, or else the food of birds of prey, in which case they were tortured. The air was poisoned with the stench of the corpses; Assyria was filled with captives." [50]


      Professor H.Z. Hirschberg includes this summary of a contemporary Judeo-Arabic account by Solomon Cohen (which comports with Arab historian Ibn Baydhaq’s sequence of events), from January 1148 C.E, describing the Muslim Almohad conquests in North Africa, and Spain:


"Abd al-Mumin…the leader of the Almohads after the death of Muhammad Ibn Tumart the Mahdi [note: Ibn Tumart was a cleric whose writings bear a striking resemblance to Khomeini’s rhetoric eight centuries later] …captured Tlemcen [in the Maghreb] and killed all those who were in it, including the Jews, except those who embraced Islam…[In Sijilmasa] One hundred and fifty persons were killed for clinging to their [Jewish] faith…All the cities in the Almoravid [dynastic rulers of North Africa and Spain prior to the Almohads] state were conquered by the Almohads. One hundred thousand persons were killed in Fez on that occasion, and 120,000 in Marrakesh. The Jews in all [Maghreb] localities [conquered]…groaned under the heavy yoke of the Almohads; many had been killed, many others converted; none were able to appear in public as Jews [emphasis added]…Large areas between Seville and Tortosa [in Spain] had likewise [emphasis added] fallen into Almohad hands." [51]


      The mid-15th century Hindu chronicle Kanhadade Prabandha included descriptions of a wave of jihad attacks at the end of the 13th century, and first three decades of the 14th century. These campaigns vanquished extensive regions [Malwa, Gujarat, Ranthambhor, Siwana, Jalor, Devagiri, Warangal, Ma’bar, and Ramesvaram], and resulted in the death or enslavement of perhaps millions of Hindus. [52] The devastating nature of such attacks, which included deliberate targeting of non-combatants, is captured in this account: 


"A farman (firman) was now given to Gori Malik (to sack Bhinmal)…The Turkish [Muslim] invaders entered the town making dreadful din and clamor. Orders were issued clear and terrible: ‘The soldiers shall march into the town spreading terror everywhere! Cut down the Brahmanas [Brahman priests], wherever they may be- performing homa or milking cows! Kill the cows- even those which are pregnant or with newly born calves!’ The Turks ransacked Bhinmal and captured everybody in the sleepy town. Thereafter, Gori Malik gleefully set fire to the town in a wanton display of force and meanness." [53]


      Ibn Battuta (1304- 1368/ ? 1377), one of the world’s most famous travelogue writers, witnessed this display of murderous brutality towards Hindu prisoners, and their non-combatant wives and children, during a jihad campaign in southern India in the mid 14th century conducted by the Sultan Ghayasuddin:


"All the infidels found in the jungle were taken prisoners; they had stakes sharpened at both ends and made the prisoners carry them on their shoulders. Each was accompanied by his wife and children, and they were thus led to the camp… In the morning, the Hindus who had been made prisoners the day before, were divided into four groups, and each of these was led to one of the four gates of the main enclosure. There they were impaled on the posts they had themselves carried. Afterwards their wives were butchered and tied to the stakes by their hair. The children were massacred on the bosoms of their mothers, and their corpses left there. Then they struck camp and started cutting down trees in another forest, and all the Hindus who were made captive were treated in the same manner." [54]


      Both Turkish and Christian chroniclers provide graphic evidence of the wanton pillage and slaughter of non-combatants following the Ottoman jihad conquest of Constantinople in 1453. First from the Turkish sources:


"Sultan Mehmed (in order to) arouse greater zeal for the way of God issued an order (that the city was to be) plundered. And from all directions they (gazis) came forcefully and violently (to join) the army. They entered the city, they passed the infidels over the sword (i.e. slew them) and…they pillage and looted, they took captive the youths and maidens, and they took their goods and valuables whatever there was of them…" [Urudj] [55]


 "The gazis entered the city, cut off the head of the emperor, captured Kyr Loukas and his family…and they slew the miserable common people…They placed people and families in chains and placed metal rings on their necks. " [Neshri] [56]


      And Vryonis summarizes the key contents of letters sent by Sultan Mehmed himself to various Muslim potentates of the Near East:


"In his letter to the sultan of Egypt, Mehmed writes that his army killed many of the inhabitants, enslaved many others (those that remained), plundered the treasures of the city, ‘cleaned out’ the priests and took over the churches…To the Sherif of Mecca he writes that they killed the ruler of Constantinople, they killed the ‘pagan’ inhabitants and destroyed their houses. The soldiers smashed the crosses, looted the wealth and properties and enslaved their children and youths. ‘They cleared these places of their monkish filth and Christian impurity’…In yet another letter he informs Cihan Shah Mirza of Iran that the inhabitants of the city have become food for the swords and arrows of the gazis; that they plundered their children, possessions and houses; that those men and women who survived the massacre were thrown into chains." [57]


      The Christian sources, include this narrative by Ducas who gathered eyewitness accounts, and visited Constantinople shortly after its conquest:


"(Then) the Turks arrived at the church [the great church of St. Sophia], pillaging, slaughtering, and enslaving. They enslaved all those that survived. They smashed the icons in the church, took their adornments as well as all that was moveable in the church…Those of (the Greeks) who went off to their houses were captured before arriving there. Others upon reaching their houses found them empty of children, wives, and possessions and before (they began) wailing and weeping were themselves bound with their hands behind them. Others coming to their houses and having found their wife and children being led off, were tied and bound with their most beloved…They (the Turks) slew mercilessly all the elderly, both men and women, in (their) homes, who were not able to leave their homes because of illness or old age. The newborn infants were thrown into the streets…And as many of the (Greek) aristocrats and nobles of the officials of the palace that he (Mehmed) ransomed, sending them all to the ‘speculatora’ he executed them. He selected their wives and children, the beautiful daughters and shapely youths and turned them over to the head eunuch to guard them, and the remaining captives he turned over to others to guard over them…And the entire city was to be seen in the tents of the army, and the city lay deserted, naked, mute, having neither form nor beauty." [58]


      And finally from the contemporary 15th century historian Critobulus of Imbros:


"Then a great slaughter occurred of those who happened to be there: some of them were on the streets, for they had already left the houses and were running toward the tumult when they fell unexpectedly on the swords of the soldiers; others were in their own homes and fell victims to the violence of the Janissaries and other soldiers, without any rhyme or reason; others were resisting relying on their own courage; still others were fleeing to the churches and making supplication- men, women, and children, everyone, for there was no quarter given…The soldiers fell on them with anger and great wrath…Now in general they killed so as to frighten all the City, and terrorize and enslave all by the slaughter." [59]


      Remarkably similar descriptions of jihad massacres of non-combatants in both the pre-modern and modern eras have been recorded from Greece and the Balkans, Asia Minor, Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and the Far East (Malaysia and Indonesia). Indeed the 20th century opened and closed with frank jihad genocides- the Armenian genocide committed by the Ottoman Turks during the initial two decades, and the genocide of southern Sudanese Christians and Animists committed by the Arab Muslim Khartoum government during the final two decades.


      Muslim conquerors, spurred on in their missionary zeal by the doctrine of jihad, sought to impose Islamic rule globally, either by conversion of infidels under threat of war, or at minimum, submission to the Shari’a, with acceptance by the vanquished non-Muslim populations of unequal and servile status. This classical conception of indefinitely warring blocs of humanity has been taught continuously, through the present, at the leading centers of Islamic learning for both Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims. Yusuf al-Qaradawi even used such unfettered Medieval terminology (i.e., Dar ul-Harb and Dar ul-Islam) during a 1998 interview about the meeting between the Chief Rabbi of Israel and the Rector of Al Azhar University. Perhaps even more disturbing, "secular" Turkey itself is a signatory to the 1990 Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, a document that incorporates jihad war ideology in its triumphal proclamation that the Shari’a has primacy over the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including the specific statement that God has made the umma (Islamic community) the best nation, whose role is to "guide" humanity. ("The Islamic Shari'ah is the only source of reference for the explanation or clarification of any of the articles of this Declaration"). One must question whether well-intentioned platitudes that ignore or obfuscate Muslim theological-juridical institutions, and the violent history of Islamic jihad, can really offer a pathway to meaningful reform.


      More recently, a prominent Islamic Cleric based in the UK gave an interview to The Sunday Telegraph on 05/08/2004, 5 days after the Beslan Russia massacre of women and children, while promoting a "celebratory" conference in London the following Saturday (9/11) to commemorate the third anniversary of the September 11 attacks. In the interview he indicated he would support hostage-taking at British schools if carried out by terrorists with a just cause. Omar Bakri Mohammed, the spiritual leader of the extremist sect al-Muhajiroun, said that holding women and children hostage would be a reasonable course of action for a Muslim who has suffered under British rule. In the interview, Mr Mohammed said: "If an Iraqi Muslim carried out an attack like that in Britain, it would be justified because Britain has carried out acts of terrorism in Iraq". This learned cleric, I suspect, is fully aware of the jurisprudence cited here and fully aware of the example of Muhammad, and he aspires to follow in his footsteps. The terrorists who massacred the Russian children those first three days of September felt no empathy in their pitiless acts, thinking only of how proud their God and his prophet will be of their sanctified pious acts of murder and mayhem. They fully believe, as do all devoted and learned, that their brutal acts are an offering acceptable to their God that will earn them a place in heaven with the great ones, with their virility increased a hundred fold so they can exercise eternal lust chasing around scores of virgins and boys. The fact that they will be dead, and have no penis with which to copulate, and no sperm to ejaculate, is lost on them. As terrorists die and enter next state of existence, I imagine they go fairly quickly from a state of rapture and delusion, to a state of confusion and frustration, if not severe anguish.

Chapter 17

Beslan, Russia & Islam


      Aside from India and Israel, probably no modern industrialized nation has suffered to the degree that Russians have at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Having held the "Great Satan" title long before it was transferred to the USA, Muslim militants have taken particular glee in tormenting Russians. Muslim sites have posted movies depicting the beheading of Russian soldiers long before such acts became a spectacle to Westerns. What could collectively be described as Russia’s Sept 11th occurred late Aug, 2004, when homicide bombers brought down two commercial airliners, then a suicide bombing targeting commuters in Moscow, followed a few days later by a bloody hostage incident at a school killing hundreds of women and children. On Sept 3rd, 2004, Russians saw up close and personal the spectacle of children being mowed down by automatic fire at School No. 1 in the southern Russian town of Beslan, bringing the nation's worst hostage crisis to a shattering end of gunfire, explosions, …and death. Ten Russian commandos also died trying to prevent the slaughtering frenzy, as crying children tried to flee through the explosions and gunfire, some naked and covered in blood. Though the dead Islamic terrorists will be worshiped with other suicide/homicide extremists in large parts of the Muslim world, only those Russian commandos, with the parents and teachers who also died trying to save the children, will be accepted into heaven for their bravery and good deeds. Worldly praise and worship by peers notwithstanding, the reward waiting for the Muslim cowards for their behavior is not 72 virgins, boys like pearls, mansions, riches, and unbounded food and gluttony. If it takes an eternity, the unbending demands of Justice will be fully satisfied for the horrible Men and Women, and all others remotely culpable for acts against the innocent, divinely created, and loved children of Beslan.


      Sept 1st 2004, a gang of men and women stormed into the secondary school in Beslan (North Ossetia province) during a ceremony to mark the first day of the new school year. According to The New York Times, when the terrorists took over the Russian elementary school, they shouted "Allahu akbar" (Allah is Great). The terrorists had previously stockpiled weapons and explosives at the school in the well-planned operation. In the aftermath a cameraman for the British network ITN reported seeing around 100 bodies in the gymnasium where many of the hostages were held, mostly women and children. Russia's Interfax news agency reported the assault was triggered following several explosions after which panicked hostages made a break for freedom, possibly driven by extreme thirst. The explosions went off as the emergency personnel went to get bodies of people killed early in the raid, as the militants had agreed. As the desperate hostages began to flee, Militants then opened fire and security forces were compelled to returned fire. The Interfax new agency reported some terrorists then split into three groups to blend in with the fleeing hostages and took refuge in a nearby home. The scene around the school was chaotic, with people running through the streets, the wounded carried off on stretchers. An Associated Press reporter saw ambulances speeding by, the windows streaked with blood. Huge columns of smoke billowed from the school, where windows were shattered, part of roof gone and another part charred. Four armed men in civilian clothes ran by, shouting, "A militant ran this way." Soldiers and men in civilian clothes carried children, some naked or clad only in underpants, some covered in blood, to a temporary hospital set up behind an armored personnel carrier. The children drank eagerly from bottles of water given to them once they reached safety. One unidentified woman freed Thursday told Izvestia that during the night children occasionally began to cry, adding: "then the fighters would fire in the air to restore quiet". Prosecutor-General Vladimir Ustinov said 326 hostages were killed and 727 wounded in the attack, with some still unaccounted for. Soon after Beslan, a message attributed to Chechen rebel leader Shamil Basayev was posted on his Kavkaz-Center Web site. In it he proposed to exchange Chechnyan independence for security, threatening more attacks. "…we are not bound by any circumstances or by anybody, and will fight by our rules, as is comfortable and beneficial for us," he wrote. He also put the ultimate blame for the school siege on Putin, and appealed to the world to recognize the righteousness of the Chechen cause.


      Negotiators said the hostage-takers had repeatedly refused offers of food and water throughout the standoff. "They are very cruel people, we are facing a ruthless enemy," said Leonid Roshal, a pediatrician involved in the negotiations. Correspondents say many of those released were desperate for water when they came out, and some were barely able to stand. Many of the children were only partly clothed because of the stifling heat in the gymnasium where they had been held since the militants took the building on Wednesday. By Friday morning conditions were so bad that people could hardly breathe. Hostage Salimat Suleimanova said: "So many children lay unconscious without food and water." Others reported: "Most of kids were almost unconsciousness. Those who could move started to pee into shoes and then drink urine. They would make several sips of urine and then would stop and cry because their lips were chapped and the urine stung their skin."


      Indira Dzetskelova, the mother of one of the child hostages in Beslan, Russia, reports that "several 15-year-old girls were raped by terrorists." Her daughter "heard their terrible cries and screams when those monsters took them away." Her traumatized daughter Dzerase sobbed as she added: "When the assault started, some of us were running out through the school dining room. "The terrorists started to shoot from the roof, then one of them ran into the dining room and started to shoot from the window. "I saw kids and women falling to the ground. And I saw that vermin's face. I saw his smile as he killed my friends." Diana Gadzhieva, 14, was held with her sister Akinba, aged 11. She told how the rebels executed all the adult men in a room upstairs. "We saw groups of men hostages going out and never coming back." Other survivors told how screaming teenage girls were dragged into rooms adjoining the gymnasium where they were being held and raped by their Chechen captors. An 18-month-old baby had been repeatedly stabbed by a black-clad terrorist who had run out of ammunition.


      A just rescued mother described the hostages' three days of hell in the Russian School Gymnasium. She told reporters of the terrorists holding up the corpse of a man just shot dead in front of hundreds of hostages, his pockets stuffed with ammunition and grenades, warning: "If a child utters even a sound, we'll kill another one." When children fainted from lack of sleep, food and water, their masked and camouflaged captors simply sneered. In the intolerable heat of the gym, adults implored children to drink their own urine. Hours after escaping alive, a woman who had been taken hostage with her 7-year-old son and her mother spoke of three days of unspeakable horror of children so wired with fear they couldn't sleep, of captors coolly threatening to kill hostages one by one, of a gymnasium so cramped there was hardly room to move. "We were in complete fear," said Alla Gadieyeva, 24, who spoke to an Associated Press reporter, as she lay collapsed in exhaustion on a stretcher outside a hospital. "People were praying all the time, and those that didn't know how to pray we taught them".


      Alla told reporters that she and her mother, Irina, were in the school courtyard Wednesday seeing off her son, Zaur, on his first day of school when they heard sounds like "balloons popping." She thought the noise was part of school festivities. But then five masked gunmen burst into the courtyard, shooting in the air and ordering people to get inside the building. Children, parents and teachers Alla estimated there were about 1000, were herded into the gymnasium. Alla said children whimpered in fear, and all around there was screaming and crying. The hostages were forced to crouch, their hands folded over their heads. For the rebels, the first order of business was confiscating cell phones. They smashed the phones, then delivered a warning: "If we find any mobile phones, we will shoot 20 people all around you." The gymnasium was quickly transformed into an arsenal of explosive bombs dangling from the ceiling, set on the floor, strung up on walls. She said they seemed to be homemade, primitive packages containing bolts and nails. On the first day, people got a tiny bit of water to drink, but no food. After that, Alla said, nothing. When she asked the rebels for water for her mother, they laughed at her. "My mother was terrified, and I thought she was having a heart attack. When I saw my son, my mother ... go unconscious, so tired, so thirsty, I wanted it all to come to an end," she said. "When children began to faint, they laughed," Alla said. "They were totally indifferent." During the ordeal, Zaur became so traumatized that he would flinch whenever someone touched him, or even brushed by him, she said. As with most of the other children, his only spells of sleep were the times he fell unconscious from thirst and exhaustion. When asked how her son would remember the ordeal, Alla replied: "How can a person ever forget it? Would you ever forget it?" As Alla spoke under a grove of spruce trees, she had not yet been reunited with her mother or son, although authorities confirmed to her that they were alive. She recounted how the hostage-takers eventually took off their masks. They had beards, long hair, and spoke with Chechen accents, she said. "They're not human beings," Alla said. "What they did to us, I can't understand."


      As the battle intensified, the rebels betrayed agitation for the first time. "We'll shoot until our guns stop," a rebel announced to the crowd. "And when our guns stop, we'll blow up the building." The hostage-takers began pushing people out of the gym and into the basement. That created an opening for the hostages: They began breaking windows and fleeing. Some pushed children outside. Alla said she helped her son and mother through a window. She didn't manage to get out. For some reason, a 6-year-old boy whom she didn't know was drawn to Alla. She held him in her arms. He clung to her, she said, "as if he would never let go." A group of hostages, including Alla and the boy, finally made a rush for a set of doors in the gymnasium. As they fled, she saw bodies of captives strewn on the floor as rebels fought with Russian security troops swarming around school compound. Some Russian soldiers appeared as they reached the doors. "At first I didn't believe it," Alla said. "I thought they were Chechens." Her doubts soon vanished. It's OK, the soldiers told her. "You're home now." As Alla told her tale, townspeople kept coming up, asking her about the fate of their loved-ones. A man, around 20, asked Alla if she knew what had happened to one of the captives, a woman. She's dead, Alla replied. The man bit his lip, ...nodded, ...and then turned away. The tragedy and travesty, though thousands of miles away, might just as well have happened at the school in your neighborhood. Those killed and maimed students, parents, and teachers kept for days without water or food in a sweltering school building before being butchered were, in essence, …our children, …our sisters, …our wives, …and our parents!


      Officials told FOX News that 10 of the 31 terrorists killed by Russian soldiers were Arabs. Jihadists from the Middle East are known to have joined the Chechen uprising. Decent human beings feel great outrage at the involvement of the "peaceful" Muslim religion with the mass killings of innocent children, in yet another wake-up call for the civilized world. In Chechnya and other Muslim lands, as in Palestine after Sept 11th, celebrations are ongoing. Many not passing out sweets smile, somehow gaining sick affirmation that the servants/warriors of their private God ‘Allah’ are finding such success destroying infidels. Continuing to practice Al-taqiyya (also called taqiah, Al-takeyya, Al-taqiyah, or kitman), spokespersons speaking in Russian and English condemn the attacks, then in unison raise their fists with the usual Friday chants as Clerics and Imams praise the terrorists as martyrs and call for more Jihad against the ‘decadent’ West. The hypocrisy dripping from the words, as obvious as blood flowing from an open wound to us, can not be seen by any in these primitive cultures steeped in violence. On Sept 7th, President Putin angrily responded to reporters questions regarding possible inquiries and negotiations saying: "Why don't you meet Osama bin Laden, invite him to Brussels or to the White House and engage in talks, ask him what he wants and give it to him so he leaves you in peace?" Putin said in a meeting with foreign journalists late Monday. "You find it possible to set some limitations in your dealings with these bastards, so why should we talk to people who are child-killers?" he said, ruling out a public inquiry into the operation to retake the school. Across Russia's 11 time zones, hundreds of thousands rallied to denounce terrorism, as if such words could have any impact influencing Islamists to abandon methods perfected in 1400 years of Jihad. The Urals city of Yekaterinburg saw its largest-ever public demonstration as 20,000 people took to the streets, while Russian television showed several thousand massing in driving rain in the Pacific port of Vladivostok. At least 100,000 people joined a rally in Moscow bolstering Putin against critics of the authorities' handling of the bloody siege. Putin, in an unprecedented burst of candor told the Russian people, "We were weak, and weak people are beaten." Already, he is reaching out a tentative hand, looking for help from us and from the Israelis, and Israel and the US will generously respond, as long as the much-maligned Israeli Right retains its shaky hold on power, and as long as strong republicans continue to lead us.


      The southern town of Beslan buried more of the 335 people -- half of them children. Every few meters a new grave was being dug or filled with a coffin in a new cemetery created to deal with the deaths. "The whole town is crying, wailing for the pain that can never ease," said Masha, neighbor of four-year-old Rada Solkazanova and her mother Larisa, buried together Tuesday. "Now all people want to do is find their loved ones and bury them. Can you imagine the pain of never knowing what happened and never burying your children?" she added. "They're not people, they're animals," said Assiya, another neighbor. "They call themselves Muslims, but what have they got to do with any kind of religion if they can kill children?". They were the chosen victims of the global Islamic terror network, and all Russia watched in horror, day after day, as they were shot, stabbed, raped, and blown-up, along with their helpless parents and teachers, while other little ones perished in slow agony from thirst, dehydration, and heat stroke inside a Russian school, where the water fountains ran but dying captives were not allowed to drink anything but their own urine. One thing is now clear, not just local Chechens, but also international Islamofascist barbarians with imperial designs carefully planned the attack on the children and mothers of Beslan. The child rapes and executions demonstrate that the operation was planned as a suicide mission from the beginning.


      In the bloody summer of 2004, millions of Russians learned the same hard lessons we learned on September 11: That we are at war with a vicious global enemy, an Islamist enemy that hates not just Jews, but also Secularists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Agnostics, Atheists, Feminists, Liberals, Communists, Republicans, Democrats, and even progressive Muslims. Russians have found that Muslim militants are an enemy that cannot be appeased, bought off, or safely accommodated or supported against others. To prevent having our own heads severed, or those of our children cut off and handed to us, we must unite to cut them down first. Russia must fight with us again, as it did in the 1940s. This time, with a free Poland, a democratic Italy, with England, Australia, the recently liberated states in Eastern Europe, and with Latin America and parts of Asia joined with us, victory is certain. All will retain their God-given liberties, and even Spain, Germany, France, and other weak nations will benefit, but will forever suffer the shame of being on the wrong side of history, and (rightly) suffer in both prestige and prosperity. Middle Eastern and other Islamic countries will be left to suffer and wallow in the despair they have wrought upon themselves and the rest of the world, and will scratch out an existence behind ever growing measures found effective to prevent Islamic ideologies and peoples from further contaminating the civilized world. Muslims in free lands will finally get a real education, and leave the violent tenants of Islam in huge numbers. A coordinated alliance of Russia, Australia, the United States, England, Poland, Italy, Japan, and South Korea will quickly defeat the Imperial designs of Muslim Imams and leaders worldwide. They will do so not with proportionate response, a method of weakness and failure, but with education for all, and unbridled methods of 'total war' where needed, showing no mercy against a foe that shows no mercy to us as they shoot our children in the back, raping, pillaging, torturing, mutilating, beheading, terrorizing innocents gleefully while chanting "Allah Akbar". Al Sadr and his ilk, Osama bin Laden's all, and all who sympathize and worship them as heroes and martyrs, must be wiped from the face of the earth forever.


      The left has pretty much silenced rational discussion of any kind with its knee-jerk over-reaction to anything that might possibly offend any groups’ delicate sensibilities. Now making sensible observations or drawing correct inferences based on pure fact is 'Islamophobic'. Challenging questions are dismissed as "Muslim bashing" or, even more absurdly, as "racist" (as if religion were a race). To smug self-righteous elitists, the rest of the world must forever bow to the ‘Politically-Correct Gods’ and forever put up with Islamic inspired murder without complaint. The Sept 11 commission found faults everywhere, except with any part of pure Islamic religious philosophy and its role in brainwashing those acting or acquiescing in its name. In politics the saying is: "It's the economy, stupid!". While the world pretends that Islam is a non-violent religion, modern and ancient history begs to differ, screaming: "It's the religion, stupid!" The macabre act of Islamic terror in Russia is both immoral and illegal. Article 51 of the Protocols Additional to the Geneva Convention prohibits combatants from using civilians to: "shield military objectives from attacks or to shield, favor or impede military operations." Moreover, the International Criminal Court considers "conscripting or enlisting children under the age of 15 years, or using them to participate actively in hostilities in both international and non-international armed conflicts" to be a war crime. Thus, even if other attacks that deliberately slaughter civilians are excluded from the equation, Islamic terrorist organizations, and the Muslim leaders and lay people (read: the nearly invisible ‘Moderate Muslim’ having no tongue) that tolerate them, are war criminals twice over. It is long past time to unbind the corset of political correctness that suffocates so much of our public discourse, and to state some self-evident truths. How can any human being with a shred of conscience dismiss what occurred in that school as anything less than pure evil, scorned though the word may be by our own elite? At its root, the attack in Beslan was not really about Russia's war against noble separatists in Chechnya fighting for an "Islamic" state. Words like 'separatists', and 'freedom fighters' simply provide the immediate 'feel good' cover words accepted by sympathizers in the media worldwide. In fact the fight is all about simple, profound religious bigotry and the rule of the Caliphate, versus Russian nationalism and territorial integrity and the rule of democratic law based (since the 1990’s) on equality and human rights. Its not about intolerant and undemocratic Russians trying to prevent Chechens from practicing religion or be free, …but it is about intolerant and undemocratic Chechens trying to eliminate all religions but Islam, to conquer and govern the land and enslave infidels. In other words, Russia is fighting the same threat faced by non-Muslims all over the world, with full moral, national, and territorial justification.


Update: Reuters - Aug 26, 2005 - Moscow, Russia - Shamil Basayev, the man behind Russia's Beslan school siege, has been appointed the new first deputy prime minister in Chechnya's outlawed separatist government. Basayev considers Russian civilians legitimate targets and makes common cause with Islamic radicals elsewhere. Basayev has claimed openly that he organized the raid on Beslan, in southern Russia. Russia's most wanted man, he describes himself as "a bad guy, a bandit, a terrorist". He was also behind dozens of other violent acts, often targeting Russian civilians. In an interview aired by U.S. television network ABC News Aug 2005, Basayev said he accepted he was a terrorist but said his violence was justified.





Chapter 18

Persia-Egypt and Islam


      Egyptian and Iranian natives have much more in common than they realize. Hadrat Umar Farooq was the Caliph who succeeded Abu Bakr in 632. Umar’s armies were very active, taking Damascus in 635, Antioch in 636, Jerusalem in 638, Syria in 640. Drunk on conquest and plunder, his armies then completed Islam’s conquest of both Egypt and Persia in 641. Umar’s marauders were especially merciless in their persecutions of the Zoroastrian "heathens and idolaters" of Persia. In the ninth century, the continuing persecutions of surviving Zoroastrians pushed some to migrate to more tolerant lands in Hindu India, where to this day they form a respected minority known as ‘Parsis’. To those unable to escape, the horrors on the Muslim conquest were only exceeded by the next several hundreds of years, as they continued suffering one humiliation after another. One fact not often discussed: conquered natives were periodically forced to give up a portion of their children by kidnap (later by a process known as ‘devshirme’) into slavery. Once taken and converted to Islam, male children 14-20 were trained to be janissaries (infantry men), and then compelled to fight, kill, and subjugate ever more victims. Girls had other ‘duties’. It is a terrible tragedy that these manipulated youngsters grew up knowing nothing of the sorrow and loss their parents experienced at their departure. Neither they nor their progeny understood how they were used, and denied the warmth and love of true family. Islam's followers in Iran and Egypt natives need to develop awareness that their family/spiritual roots and national heritage are truly engendered in Persia and Egypt, NOT in Muhammad and Islam. Muslim conquers killed, burned, and destroyed superior cultures, but still spiritual family ties tug at the hearts and soul of these once great people. An avalanche or pride and healing await these good people as they discover and reunite with their true heritage.


      Today, Islam continues to advertise itself as a religion of peace in an effort to attract the masses, but in the 7th century no such pretenses preceded the armies of Umar. Today Islamic proselyters are seldom disappointed as they continue to count on the general ignorance regarding the fact that Islam and Jihad comprise more a doctrine of war than of peace. Wherever Islamic governments are dominant, it subjugates and suppresses women, even while its apologists present it as the perfect champion of women’s rights. Indeed, Muhammad himself was the worst example of a misogynist, claiming Allah had given him rights to rape innumerable women of conquered peoples, and otherwise basically help himself to any poor girl he took a fancy too, including a 9 year old little girl. While making excuses for such vile behavior, defenders of the Qur’an also claim the book promotes scholarly leaning, when in fact it is filled with nonsensical fantasy usually in direct contradiction to scientific fact. Muslims present Islam as a religion which encourages learning, reminding others that Muhammad said "seek knowledge even if it is China", while at the same time any book of knowledge perceived as contradicting the Qur’an is considered satanic. The direction remains for such heresy to be destroyed forthwith, as was the practice of Muslim marauders since the movements inception. The Royal Library of Alexandria in Egypt, founded at the beginning of the 3rd century during the reign of Ptolemy II, was once the largest in the world, at its peak storing up to 700,000 scrolls. In 640 AD Moslem marauders took the city, and upon learning of "a great library containing all the knowledge of the world" the conquering general asked Khalifa Omar for instructions. Omar is quoted as saying of the Library's holdings, "they will either contradict the Qur’an, in which case they are heresy, or they will agree with it, so they are superfluous", whereupon he ordered the library to be destroyed and the books burnt. Although a cultural travesty and crime against knowledge and learning, at the time the burning scrolls were the least of the worries of the surviving native Egyptians.


      Islam’s methods of war perpetrated great suffering to the ancestors of today’s devout Egyptian Muslims. By 659 AD Egypt was completely conquered and subdued. Islam raped Egypt’s women, killed many of her men, took many slaves, and applied the heavy yoke of Dhimmi to her survivors. Once the greatest civilization in the region, still nothing could match or oppose the fanaticism and brutality of the marauding Islamic hordes. Out of necessity, survivors migrated to Islam. With elders, intellectuals, records, and all opposition obliterated, Egyptians were soon enough oblivious to the facts surrounding their ancestor’s tremendous prior achievements, and of facts surrounding the treatment of their fathers, mothers, and grandfathers in the Jihad which annihilated them. That kind of evil bloodletting does not obliterate the reality of the existence of the murdered, however, their blood still cries from the dust, and will continue to rise up to the heavens until the full measure of justice is served upon those who tortured and killed them and caused their children to live in ignorance. It has been a common tragedy in conquered lands for surviving young to go on ignorantly serving the Islamic masters who slew and subjugated their own parents. All this should serve to give notice to today’s great civilizations …Education, knowledge, even great cultural, scientific, technological, and economic achievements notwithstanding; all can fall to marauding Islam hordes if not dutifully defended.


      Earlier in Persia, the religion was forced upon natives in what is known today as Iran. The invading Arabs raped Persian women, massacred the population, and looted their lands and wealth. They burned all books and permanently destroyed both the cultural/scientific knowledge and written history of the people. The imperative to rape young infidel women is not always well understood outside of Muslim circles. You see, according to Islamic way of understanding, virgin girls get a ‘free-pass’ to heaven. (kind of makes sense in a sick sort of way, really, considering the logistical need to keep innumerable dead martyrs constantly supplied with fresh virgin material). So an underlying sinister intent of Muslim marauders (Jihadists), besides satisfying their lusts in an expression of power and hatred, is through rape to make sure vile infidel woman don’t make it to heaven by denying them their virgin ‘free-pass’.


      Native peoples of Egypt and Persia, remnants of two great civilizations, forever bonded by their mutual experience with Islam about the same time. By design and necessity, most calling themselves Muslims in these lands have been denied even the knowledge of their own ancestry, let alone the particulars of what there female and male ancestors suffered at the hands Islam. These two separate accomplished civilizations were built by a skillful, educated, and hard-working great and proud people. Natives in these lands today unknowingly have many loving ancestors, obviously on the other side of the veil separating the living from the dead, who still care deeply about their progeny. Their grand-parents and other relations from prior generations, speak with one voice from the grave. They are joined by more recent ancestry, who have learned since death that they were lied-to and used, and also had their heritage stolen from them by Islam. Both the living and dead in these lands, especially native Moslems, have more to avenge for the way Islam harms their families today, and has hurt generations of their ancestors in the past. Many more ‘spiritual’ natives feel the cries, as if from the dust, yet are not quite sure how to respond to answer family promptings from the other side. Many sons and daughters still struggling in this life, find their hearts impulsively turning towards their fathers and mothers, as those same lost parents and grandparents hearts feel the tug to reach out across the veil to connect with their heritage. If these feelings and urges were given voice, the words they speak to loved ones are these, …escape Islam, escape hatred, escape violence, become worthy to join loving family in the next life and beyond. Stand true and faithful to your family, to your true heritage, and to your conscience. Offer no more loyalty to that pathologic madman, Muhammad, nor his deceived followers. Be true to your own heart, and your family.  There are no Moslems in the next life, there is no Ummah, there are only brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, truth, and inescapable justice. There is no Qur’an, no celestial sluts to satisfy physical or spiritual lusts, and absolutely no-one worships or respects one certain small withering spirit named Muhammad. That diminutive creature spends all his time wracked with the clear knowledge of his crimes, and avoiding facing his millions of victims.


      Some are beginning to understand that that many of their recent or distant ancestors entered Islam at sword point. As Arab dominance gripped cities and nations, most undoubtedly embraced Islam not only to survive, but to avoid payment of Poll Tax (Jaziya) and escape the humiliation reserved for the non-Muslims living under Arab rulers. Undoubtedly nearly all of those so forced hoped and longed for the opportunity to escape the grip of Islam at the time of their induction, but the grip of Islam on families, neighborhoods, and nations is very tight. Dreams of freedom became sad resignation, and after a generation or two none remember or recite the old hopes and dreams. It’s interesting to take note that much of Islam today is made up from what essentially is a conscripted army. Islamic efforts to make that army tow the official line and become more responsive and obedient warriors (Jihadists) continue to this day. Calls to arms and Jihad seem constantly issued from various sources, and there seems to be a new crop of recently indoctrinated energetic young people ready to answer the call to prove their devotion, and to make teachers and family proud. Properly incited, they depart on their dangerous journeys knowing nothing of the root causes and circumstances of their ancestral parents forced conversions. Their father’s father’s father, an entire previous lineage of many peoples, cry from the dust lamenting the choices of their progeny, but can not speak to hearts filled with the same hatred and blood-lust that first subdued their parents. It is a huge tragedy and travesty spanning generations. An enlightenment, or awakening, is feared and fought against by Islamic fundamentalists as they fight to ensure the continuation of their rightful place as overseers of conquered peoples deliberately and carefully kept in the dark.


      If Islam really were a great and peaceful religion, we might expect peace, prosperity, and enlightenment to break out all over in lands it has subdued and governed for so long. Instead, everywhere Islam goes, all the locals get is poverty, oppression, corruption, murder, rape, and thievery. The facts on the ground confirm this, notwithstanding the vigorous, often threatening denials of Islamists. "How beautiful the Emperors robe", they exclaim, while the rest of the world sees the ugly nakedness of the violent culture consuming all in its path to serve today’s Islamic elite. "Islamophobic bigot!" they scream, as they sharpen their blades and plan their next vile act in the name of their hateful God Allah. Today's Middle East is a region where even words have been systematically corrupted. Dictatorship is called "nationalism", stealing is called "Jizya", terrorism is called "holy war", murder is called "martyrdom", and terrorists have become "insurgents". In truth Islam is a hateful cult all about dominance of the weak, and destruction of anything outside of it's own putrid shell of bigotry. Islam’s shrill rhetoric is dangerous for sure, but the cries from loved ones long lost pierce to the very soul of long lost children. These quiet whisperings offer both sorrow and healing to the children of Egypt and Persia, and are also a force to be reckoned with.

Chapter 19

Islamic Aid (Jizya)


      Many misguided pundits, having no specific knowledge of the philosophy of Islam, continue to attribute the core cause of terrorism to poverty and desperation, proffering the solution of undermining terrorists support base by providing increased aid. They assert that recipients of significant food, material, and cash will experience gratitude and begin to love us, or at least hate us less. Such assumptions are wishful ‘magical’ thinking at its worst. Any review of empirical evidence and history of radical Islam suggests that all such assumptions are delusional if not dangerous. As outlined in Islamic Economics 101, the nature of Islam guarantees inferior prosperity in Islamic nations, which since its inception has inspired only envy, lust, and often sanctimonious plunder. Muslims, convinced of their superiority over non-believers, are incapable of feeling gratitude for that which they sincerely believe is owed to them. Muslims are Masters by divine decree, whereas all dhimmi are slaves whose very lives are at the disposal of their masters. When Moslems find infidels enjoying greater prosperity, influence, or power than themselves, calls for Jihad become louder. This is true even in more affluent Islamic lands punch-drunk on oil wealth. As has been demonstrated in Saudi Arabia, even widespread prosperity does not prevent either Jihad or the creation of terrorists…it simply better funds it. The lack of gratitude we see today from Islamic recipients of massive aid is likely because they view the donations as a Jizya tax, which Muhammad instructs Muslims are fully entitled to.


      When a charitable man knows of a family’s need for food, he will do the neighborly thing and impart of his substance, even delivering it to the doorstep. The giver of aid, by principle, neither asks for nor expects thanks. However, as a practical matter it would be unthinkable to deliver a spaghetti dinner to a neighbor who shoots-up our children as they play. Hungry or not, when a society, government, or culture seeks your destruction, the last thing you want to do is enable that effort. It seems completely irrational to us, but a rationale exists in the minds of devout Muslims that it is proper to teach their youth to hate and seek the destruction of America. The foundation of those attitudes as are instilled into young people by mothers and fathers, religious leaders, school teachers, the media, and by civic organizations and national governments in hostile lands. The root of all prejudice, including the hatred felt by those who hijacked the four aircraft on Sept 11, is first taught in the home. Egyptian Mohamed el-Amir, whose son Mohamed Atta hijacked the first plane that crashed into the World Trade Centre, initially declared that he did not understand how his son could have acted in such a way, claiming he had raised his son to be a good Muslim. More recently his true colors were revealed as he praised his sons actions and declared his intent to support more terrorism. Though it may seem cruel, we need to re-evaluate if we should be providing support to any people pursuing a murderous agenda destructive to democracy.


      Yasin Hassan Omar, the Somali asylum-seeker, is the London Warren Street bomber caught on tape on 7/7/05. Omar shared a flat with the No 26 bus bomber, Ibrahim, who moved in with him 2 years ago. Omar had been getting a 88/week housing benefit to pay for a council property flat since 1999, and also received substantial income support, immigration officials say. So for six years British taxpayers have financed Omar’s preparations to kill to the tune of 27,456 ($47,789) in rent, plus even more in other support. As it turns out all 4 bombers had been the ungrateful recipients of significant ‘welfare’ payments. Apparently violently inclined Muslim immigrants are quite savvy at exploiting such programs.


      The question of personal/foreign aid to hostile peoples/nations needs to be re-addressed within the context of the newly redefined "War on Hateful (Islamic) Ideology". The popular idea promoted by leftists that poverty causes terrorism has been shown in numerous terrorist profiles to be false, yet still the UN repeatedly asks wealthy nations to re-double foreign aid, naming poverty as a cause of terrorism. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has also weighed in saying: "We have to put hope back in the hearts of people. We have to show people who might move in the direction of terrorism that there is a better way". Businessmen like Ted Turner concur, saying: "The reason that the World Trade Center got hit is because there are a lot of people living in abject poverty out there who don't have any hope for a better life". Bush policy has responded by increasing aid to impoverished Muslim peoples worldwide. The vast majority of Palestinians, because of the focus on its people and leadership on terror, live hand to mouth on the ‘charity’ of European, American, and Muslim states. Some argue the entire pseudo-nation are paid mercenaries serving in the cause of Islam.  For our support and subsidy of the people, Americans diplomats were targeted and murdered in the West Bank trying to deliver scholarships to needy Palestinians, and then locals stoned their would-be rescuers. We give nearly $2 billion a year in aid to Egypt, second only to Israel, while its media openly spews anti-American hatred, and which is in fact the Arab epicenter of such pollution. For our investment we have purchased not gratitude, but disrespect. The US and other countries have expended billions trying to rebuild Iraq, while devote Muslim ‘insurgents’ blow up the work as fast as possible killing as many workers as possible. Even before Sept 11th the US had been the largest contributor of humanitarian aid in Afghanistan and other parts of the Islamic world. The Taliban were all-to-willing to accept Western aid to further their efforts, just as the Palestinian Authority is all-too-willing to accept foreign funds in support of its aims. Gullible US/European governments struggle to comply with extortion requests as Palestinians clamor for ever more money, equipment, training, and infrastructure. On Feb 11, 2003, The United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA), asked donating countries for more money to continue its assistance to Palestinians. Its representative, Hansen, said UNRWA exceeded its $400 million budget distributing food parcels, rebuilding houses destroyed by the Israeli military and maintaining emergency clinics for the sick and wounded. It was recently learned than even significant amounts of financial aid provided to Islamic countries affected by the Dec 26 2004 deadly Tsunami have been diverted to terrorist causes.


      Paying subsidies to Islamic states to suspend global Jihad terrorism is tantamount to paying ransom, in effect temporarily buying one’s own peace and security as a ransomed privilege. But according to Osama and his ilk that ‘privilege’ expired long ago and cannot be bought back, which leaves even promoters of such subsidies wondering exactly what it is we are paying for today? With enough money thrown at Islam, is it even possible to put the Jihad Genie back in the bottle? Any who still think so know nothing of Islam and its long love affair with Jihad. Payers continue to live in delusion thinking they can control Jihadists with generosity, whereas in fact extortionists always dictate the terms of such arrangements, with the extorted continuing to have little or no influence. History has demonstrated convincingly that societies who pay such tribute are destined to eventually disappear. Those who pay ransom for peace and security will always find themselves subservient to their new masters. It can never work, because Islamic terrorists hate us because of their ideology, and filling up the coffers of Third World governments and the pockets of their despots and cronies will do nothing to change that central, governing fact.


      Bill Clinton promised and delivered huge sums in economic and humanitarian support to North Korea, including oil shipments, food, and even a light-water nuclear reactor. The American people received in return a piece of paper promising to suspend development of nuclear weapons. That agreement, never honored, has no value except as proof that providing blanket appeasement and aid to hateful regimes is a very unwise thing to do. The policy may yet prove fatal to millions of South Koreans, if not millions of Americans if/when the rogue state delivers one or more device to proxies lusting to set them off in the USA. Today technicians in North Korea still chow down on food provided by free peoples, as they build bombs designed to kill huge numbers of their benefactors. Aid to North Korea still has not, and will not, result in removing the North Korean threat. Instead it will only serve to prop-up the very government responsible for the food shortages.


      Policies of bribery and appeasement are a slippery slope that strengthens an enemy and weakens the giver. In light of current realities, all aid should probably now be qualified to insure none of it will be used, directly or indirectly, to destroy us, or to strengthen in any way militant Islamic societies committed to our destruction.  It’s time to collectively confess that governments that either cannot or will not stop promoting or allowing such hatred are not our allies, are not even neutral, but are in fact belligerents whose enmity should be accepted rather than ignored. State department coddling and financial/humanitarian-aid notwithstanding, nothing we can ever do will make Islamic terrorists love us, we can only make them fear and respect us. We must ask ourselves, does aid given to these people enable the luxury of spending their time planning Jihad, or would the militants and extremists be less anxious to destroy us if circumstances required them to be more actively engaged in their own support?  Would the absence of aid force these able bodied individuals to instead concentrate on legitimate efforts to meet basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing? We must be pragmatic and realize that the first order of business of any society is self-preservation. We must without paranoia see our enemy, Islamic Hatred, clearly with all its roots and support structures, even if part of that structure comes from our own government and other charitable sources of aid.


      To help in raising the standard of living and self sufficiency of others is a noble cause worthy of pursuit, but common sense and self preservation now cry out for re-focusing those efforts toward more worthy recipients less inclined to kill us. Certainly there is no shortage of needy peoples in North, Central, and South American countries, or in Russian and European societies as they struggle to transition to democratic governments and free economies. So how to respond … do we bury Islamic peoples in charity, sympathy, goodwill, and understanding? At issue is whether we should be providing logistical support to any nation where majorities of extreme Muslim people express hatred towards free democratic nations, and wherein organizations exist, drawn from a core anti-American culture, with designs to harm us.


      When the British retook the Falkland Islands, the fact that Argentina had failed miserably to provide for the support of their own forces was an important factor in the decision making process for those beleaguered foot-soldiers to give up the fight, and which ultimately resulted in reducing friendly causalities and expediting the campaign. This is the nature of war. A military siege, by definition, is to force an enemy into submission and capitulation by extreme methods, which outside of war are considered inhumane. Historically, the ‘civilian’ population suffers all kinds of shortages when a government struggles for conquest or its survival by force of arms. Although collateral damage and innocent blood are regrettable and should be avoided, an enemy cannot be allowed to cower behind the protection offered by its own innocent victims. It is incumbent on the peoples who suffer at the hands of repressive and dictatorial leaders who bring nothing but war, despair, and hunger to their own lands, to rise up and depose of the scoundrels. The people who suffer must understand that the solution to the problem is for Muslims to rise up against terrorists in their neighborhoods, including violent Imams preaching hate, and bring real reform to their religion and culture. Humanitarian aid and rebuilding activity is normally considered appropriate after capitulation, because logistical support to an enemy is unthinkable. Yes, it is cruel and brutal, but war is impossible to sanitize to a form palatable to liberal western sensibilities.


      The Red Cross and other international aid organizations did not make humanitarian deliveries to Japan in the period between Pearl Harbor and Japans unconditional surrender, nor to Germany and Hitler. Anyone suggesting that food and monetary aid be sent to Hitler in hopes to influence the reform of Nazism would have been mocked and then sent to the insane asylum. Equivalent outrageous suggestion get a pass today. On Dec 7th 1941 a beleaguered West realized that pacifism meant suicide, and the Sermon on the Mount was temporarily suspended in pursuit of War. During the Cold-War no aid was provided to prop-up communist regimes, which led directly to the downfall of the failed system. On Sept 11th enemies we neither provoked nor sought bring death to us, eating the bread we gave them.


      As we struggle to make sense of September 11 and decide how best to fight Jihadists, it would be instructive to remember the 1801-1805 war that first brought the United States into conflict with Muslim terrorists from countries in the Middle East. The example of the fledgling US government dealings with Muslim terrorist pirates in the late 1700’s operating in North Africa's Barbary Coast (and protected by Muslim nations) demonstrated clearly that paying tribute never works anyway, rather it simply emboldens them to take further action.


      In the late 1700’s it seemed impossible for Muslim states along the Barbary Coast to ignore awkward American merchant vessels, no match for the speedy Muslim corsairs, traveling through the Mediterranean. After the War of Independence, the Royal Navy no longer protected shipping from the rebellious American colonies, and piracy became intolerable. After seizing their cargo and scuttling the vessels, the pirates would ransom the ill-fated seamen, or sell them into slavery. It was a lucrative for the pirates, and the Muslim states also dependant on the plunder. The US responded and sent missions to the Barbary states of Tripoli, Algiers, Morocco and Tunis proposing to pay an annual sum to each of the local Muslim warlords for American vessels protection. The amounts paid were equivalent to the billions paid to Muslim states today.


      By 1801 it became clear that the policy of appeasement had failed. The Pasha of Tripoli along with other Barbary States demanded larger sums, and when they were not offered piracy resumed. America learned its policy of accommodation only encouraged the Barbary brigands to seize more ships and take more captives. Things were to change with the election of Thomas Jefferson, principal architect of the Declaration of Independence, and an outspoken opponent of the practice of tribute. He argued that any policy of appeasement would fail because, "in conveying weakness, it encouraged further treachery". Jefferson's response to the renewed piracy was to dispatch naval forces. Tripoli responded by declaring war on the United States. For the next two years the U.S. Navy conducted running operations against the Barbary pirates. The American battle cry was "millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute". The fighting during those days saw many acts of heroism that established the U.S. Navy as a force to be reckoned with. In an 1805 action (now immortalized in the Marine Corps hymn) the USS Constitution supported the landing of Marines on "the shores of Tripoli". The Americans and their allies destroyed the harbor citadel serving as the headquarters for the pirates. For much of the next decade, American merchant shipping passed unmolested through the Mediterranean. Good policy supported by firm action replaced the foolishness of appeasement, and brought success in America's first war with Middle Eastern terrorism. Let’s not forget that in the end nations paying tribute are neither respected nor left unmolested.

Chapter 20

Spin …The Art of Ignoring the Obvious


      As in all wars, this one is also fought with words. Waged for minds and hearts, propaganda is employed by all sides. It is the age-old struggle for converts to adopt a cause. The stakes are very high, as it the rhetoric and passion of the opposing ideals.


      In any debate, to confuse an opponent, the classical approach is by and through obfuscation, tangential diatribes, and/or classic political spin. The desired effect is to create confusion, to weaken an opponent’s resolve and momentum through diversionary tactics. It is an age-old approach employed when ones own arguments have weak moral or logical foundations. The tactic is often the only option when tasked with presenting an inferior argument, which cannot otherwise be promoted through persuasiveness based on reason, logic, or moral clarity. This method becomes the only viable option because a more progressive concept cannot be beaten by an inferior philosophy without those arguing in behalf of the lower standard first concealing obvious truths in layers of fog. On hearing such rhetoric, a reasonable layperson may detect that there is something wrong with either the message or the delivery, but sufficient time for careful analysis and appropriate response is seldom available, as expediency quickly sweeps both the obvious facts with the muck into the past.


      Once the audience has been so prepared, one can then make suggestions and offer premises that would have otherwise been easily recognized as irrational or unconscionable. When carefully prepared and delivered under the axiom "the bigger the lie, the easier it is for people to swallow", otherwise outlandish suggestions can result in a mental shock effect, which over time can break down resistance. To the masses for which the spin was constructed, the net effect is confusion and the blunting of reasonable responses and actions, as well as more of an inclination to accept the unacceptable, or at least to tolerate the intolerable. Indeed, when not properly recognized and challenged, there is the potential that otherwise good people might eventually accept that good is evil, or that evil means can be sanctified if associated with a seemingly good cause.


      Take the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, for example. Claiming that Israel is the sole instigator and villain in this passionate and tragic play is a tactic designed to hide many truths in plain sight. The weak-minded demonstrate personal failure when they bury their heads in the sand, and are akin to the Germans who "closed their drapes" as the Jews were rounded up. We all see and hear about the things going on in the Middle East every day, yet many continue to hide behind silly libels against the US and Israel to either justify continued support for the Palestinian cause and methods, or to remain silent.


      In a population of 6.3 million, Israel has endured over a hundred suicide bombings. If the same proportion of attacks had occurred in the USA (288 Million people), there would have been 4571 suicide bombings with over 40,000 killed and hundreds of thousands wounded (often maimed for life). The number killed would be the equivalent of twelve ‘Sept-11/Pear-Harbor’ type mega-attacks! Almost everyone would know more than one victim. Pause …and think about it. The reaction of this nation would likely be more severe and violent than the Palestinians have faced to date from all Israeli actions. Without second thoughts or significant dissention, our armies would be given marching orders to destroy everyone suspected of supporting the attacks in any way. Political correctness would yield to the logic of survival and nearly every American would support any and all means necessary to completely ruin individuals, organizations, and governments deemed remotely culpable, with collateral damage of -much- less concern.


      Truth is truth, to the end of reckoning. Spin may distract, but does not diminish her. When "Old Europe" and our own schizophrenic State Department say, "create a Palestinian state, coddle the Saudis, don’t offend anyone", it only serves to embolden despots and their terrorist foot soldiers. When we respond to left-leaning media, our Arab "allies", and the Europeans, we lose moral authority and giving sanctuary and encouragement to despots and terrorists alike. As with the Israelis, our survival and democracy depends on us living with both eyes wide open, willing to do the hard things necessary to protect our children’s future. Islamic extremists, and Palestinians in particular, continually debase themselves as they bask in their hatreds, blood lust, and thirst for revenge. Ongoing anxiety and suffering cries out for intelligent deliberation, judgment, and then effective action. State department coddling and financial / humanitarian-aid notwithstanding, nothing we can ever do will make fascist fanatics love us. We can only make them fear and respect us.


      The world should with unison loudly reject when terrorists weave pure spin claiming violent murderous tactics are a legitimate option in pursuit of freedom and self-determination. In fact they have had, and do have, complete control of their future and far superior options to choose from, but have chosen to surrender that future by engaging in illegal and immoral activities. They have spent their entire allowance pursuing these doomed options, and now claim to be victims when facing the unavoidable consequences of their poor choices. Obfuscation aside, no people have the right to exercise their right to self-determination, if the path they choose in pursuit of the same involves bombing caf’s, night-clubs, busses, targeting women, children, students, simple commuters and pedestrians, and families in their homes. It is the opinion of this author that engaging and supporting such activities disqualifies an individual, culture, even a whole people from normal inherent rights to freedom of movement, association, assembly, self-determination, and self-rule. Palestinian extremists, who appear to enjoy support by the majority of locals, are simply not advanced, mature, or grown-up enough to be trusted with certain freedoms. Current events and past history has proven they will only exercise those freedoms to terrorize, kill and maim. To propose otherwise is to essentially argue to immediately empty all prisons worldwide and to abolish all laws and punishments based on concepts of personal responsibility. And it follows that opposing the rule of law is in fact a proposal for wholesale regression to principals akin to middle-age tribal conquest and rule. While it is heart wrenching to see and hear of the suffering of innocent Palestinian children in the current conflict, yet we must not forget the culpability lies squarely on the shoulders of the parents and leaders who have failed them. The only thing we can do to help them take that necessary first step of real change (accepting personal responsibility for their mistakes and failures), is to expose and resolutely reject the spin they spew to deceive themselves and others.


      Conveniently ignoring the vast majority of official violent passages and verse, promoters acting in the cause of Islam will continue to quote the same oft-repeated minuscule 'goodies' from the Qur’an to tell us the 9-11 episode is not ‘real Islam’. From President George Bush to brother Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) every 'lover' of Islam is using a huge loudspeaker to announce to the world that 'Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. Islam does not preach violence, terrorism, murder, killing, raping, burning, and looting... etc. The terrorists have hijacked peaceful Islam. How very nice those words are. …Islam is the light of the world. The world would surely plunge into a new dark age without the light of Islam... One can’t help wondering why they feel inclined to praise Islam and its works quite so often. Self-praise is no recommendation, and the barrage seems aimed to both reassure themselves and to deceive the uneducated.


      The world asks, why does Islam feel compelled to constantly remind the billions of 'ignorant Kafirs’ that it is a virtuous religion. 'Islam is peaceful' ad infinitum, as if repeating it often enough can alter reality, or perhaps even create truth out of thin air. No other religious organization needs such a huge advertising campaign to deflect criticism. Could it be there is something fundamental amiss with the religion and her followers? Of course not, everything is perfect and glorious with Islam. That great cry form the dust of tens of millions of dead and persecuted is simply the wind. If anything seems amiss with Islam, it is not the fault of the 'best religion' of Allah, but is by sinister design from the evil Jews, the satanic West (Christians), the vile Indians (Hindus) and the repugnant secularists/ freethinkers. In the classical strategy of transference, when challenged they parlay and deflect criticism by accusing the accusers of being guilty of what Islam is itself most guilty of; persecution, misinformation, intolerance, prejudice, and bigotry. Violence and spin, the chief exports of Islam, grows louder daily, yet somewhere in the fog, truth still stands silently and solidly in opposition to the din.

Chapter 21

The Gathering Storm


     To quote Edmund Burke – "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Germany proved this true in 1942 when hundreds of thousands of intelligent, educated, and basically good men said and did nothing, thus failing to slow down or stop the Nazi juggernaught. Today in Islam, hundreds of millions stand silent, allowing men with irrational prejudices and violent inclinations to dominate their cultures, peoples, and children. History repeats itself. Leaders and lay alike seem sympathetic to anti-American Jihad. Before the tide turned in WWII, Germans were also united in their support of "Total War" against non-Germanic peoples. The negative consequences of adopting this philosophy against an adversary capable of waging war were demonstrated to Germans when the Allies struck Hamburg. Casualties reached 42,000, exceeding all British civilian losses. The lesson to the people and culture were painful, but effective. Japanese Imperialists learned the same lesson about the same time. For 60 years, as a people, they have refused to create an offensive military, least some politician is tempted and history repeats itself. To their credit, love for their own children and aspirations for prosperity and happiness were strong enough for them to both recognize the fallacy of earlier actions and beliefs, and to repent. Terrorist/expansionist Islam grossly underestimates the intelligence and survival instincts of its declared enemies (i.e. the non-Muslim world). It assumes that, through strategic use of patience and violence, the toad will not notice nor react in time to the rising temperature of the water. In doing so it insults the intelligence and foolishly ignores the destructive capacity of a peaceful freedom-loving people. Someday it will find that the toad did indeed jump out in time, and further will find that the toad is not a toad at all, but rather a scorpion with a deadly sting.


     Westerners are taught from birth to respect variety in religious beliefs, racial backgrounds, and cultural differences. These same tolerant principals, having led to peace and prosperity for us, are viewed with contempt by many Arab and Asian Islamic tribal cultures. They are viewed as conclusive evidence of Western corruption and weakness. Replacing these concepts are core values where people are taught from birth that blind, fanatical obedience to whatever their local clerics demand is required for their eternal salvation, indeed for their temporal well being as well.


      Islam, by virtue of current popular interpretations of its tenants (and lack of a controlling governing body) renders many average worshipers susceptible to abhorrent suggestions, making it all too easy for common Muslims to become transformed into "terrorists". Justifications for prejudices/intolerance, and demands for fanatical obedience, up to and including the murder of non-Muslims by any means possible, are common. Unless you have been intimately exposed to their culture, one has absolutely no idea of the total and irreversible dedication of the faithful. The ferocity and the depths of their hatreds are insurmountable. My family spent ten years living in Saudi Arabia and traveling to most Arab countries in the region. Most of the younger Muslims we came in contact with seemed irrationally resentful of the West, repeating emotions impressed on them by religious and media figures. Young men are all too anxious to believe any religious leader calling for Jihad over any perceived insult to Islam.


      Understanding fanatical Muslim reasoning requires thinking ‘outside of the box’. One must be prepared to first accept the inconceivable. To many devout Muslims tolerance means something quite different than to the rest of us. Unfortunately, tolerance usually means accepting different degrees of hatred and extremism within their own neighborhoods and amongst their Imams and Clerics. True tolerance toward non-Muslims or ‘Infidels’ is unthinkable, except as required by political necessity, then temporarily employed for appearance sake only (usually as part of a strategy of eventual conquest). This judgment of Muslim culture and thinking seems harsh, but before you call it bigoted to point out Islamic bigotry, examine the facts. Ask yourself, aside from rare carefully crafted rebukes spoken only in English to Western news organizations, where are the ‘peace marches’ in Palestine and protesters against homicide bombers, and other terrorists the non-Muslim world has to contend with? Is there no opposing political party, no differing opinion, or ‘other side’ within Islamic countries in any current or past Arab/Muslim conflicts with any other culture or people on the planet? Surly there must be opposition to Islamic fanaticism, terrorism, and ‘holy war’ solutions proffered in so many conflicts. Pro-Palestinian and anti-Jew protests are present in Tel Aviv, New York, Washington, London, and everywhere. But where are the anti-terrorism / pro-peace protests or the smallest protest against Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades by moderate or left-wing Arabs in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Turkey, Jordan, Indonesia, or Saudi Arabia? The answer is simple; we do not see them, because they do not exist! They do not exist, because their core religious values do not allow opposition. Even most American Muslims have not shown any real revulsion at what is done in Islam’s name, instead they seem unnaturally quiet. Surely this vast quiet is the silence of fear, guilt, or …reverence.


      The problem is certainly not for lack of sensitivity, passion, or the inability to identify injustice, as history has clearly demonstrated the willingness of all Muslims to rally around many causes they see as relevant. Neither are they blind, uneducated, nor unaware of the basic facts relating to current and past terrorist events. The silence and inaction of ‘Moderate Islam’ is due to an overall irreversible and intractable culture prejudiced against non-brothers, and Westerners and Jews in particular. The root of the problem is based in the fact that most do not interpret the violent acts of their extremist ‘brothers’ as too terribly serious of a problem since the victims are, after all, only infidels.


      The superiority many Muslims feel over non-brothers is enshrined in the Qur’an, embedded in Islamic Law, and unquestionably enforced by principalities and governments. It should be emphasized that virtually all Islamic institutions of training propagate this kind of thinking and prejudice. It is either forcefully taught or passively tolerated (with a wink) by the vast majority of religious leaders, pounded in hour after hour, day after day, year after year. As such the religious leaders (and therefore the religion) are the impetus for the hatreds and its destructive results. It would be wrong to say that Islamic militants have lost their way, as what we witness today -is - their way. Further, the nature of Islam does not nurture men like Gandhi, Lincoln, or Martin Luther King …they kill them.


      Societies based on Islamic law can and do discipline, up to death, anyone perceived violating their strict unbending tenants. Your government, where Qur’anic Law is codified into law, will also prosecute and pursue anyone who is perceived to gently or aggressively speak out against Islamic rule, policy, or law. Justifications for prejudices/intolerance, and demands for fanatical obedience are simply a part of common every-day life. Blind acceptance, devout and passionate adherence to every doctrine sanctioned by the local leaders is required. Punishments for expressing or following any more tolerant doctrine are extreme. The consequences are often severe, up to death. Conversion to any other religious doctrine is also punishable by death. This extreme, intolerant social code of right and wrong is also enforced within the home of simple Muslim families. Dissent is simply not an option within families or neighborhoods. Opposition, critical thought, debate of any kind is simply not allowed. It is very much like Gang mentality in that once you’re in …you can’t get out. Today and in recent and distant history, other examples of this type of culture exist. What we are talking about is pure political totalitarianism, unique only in the fact that today it hides behind the guise of, and seeks the protection of, a religion.


      Violence has a mind all its own, and the effect of an individual or people embracing its seductive venom is guaranteed to cause sickening internal malformations and gross external manifestations. Islam amplifies (instead of attenuating) its follower’s feelings of violence towards others. For decades now, Yasser Arafat brainwashed his people with primitive hatred glorifying all its lethal consequences. Revenge and savagery has become bread and butter to them. Palestinian TV, newspapers and books (all PA controlled) have prepared the Palestinian people for nothing but murder, revenge and graphic violence. Arab Media and leaders have stoked Palestinians religious fervor and hatred (Jihad) to such a degree, that it has now reached an extreme fervent level sufficient to override normal reasonable human reaction, reason, and feeling. The enemy fighting the US today is similarly depraved. A spokesman for al Qaeda cheerfully and proudly promises the murder of millions, as quoted in the Arab Newsletter:


"America, with the collaboration of the Jews, is the leader of corruption whether moral, ideological, political or economic corruption. We have the right to kill 4 million Americans — 2 million of them children — and to exile twice as many, and wound and cripple hundreds of thousands."


      Every religious movement calls their dead ‘Martyrs’, but does the God of us all really welcome anyone into paradise who acts to kill in the name of revenge and hatred? Doesn’t it occur to anyone that the guarantees of his/her Cleric may -not- be recognized or respected by an omnipotent and omniscience God, the creator of this earth and all creatures in it (including us lowly kafirs)? From normal human instincts for self-preservation, most reasonable people hope there are no Martyrs in their family, and many for the enemy who seeks our death. Reasonable people are more than willing to postpone inclinations to prematurely leave this earth, completely content to wait as long as possible to find out who is a Martyr, and who is just some stupid dead guy. The fact that Palestinians find it easy to convince their impressionable young to seek Death without question is certainly no indication of a superior religion or philosophy, but rather it is evidence of extreme error in both logic and reason. It speaks volumes that the world has yet to see Arafat, other militant leaders, or the local fire breathing Clerics, strap on an explosive belt, and trod the path they so easily encourage the sons and daughters of their neighbors to tread. The leaders of Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades sent their sons overseas at the start of the Infada, some to study in America and England.


      To all those who have apparently lost the ability to think for themselves, here is a clue… If someone tells your son or daughter to murder themselves and other innocent men, women and children … they are neither your friend, nor particularly religious or ‘holy’ …find better friends! To mothers who encourage their children to murder themselves and others, wake-up! Do not disgrace the sacred institution and role of motherhood and defile the human family. Shame! Neighbors, friends, and governments who encourage and reward such sick degeneracy are not fit to call themselves human, let alone religious. Such people should be sanctioned, not rewarded. The whole-civilized world groans, turning away from the utter depravity of any culture and/or religion engaging in innocent murder and violence for the sake of terror. Islamic militants continually debase themselves as they bask in their hatreds, blood lust, and thirst for revenge. The time for fence sitting is over, and it is indeed by their fruits that they should be judged. Is not the chief export of Palestine terrorism? Are not the fruits of Islam violence, prejudice, ignorance, poverty, misery, and death? When they weave pure spin to the world claiming violent murderous tactics are the only option in their pursuit of freedom and prosperity is it not, on its face, a lie?


      The actions and inaction of Islam are making it increasingly difficult to support unconditional religious tolerance. A thinking man must replace passive tolerance with active opposition when the net result of tolerance results in making a people more susceptible to murder, terror, sorrow, and poverty. Religious tolerance should still be the rule of thumb, unless the religion turns out, in the classical sense, not to be an actual real religion after all. If Islam has otherworldly political aspirations that in reality disqualify it as a peaceful religious organization (i.e. dedicated to improving her followers and harmless to others), then Islam is not simply another religion. Islamic theology prejudices and corrupts the minds and spirits of her victims, and the dangerous doctrine has infected almost the whole body of Islam. The patient is in a very bad state, and there is hardly any reason to hope for any degree of recovery. The prognosis …sadly … is eventual pain and passing, as the world continues to refine her ability to identify the malady and apply the necessary medicine to insure self-preservation, security, and prosperity.


      Against the unthinkable the world is loath to admit, and understanding is digested at a glacial pace. The problem of political Islam is a huge human tragedy currently in the making. The final solution may be larger in scale than any global social/political upheaval experienced to date. Islam, as it is known today, will not disband nor experience some sort of spontaneous intellectual, spiritual, or democratic renaissance. The seeds of conflict and war were planted a long time ago, have been maturing for centuries, and are now fully ripe. To date effective corrective activity has been postponed as the weed deliberately deceives the world saying, "I am not a weed, I am a beautiful peaceful branch of humanity, the victim of every conflict and persecuted in all places". The facts of history show that Islam always acts in this way, until it achieves a demographic proportion necessary to accomplish a military and/or political conquest of her tenders, afterwards subjugating non-believers to pay tribute and remain second-class citizens, if allowed to survive at all. But eventually the world will learn that Islam has no intention of living peaceably with either Israel, nor the rest of the world. All contract and treaties signed with Infidels will continue to be broken, as they have in the past. Islam’s size, her successes of the past, and her current efforts, will eventually be the key to her demise, just as Hitler’s overt ambitions finally woke the world up to the dangers of Nazism. Hopefully, the prospects for Islam continuing her propaganda, deceit, and conquests in the information age, where truths are broadcast from rooftops, are near zero. Time and truth are both arrayed against radical, political Islam, but only if free peoples make wise use of those valuable commodities.


      Though the future looks strewn with trial and sacrifice, and until the day the struggle begins on a large scale, opportunities abound to put our arms around clear-thinking good-hearted Muslims to bring them out from the frenzy. There are many very intelligent families in the Arab/Asian world with good values that can recognize and reject political Islam and racism when presented with the facts and given alternate opportunities to escape and exist peacefully. Education is the key. Not Islamic revisionist history, but clear, real, accurate presentations on the origins, nature, history, and consequences of Islamic fascism all the way back to Muhammad.


      There will always be pockets of extremists, just as today there are still ‘skin-heads’ who still worship Nazi philosophy, but they will eventually be isolated, marginalized, sanctioned, and censured, … finally recognized by all for who and what they really are. Those who should be targeted for enlightenment, are those who will actually flinch when reading the following publication:


The Importance of Jihad as a Means of Destroying ‘Infidel Countries’ August 24, 2002, Article in issue #16 of the online magazine Al-Ansar (affiliated with Al-Qa’ida), a columnist identified as Seif Al-Din Al-Ansari discussed the Qur’anic verse "Allah Will Torture Them [the Infidels] At Your Hands":


The Annihilation of the Infidels is a Divine Decree "Regardless of the norms of ‘humanist’ belief, which sees destroying the infidel countries as a tragedy requiring us to show some conscientious empathy and… an atmosphere of sadness for the loss that is to be caused to human civilization – an approach that does not distinguish between believer and infidel… - I would like to stress that annihilating the infidels is an inarguable fact, as this is the [divine] decree of fate…"


"When the Qur’an places these tortures [to be inflicted on the infidels] in the solid framework of reward and punishment… it seeks to root this predestined fact in the consciousness of the Muslim group, asserting that the infidels will be annihilated, so as to open a window of hope to the Muslim group…"


"Nevertheless, [this divine decree] has become, for some, a tranquilizing pill… When the enemy launches operations of colonialism and destruction, we find that a few [of the Muslims] refrain from entering the battlefield claiming that the elements of the collapse of Western civilization are proliferating [in any event]."


"Their conclusion is indeed true, but the way in which it is presented is misleading, and it is aimed at removing responsibility [to fight the infidels] from the Muslim, with the claim that Allah has already promised to take care of the infidels’ annihilation."


Muslims Must Not Wait Passively for the Divine Decree to Just Happen "…I would like to point out the danger of this analysis, because it… [may] make the Muslims passive and turn [them] into one who does not act to carry out [the commandments] of the religion or to dispel falsehood, but lives always in an atmosphere of passive waiting, that is cloaked – always – by a call to trust in the ability of Allah!!"


"When Allah told us of the certainty of the annihilation of the infidels, He did not do so using ambiguous concepts. He clarified that this would be achieved in one of two ways: by means of a direct act of Allah… or by means of the Muslim group, which would, in accordance with the Islamic commandment, serve as an implement for carrying out [the divine decree], as it is said: ‘…Allah will torture them [the infidels] Himself or at our hands (Qur’an 9:52).’ "


"Yes, perhaps it is predetermined that the infidel country will be annihilated. But [if the believers do not act] this kind of annihilation will never be in favor of the Islamic state. The infidel country will be annihilated in favor of an infidel country like it or even worse than it…"


"Therefore, the belief in ‘annihilating the country of heresy’ [only] opens up for us a window of hope, and sets for us a goal that is in the realm of the possible – but it does not annihilate the infidel country for us, nor does it even affect it!!"


"This is merely a belief, which, if unaccompanied by the words ‘at your hands’ that appear in the Qur’anic verse [9:14, ‘Fight them and Allah will torture them at your hands’] – it will remain in the wonderful realm of ideas that float in the theoretical universe, and is like beautiful dreams that arouse conscientious emotions – yet, when we awake, we find that the infidel country still exists, falsehood is not destroyed [by itself] in favor of the truth, [except when] the truth goes into action…"


"The importance of the human effort to annihilate the infidels… is what Allah sought to teach the Muslims at the Battle of Uhud [625]. Then, there were [Muslims] who thought that because they were right they would most certainly defeat the enemy. The [Muslims] paid a high price for this…"


"By Means of Jihad – Allah Tortures [the Infidels] with Killing" "The question now on the agenda is, how is the torture Allah wants done at our hands to be carried out?… This torture will not, in any way, be carried out by means of preaching [Da’wa], because preaching is activity of exposure, aimed at clarifying the truth in a way that makes it more easily acceptable. Preaching has nothing to do with torture; Jihad is the way of torturing [the infidels] at our hands." "By means of Jihad, Allah tortures them with killing; by means of Jihad, Allah tortures them with injury; by means of Jihad, Allah tortures them with loss of property; by means of Jihad, Allah tortures them with loss of ruling. Allah tortures them by means of Jihad – that is, with heated war that draws its fire from the military front…"


"The Tortures Will Bring the Infidels to the Path of Righteousness" "Material power is [to be] confronted with material power, and ideological power is [to be] confronted with ideological power… It would be idiocy to rely on the power of the truth in the face of F-16s. Allah is capable of destroying His enemy without anyone’s mediation and without anyone’s help, as His capability is absolute and unsurpassed. In spite of all the characteristics of power at their command, these infidel states are no more than a handful of creatures on the speck of dust called Planet Earth… [But] Jihad serves as a trial by suffering for the Muslims by means of the infidels, and for the infidels by means of the Muslims." "The Muslims’ trial by suffering is manifested in Jihad’s being the instrument by which it is possible to differentiate between the believers and the hypocrites… The infidels’ trial by suffering is manifested in Jihad being an exemplary lesson in values, delivered by a group of the pioneers of the Islamic nation, in a practical presentation"


"Many of the infidels will be shocked; their emotional entity will be shaken; and perhaps some of them will repent and learn their lesson. In addition, Jihad is a means of defeating them, and perhaps by means of this victory… the tortures will bring them back to the path of righteousness…"

Chapter 22

Seeds of Armageddon


      As events continue to unfold, and despite the political leanings of mainstream media, the heart of terrorists and all their supporters and sympathizers continue to be exposed. Special attention should be given to the plight faced by Israelis today at the hands of Muslims. Many Christians are very concerned about the events occurring in Israel for all the usual humanitarian reasons, but also for reasons not always understood by either Muslims or Jews. Of course the educated understand what Palestinians mean when they repeat the well known saying "Saturday people first, Sunday people next". But additionally, in accordance with prophecies in John’s ‘Book of Revelations’, some fear that what we are witnessing is the groundwork for the prophecies relating to the last days and Armageddon, while others think that Islam may be that ‘Great and Terrible Church’ referenced therein.


      Whatever the future may hold, the present condition on the ground is untenable, as the Muslim leaders do everything they can to encourage terrorist strikes, and nothing to stop them. The root of the problem for Palestinians is they do not see the extremists amongst them acting badly as a great problem as the victims are, after all, only infidels. For the West, it is easy to diagnose such incorrect perceptions and attitudes as thinking errors, and so the solution becomes obvious. It would be prudent at this point to embark on a worldwide education program to teach all Muslims nations and peoples to think independently and critically. Unfortunately, the problem is not quite so easily solved, because within their own culture they do not see thirsting for blood and revenge as a character flaw, but rather they worship and reward the concepts when it is directed toward infidels. Additionally, all institutions of training and schooling are the very religious institutions that led to their current state of self-defeatist thinking. In Pakistani religious schools called the Haqqania madrasa, Osama bin Laden is a hero, Taliban's leaders are famous alumnus, terrorist suicide bombers are worshiped and eulogized as martyrs, and follow-on generations of mujahedeen are being conditioned and militantly groomed. The curriculum centers on the memorization and interpretation of the Qur’an (Koran) and the Hadith. Similar curriculums are taught in Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere. It should be emphasized that virtually all Islamic schools propagate this prejudice. The superiority Muslims feel over non-brothers is enshrined in the Qur’an, embedded in Islamic Law, and unquestionably enforced by principalities and governments. Any effort to teach their youth non-Muslim concepts would be violently opposed. Conversion to any other doctrine or religion will remain punishable by death, just like Mafia or Gang mentality. Once you’re in you can’t get out …your own family is sometimes required hunt you down and apply punishment.


      June 23rd, 2003 marked 1000 days of conflict, with over 100 homicide bombings. In the current Infada, Palestinians have also carried out hundreds of other attacks aimed at ordinary civilians, killing over 900 and wounding thousands in a nation of 6.3 million people. Yet it was recently reported again that the Israeli West Bank offensive (and re-occupation), which caused and fueled Arab rage. For some strange reason, Palestinians and their supporters do not seem to be able to associate the incursions with the earlier string of suicide attacks coming from elements within the occupied territories. To the Palestinian media and people, all subsequent Israeli Military and Police actions have been undeserved and completely unprovoked. This is the literal state of mind to these people. A clearer picture of what is happening inside the mind of Palestinians goes something like this; ‘The terrorist bombings and killings have no bearing on the matter, because after all, they are only Jews, and any act against them is warranted by divine decree. As such they really don’t matter, any more than the daily killings of cows and chickens at the slaughterhouse matter. On the other hand there is no such thing as justifiable acts against brothers by Jews and Infidels.’ The UN International Court seems to agree with this premise, and has further discredited itself in the July 2004 ruling that the protective wall being built to keep terrorists from slaughtering Israelis is ‘illegal’.


      Meanwhile, back in reality, the unwritten commentaries and absence of rage toward those carrying out the suicide murder missions -prior- to the offensive, or for that matter toward Bin-laden or Sept 11, confuse Westerners. The image of jubilant celebration after 9/11 by so many Palestinian revelers in the West Bank and Gaza are forever burned into the minds of cognizant Americans. So before we judge the responses of Israel to repeated gross attacks against her people, we should consider they have seen these sorts of celebrations after every terrorist act for decades, which are also engraved in the memories of the people and policy makers in Israel.


      Lynch mob mentality has now completely taken over the hearts and minds of these poorly led people. There is also the correct perception amongst themselves that dissent is even less tolerated, evidenced by the murder of dozens of their own perceived to have collaborated with the enemy (about five dozen known as of this writing). So it is that on the Palestinian side, hatred, thirst for revenge, or outright fear of vigilantes is what is driving the conflict. What is not spoken of in our supposedly balanced media, is the fact that the evidence of collaboration of their own citizens could be as harmless as a personal phone call or communiqu with a previous non-Arab friend or associate, or any expression of sympathy toward Israelis or opposition to violent groups, the same groups who in the end murdered them for being different. The extremists ensure the lessons are not being lost on average Palestinian families, as they execute the ‘collaborator’ in the most public way possible for maximum effect. Do not expect to see anyone with a ‘Martin Luther King’ type message of permanent peace stumping anytime soon, as even a suggestion of non-support of the policies and practices of their leaders can be in itself a death sentence.
Internally, debate is confined as to where and how to strike Israeli interests next, if a temporary truce would be helpful, and whether, when, and where to attack American interests.


      So how should Israel respond to the scourge of terrorist bombers? Empirical evidence abounds that all responses to date have been ineffective in stopping the threat and deployment of terrorist bombing strategies On Oct 5th, 2003 a female homicide bomber detonated a bomb in a popular Haifa Caf killing 19, including several children, and wounded over 60. Israel responded by sending in warplanes to attack an empty Syrian camp used to train the Hezbollah. Syria’s immediate response was to complain that the action was an escalation and act of war, which ‘broke the rules of the game’. In case you missed it, these are the rules of the game, which Syria and other terrorist sponsors want Israel to play by:


         Israel can employ all the security measures it wants and play cat and mouse to try to catch the minions we send against you, have fun!


         Israel may try to catch the terrorists and factories in military incursions and raids into the west bank or Gaza, but if you do we have the right to deploy Rule #3.


         If Israelis respond by going into Arab territories, we may shoot at you from behind women and children, from simple homes, mosques and schools, and you may not respond. We also have the right to lay claim to such actions as full justification, providing blanket political coverage for both our initial and all subsequent terrorist envoys we send against you.


         Israel is not allowed to strike at the ‘elected’ ‘democratic’ popular individuals or governments who hide, support, fund, supply, train, outfit, or transport terrorists.


         Since Israel (like nearly every nation) is demographically at a huge disadvantage in a war of attrition, Israel must continue the debate of ‘how to respond’ forever, thus allowing causalities at approximately current or better ratios. The principal of ‘proportionate response’ must be strictly adhered to.


      First, we need to demystify suicide terrorism and see it for what it is. It’s not about the beliefs or personality of the fanatic carrying the bomb, rather it’s all about the people behind him, the true terrorists. Therefore suicide terrorists are not some other breed of men, unsusceptible to the usual tools of war and statecraft. Those responsible are still alive, reachable, and perhaps even teachable. The first thing that needs to change is that all democracies, including Israel, need to strictly institute policies to deny the handlers their hoped for political prizes and concessions. If we make sure that suicide terrorism does not pay, it will surely begin to lose much of its luster. Offering autonomy or eventual statehood in response to terrorism is a huge mistake and feeds grass roots support of terrorist methods. But to simply deny the true terrorists, the handlers and supporters their spoils, does not go nearly far enough. Indeed it would require withstanding a number of years of attacks without the previous rewards to educate the instigators and convince them to choose another path. That is not a politically survivable option for endangered democracies (i.e. to only change our response to terrorist acts by hanging tough and waiting long enough for these people to get a clue). Political prize or no, handlers and their leaders would love to be allowed to continue their practices unmolested, thereby weakening and attriting their enemies peoples, economies, cultures and governments.


      In any contest, the first rule of victory is to fight on your own terms and not your opponents. Israel has too long been fighting a serious political and military conflict constrained by an international thought police more adept at narcissistic judgment than rational thinking. Israel has been fighting the battle on the terms directed and dictated by the propaganda machines of many Islamic and even some Christian countries that have, to put it mildly, an agenda unfriendly towards Israel. At this moment in history, the notion to reward the Palestinian Authority with a ‘State’ is catastrophically stupid. It would prove that it works to blow up bus riders and Bat Mitzvah girls, and would place all peace loving peoples and democratic cultures hostage to such tactics. Christians everywhere should become familiar with this slogan known to all Palestinians: ‘Saturday people first and Sunday people next’. What it means is if Israel and the Jewish people were ever defeated, Christians in Palestine will be next. From recent events, that should be obvious. By lending moral and political support to Palestinian leaders, Christian leaders abet their own people’s demise in 'Palestine'.


      The normal reaction by victims after experiencing death and destruction from a terrorist suicide/homicide bomber is rage toward the individual(s) perpetrating the attack. Those feelings are mixed with frustration upon realization that immediate justice and closure is not attainable because the vile person who carried out the evil act is already dead! Then to add to that frustration and anxiety, we are told by that deterrence is impossible against the kind of religious wackos intent on suicide attacks. How inexplicable are their behaviors and astonishing their commitment! That is true when speaking of brainwashed carriers and detonators of bombs aimed at innocents, but one must remember that those carrying out the acts have neither the smarts nor the means to conceive and carry out their acts alone. These are not the brightest and best from the world of Islam; they are simple pawns in a much larger game. They are murderous, inhumane, and despicable for sure … but the ideas, suggestions, tactics, goals, and plans originate from someone else. As such, the vast majority of suicide attacks are not really primarily the work of psychos, nor are they the random and unpredictable acts of fanatics.


      It’s an absolute fact that free societies, if they are to remain free and open, will never be able to stop all deranged zealots loaded with explosives or other weapons from carrying out their heinous crimes against innocents. On the other hand it seems likely we may find success deterring the handlers, financers, and supporters of the maniacs, because they are people who do -not- intend to die for their cause. The handlers and state sponsors are not interested in sacrificing their own children nor themselves to advance their agenda, they are only interested in exploiting other people’s sons and daughters to serve the specific political/religious cause they ascribe to. It is certainly an act of wanton cruelty, but carried out for reasons known and understood more by the handlers than the hapless bombers themselves. Those sending the young bombers have so far been successful in hiding behind them to escape responsibility and consequences, but we must remember that all suicide bombers are simply the brainwashed witless tools of the individuals sending them. The silly deceptive argument offered by bleeding heart liberals who claim that they are individual acts of desperation by the dispossessed is patently false, if not deliberately deceptive. Having handed over the last measure of individuality and sane judgment to a handler, the psychology of the individual suicide terrorist is indeed incomprehensible, but this is not the case of those who recruit, train, outfit, and send them to their deeds. Suicide terrorist handlers are not so eager to die, and there is reason to hope that effective deterrence is possible if it were consistently and forcefully applied against the true source of the suicide threat.


      It is notable that the response most hated by the handlers is the targeted operations against their leadership. The other response by the Israelis, which is producing shrill complaints, is the activity surrounding the security fence construction. Do these actions, combined with a continuation of previously applied consequences and pressures, have potential to convince the Palestinian people to stop their terror culture? By the level of complaining and crying, it seems that to take the war to the leaders of terror organizations may have more effect than all closures, incursions, and home demolitions ever did. But unfortunately both actions are still unlikely to produce a level of pain likely to make the opposition cry ‘uncle’ and change its tactics. This is because of three reasons: 1) there seems to be an unlimited supply of zealots (a zeal inspired by the pure hate from pure Islam) anxious to push a button killing themselves along with scores of Israelis; 2) It will be too easy for handlers and supporters to hide from effective military targeting, and; 3) The fence can not fully protect Israelis against a determined enemy.


      It seems safe to say that amongst Palestinians in power there has been no serious debate concerning abolishing terrorism as a tactic. Before the handlers will even consider terminating their practices, there must be the threat of personal consequences that have hitherto been largely absent. It’s time to take off the kid gloves, and start going after all those responsible and culpable. Its time we stop allowing the truly evil men and women to continue their murderous ways as they hide behind their own neighbors, their young children, their women, and their religion. As brutal as it may sound, all those used as cover to shield them or hide them also need to be held accountable for not recognizing and eradicating the depravity from amongst them. These policies and practices do not happen in a vacuum, scores are involved. The acts perpetrated against innocents by terrorists are certainly acts of ‘total war’ by one people against all people, institutions, and governments they target. Its past time that each and every terrorist attack or bombing is recognized and considered for what it is, … an individual act of "total war". As much or more than a barrage of artillery or a bombing run by uniformed hostile forces.


      In total war, victory goes to the party most effective in convincing the opposing party that surrender is preferable to a continuation of hostilities. Given their history, it may now be time for Palestinians to be force-fed a diet of sorrow until they come to the same conclusion the German and Japanese did in WWII. Survivalists will only force the end to the terrorist activities springing up from amongst them when made to pay a terrible price.


      If allowed to continue, the current war of attrition and international propaganda will eventually culminate in the end of Israel, as she cannot compete with Palestinians demographically. War is terrible, horrible, and evil, but in fact it would not be that much worse than the current standard of fear and living of ordinary Israelis. Only a foolish nation would refuse to recognize and respond to war declared and instigated against them. To avoid war in the first place is preferable. But once started, for any war to actually end, full engagement must start. Both parties must risk all and throw their futures and fortunes into the conflict. To refuse to fight a people and culture who are mobilized and intent on destroying you is to guarantee your own eventual extinction. The Jews of Europe were marched into the ovens unarmed and helpless in the previous century, it remains to be seen if they will, out of aversion to war and fear of international opinion, continue to march into the ovens in this century fully armed.


      Personally I would not march peacefully into the ovens, any more than 9/11 United Flight 93 Passenger Todd Beamer and his associates did. As the bombing victims continue to mount, many are left wondering how the people of Israel can possibly continue to live with such neighbors. You have to admire the Israeli people for their patience, faith, hope, and restraint up to a point. But as history continues to repeat it self over and over again, one can’t help but think that wisdom has now left their leadership. It is the true mark of national insanity to continue to repeat policies and actions yet expect different results to suddenly, spontaneously appear.


      The prospect of sudden enlightenment leading to a spontaneous renaissance resulting in termination of terrorist activities by the Palestinians themselves is at or near zero. Israel still faces a growing terrorist threat, primarily because they ascribe to policies of measured response and increased security measures. The only thing these limited responses have proven to date is that weakness emboldens the handlers and supporters of terrorists. Most Palestinians truly believe that there are no innocents amongst the Jews, and feel little to no sympathy for the women and children killed and maimed to date. The Jews need to realize that (aside from the very young not yet brainwashed) there are few amongst the residents of the West Bank and Gaza who do not have murderous thoughts towards their neighbor. Every terrorist is still worshiped as a martyr and saint, and has been for decades.


      This enemy the US faces today has the same face, heart, mind, and intent as the one Israel faces. Any notion that the U.S. response to the daily suicide/murders in Israel should be to reward the Palestinian Authority with a state … is catastrophically stupid. As a recent poll showed, the majority of Palestinian people are fighting not to establish the state of ‘Palestine’, but to "eliminate Israel". There may have been a time when most Palestinians truly wanted a separate state and to live in peace with their Israeli neighbors, … but time has proven that Mr. Arafat never, ever did. While accepting aid, Nobel peace prizes, and red carpets from governments around the world, he has remade the Palestinians in his own terrorist image. The Oslo Accords, crafted by nave well-meaning State Department officials in 1993, have proven to be a complete failure (18,000 terrorist attacks including 270 suicide bombings since then). The State Department, unable to reconcile fact with Oslo fantasy, continues to churn out variants of the same thinking. But the Palestinians continue to choose conflict and despair over autonomy or statehood as fatah (the violent conquest of Israel) continues to be the chosen path, despite mounting evidence of its inherit hopelessness and failure.


      It has been a long intellectual and moral path to finally arrive at an inescapable and very distasteful conclusion; that before it can possibly all end, the poorly led Palestinian people with their murderous intents will likely need to be forced at bayonet point to abandon their despicable actions and to kick out or jail the murders from amongst them. The same is true for all Islamic militants everywhere who practice terrorism for political gain. Osama and his ilk (read: sympathetic governments, cultures, societies, friends, financiers, enablers and, yes, even families) will never voluntarily change their tactics; they can only be beaten into submission or swept away. To criticize Israeli responses to attacks on her, is to join Palestinian leaders and their deranged supporters against all that we value the most. Most thinking Americans are disgusted with shortsighted criticism by Arab and some European countries to actions the US has taken against terrorists and their enablers in Afghanistan and Iraq. We should not adopt that same pose against Israel when she does the same thing, for the same reasons, against the same enemy.


Note: In a recent article for The American Political Science Review, Robert Pape rigorously researched every suicide-terrorist attack in the world from 1980 to 2001 from Lebanon, the West Bank, Sri Lanka, Chechnya, India, Turkey and points between. He shows how suicide terrorism operates, and why it became a growth industry over the last several decades. His work dispels the widespread notion that suicide terrorism is incomprehensible and without possible remedy. One of Pape’s most important finding is that suicide terrorism is guided by clearly identifiable strategic goals. Suicide terrorism occurs in clusters, and it is nearly always deployed as part of a larger political-military campaign, carefully calibrated to accomplish the political goals of nationalists groups. Of suicide-terrorist strikes from 1980 to 2001, a whopping 95 percent were undertaken as part of an organized political campaign, and interestingly every suicide attack in the period under study was launched against a democracy. Hezbollah used this weapon to force the United States and France from Lebanon in 1983; Hezbollah and Hamas have used it repeatedly to force concessions from Israel; Tamil terrorists have used it against the Sri Lankan government; the Kurds against Turkey; the Chechen rebels against Russia; the Kashmir rebels against India. This is an extraordinarily important finding. Clearly, the terrorists have reached certain conclusions about democratic regimes. They think we are "soft," and they surmise that democracies in particular are vulnerable to nihilistic coercion. Sadly in this regard terrorists are not entirely wrong, for another pattern Pape unearths is that suicide terrorism against democracies is largely effective. It is also more destructive than regular terrorism –from 1980 to 2001 suicide attacks made up 3 percent of total terrorist attacks but produced 45 percent of all casualties (and that’s not counting the carnage of September 11). Moreover, of the eleven separate major suicide campaigns from 1980 to 2001, six produced significant policy changes by the target state toward the terrorists’ major political goals. So suicide terrorism more often than not achieves its strategic goals, which bodes ill for the future of democracy and free western societies in general.

Chapter 23

Roots of Today’s Campaign


      To fully comprehend the present, we must first know the past in some detail. Nothing makes sense when taken out of context, and the ‘War on Terror’ is no exception. Following its inception and the conquest of Arabia, the 7th-century "breakout" of Islam led to the rapid conquest of North Africa, the invasion and virtual conquest of Spain, and even a thrust into France that carried the crescent to the gates of Paris. It took half a millennium of re-conquest to expel the Muslims from Western Europe with the Crusades. The Crusades, as it happened, fatally weakened the Greek Orthodox Byzantine Empire, the main barrier to the spread of Islam into southeast and central Europe. As a result of the fall of Constantinople to the ultra-militant Ottoman Sultans, Islam took over the entire Balkans, and was threatening to capture Vienna and move into the heart of Europe as recently as the 1680s.


      This multi-millennial struggle continues today in a variety of ways. The recent conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo were largely a savage reaction by the Orthodox Christians of Serbia to the spread of Islam in their historic heartland, chiefly by virtue of illegal immigration and a higher birthrate. Indeed, in the West, the battle has been largely demographic, though it may at any time take a more militant turn. Muslims from the Balkans and North Africa are surging over established frontiers on a huge scale, rather as the pressure of the eastern tribes brought about the collapse of the Roman Empire of the West in the 4th and 5th centuries A.D. The number of Muslims penetrating and settling in Europe is now beyond computation (because many if not most of them are illegal). They are getting into Spain and Italy in such numbers that, should present trends continue, both these traditionally Catholic countries will become majority Moslem during the 21st century. As they begin to dominate those democracies and control the levers of government, peoples there will at some point be facing the same choices endured by so many … flight, fight, or convert.


      As has been outlined carefully herein, what we call the ‘War on Terror’ is simply a continuance …a modern extension of Islamic practices in play since Muhammad began his initial military conquests. But the active targeting of the Americas is a relatively new phenomenon for the people of this country. Today we seem to be ignoring other countries that sponsored and support terrorism as we focus mainly on Iraq. But since the demise of the Taliban and Saddam, Iran has emerged as the main keystone of the terror network. The widespread terrorism and political demonstrations in Iraq since Saddam’s capture have less to do with the shattered Baathist regime than terrorist elements from abroad. American officials on the ground in Iraq have seen abundant evidence of Iranian support for terrorist operations. The war against us in Iraq and Afghanistan is now guided, funded, and armed by tyrannical regimes in Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. Our forces in Iraq will remain under attack so long as the tyrannical regimes in Damascus, Riyadh, and Tehran are left free to kill embattled Iraqis, our allies, and us. Prior to the liberation of Iraq, Syrian President Bashar Assad made no secret of his intentions when he publicly called for a "Lebanon strategy to be implemented." In August, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah (head of Hezbollah) called for the entire Muslim world to join in Jihad against Americans in Iraq. Iranian leaders and Saudi clerics have also denounced the American actions in Iraq and joined the call for Jihad. The terror masters will not limit their Jihad to Iraq. Late last month, the Iranian newspaper Jomhuri-ye Eslami published an open call to the Egyptian people to assassinate President Hosni Mubarak. Pakistan’s Musharraf has been repeatedly targeted for assassination. Turkish authorities captured one of the organizers of the suicide bombings in Istanbul last December as he was trying to cross the border into Iran, and it is now generally acknowledged that top al Qaeda figures (including bin Laden, Zawahiri, and Zarkawi) have long stayed in and operated from Iranian territory. While Iraq is the current front-line, the real war extends far beyond its borders. Policy makers and the general public still seem reluctant to connect the dots and face the fact that this war is an existential struggle against worldwide Militant Islam. By becoming overly obsessed with the re-election and Iraq, the ‘War on Terror’ is being unnecessarily extended and our forces and citizens are needlessly put at risk, whereas our enemies self-impose no such constraints.


      For some time now, at least the last century, there has been a worldwide struggle for the soul of Islam between the preachers of hate and the less numerous preachers of peace. Unfortunately, the preachers of hate are currently winning decisively. In fact the war of ideas occurring within Islamic cultures has already been won in the most populous Islamic lands, and cleaning up loose ends like Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi will take place in due time. State-appointed clerics throughout the Middle East are preaching to the faithful that it is their "duty" to murder Jews, because Jews are "rejected" by God, who turned them into "monkeys and pigs". There is no hope for people like Ebadi re-creating Islam or convincing large numbers to divorce itself from dependencies on violence and Jihad. Their scripture is considered final and immutable, but if it were edited to remove sections supporting or calling for violent or forceful methods of conversion and conquest, there would be little left. In large parts of the world Ebadi represents more a fringe minority than a majority, and she and others so inclined continue to face mortal danger for such heretic views which are indeed in opposition to true Islam and the example of their esteemed prophet.


      While perhaps most Muslims here are peace-loving people wanting to "live together in peace and harmony" with those of other beliefs, the question that must be answered is: Are these Muslims for peace because of Islam or in spite of Islam? The fact will remain that Muslims are saddled with a system that has a spiritual force behind it, with violence firmly planted as a systemic root. In the end it is inescapable that to be a Muslim is to be aligned with the same spirit that choked and influenced Muhammad in the cave, that caused Muhammad to wage war and massacre those who rejected him, and that caused Muhammad to teach his followers that it is an unalterable eternal imperative to continue to do the same. To truly reject militant Islam is to reject Muhammad and much of what he taught, and such a choice offers only mortal peril to Muslims so inclined.


      Most people think that the ‘War on Terror’ began Sept 11th, and as far as our active participation in the conflict they are partially right, but in the larger view such thinking is nave. 1979 is when the shah of Iran fell, and the Saudi royal family, out of greed and fear, capitulated to pressures and started financing the worldwide expansion of militant Wahhabi Islam. These two key events represent the foundation and beginning of the current Jihadic movement launched against the West by militant Islam. Not long afterwards, Islam fired the first volley to initiate a new campaign against the West in Lebanon, which is in reality just the latest in its ongoing multi-millennial campaigns to spread its ideas through the sword of Jihad.


      Lebanon was once the most progressive, free, and most democratic state in the Arab world, but quickly thereafter fell into civil war, with conflicts arising out of ideological differences, pushed from behind by newly empowered Islamists inspired by Wahhabi preaching and funding from Syria and Iran. In Syrian-occupied Lebanon, Hezbollah Islamists were battling moderate Arab Muslims, Arab Christians, and internationalists who had once found Lebanon to be a safe and congenial place. Unfortunately, if not predictably, the Hezbollah Shiite terrorist group had no interest in compromise or peace. Hezbollah was determined and eventually successful in seizing control of Lebanon and subjugating all local Arabs who opposed them. When challenged they drove the Americans out in a brutal attack on marines asleep in their barracks, massacring 241 of them. As we collected our dead and went home, none realized how that retreat would embolden the terrorists. But Islamic terrorists everywhere remember it well, and still celebrate it as a great first victory for their side against America and proof that their God is behind them. Our retreat reaffirmed their faith and reassured them that eventual victory is assured even against the better-equipped American military. Their belief that America is a paper tiger was reinforced again and again in subsequent years, most dramatically in Somalia.


      Still most Americans did not then connect the dots, failing to grasp the fact that we were already in a low-grade war; until al Qaeda Sunni copycat terrorists mounted its attack on September 11. Afterwards, most of us understood that war was indeed upon us, but many still struggle to connect all the dots, failing to recognize the source of the true threat and the more recent origins of the current Jihad declared against us. Fewer still understand how our own missteps of the past have encouraged and animated terrorists worldwide. We have tended to focus exclusively on the threat from al Qaeda and its offshoots, forgetting Hezbollah altogether or seeing it only as a menace only to Israel. In Afghanistan, we deposed al Qaeda and its Taliban allies, scattering terrorist forces. But meanwhile, the terrorists who ruined Lebanon, murdered our sons, and drove us out still strut about free and unafraid, ruling openly. Hezbollah has big, secure bases in Lebanon and Syria, is hurting our efforts to stabilize Iraq, and is expanding its global reach to places like the tri-border region of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil. It is a much larger and more formidable foe than Al-Qaeda, and has been killing Americans for much longer. One hopes that planners in the US military realize that its past time to make Hezbollah and all its admirers understand that there are no exceptions to the new rule stated so eloquently by George Bush: "If you attack Americans, America will bring you to justice, or bring justice to you."


      When Osama makes good on his promise to attack ‘Red’ States (who voted for Bush in the 2004 elections), will the ‘Blue’ states finally connect the dots …or will they just say; ‘too bad they voted for Bush’ and only offer heart-felt condolences. To win, we must become the ‘United’ States of America, take off the kid gloves, and more persuasively dissuade all Islamic militants from their violent inclinations.

Chapter 24

Liberty Threatened


      The appeal of Islam has many roots, some are even noble, but those mandating violence against non-brothers are not, or at least not by the standards of non-Muslims. When Islam is judged against universally accepted standards of morality, this Arabian religion fails to qualify as the friend and guide of humanity it claims to be. Muslims will protest against this point of view, and as usual will produce weak tidbits or far-fetched evidence to prove that Islam advocates the love and brotherhood of mankind, ignoring the larger realities of Jihad and 1400 years of history. This type of sorcery has worked wonders for Islamists and their apologists in the past, but with modern dissemination of knowledge, one hopes it will become more difficult to cloud the truth with the magic of misinterpretation and spin.


      America has appreciated and duly noted the official moderate Muslim perspective, but in addition to well thought-out official releases … what action will Islam now take to manage its own? What are Muslims going to do to reign-in and punish clerics inciting hatred, violence, and constantly calling for the most popular interpretation of Jihad? Are moderate Muslims strong and powerful enough to actually do something about the fire-breathing clerics and militants amongst them? Can they wrest power from the militants and take control of defining and administering the central tenants and teachings of Islam? Will effective action ever be taken against the supposedly holy clerics inciting and celebrating hatreds and violence? To have any chance to ultimately win what promises to be a long war against Islamic fanatics, we must, as Sun Tze in "The Art of War" says, "Understand the enemy." To date America has done a very poor job of identifying to its citizenship just exactly who is the enemy and what is the ideology driving them. There is also a constant stream of misinformation spewed by Islamic apologists and propagandists, which has resulted in confusion and lack of focus, with its resulting ambiguity of policy and inadequate responses. Islamic terror continues unabated in Iraq, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sudan, Israel, and elsewhere, with no end in sight. Islam, the so-called "Religion of Peace", continues to be a breeder of hatred and an incubator of willing foot soldiers, having neither boundary nor limits. Nor is there any semblance of humanity in Islamic extremists’ brutality. The beating and hanging from a bridge over the Euphrates River of four lifeless, mutilated, charred American civilian bodies, and the brutal beheading of Nick Berg are just more graphic and indelible testimony of their inhumanity.


      Responsible members of the human race hope that among the first things Islam would do is to officially condemn the racist use of the word INFIDEL, and to recognize in both its teachings and law the equality of all races, religions, and sexes. It should also apologize for all past prejudicial teachings and practices. Sadly, the only intelligent conclusion which can be drawn by a pragmatic analysis of fundamental Islam, is that hope for reform and modernization is impossible for the majority of Muslims. To admit any flaw whatsoever, or to reform any basic wiring or tenant of Islam is to discredit the whole philosophy to its roots. Another fundamental weakness of Islam is that it does not have a central administration or organized self-regulatory mechanisms. This weakness leaves the door wide open for the hijacking of individuals, families, clans, mosques, sects, regions, or countries, by any despot with a personal agenda. Anyone can claim to represent Islam and rise to be a holy man without any appointment, education, or actual calling. The first and only requirement appears to be a strong aspiration to the position, or in other words, greed for power and influence. Islam needs to correct this mistake, or it will continue to be used as it has in the past, to inspire and express hatred, for violence, and as a lever used to gain personal power.


      Some think, and it seems reasonable, that Islam herself was the most injured by the attacks on 9/11. Could it be that those four airliners inflicted a wound on Islam that will result in untold turmoil and sorrow amongst her own? God is not subject to interpretation by mere mortals, nor is He the personal property of any group or individual. Certainly, if there is only one God, then the question begs asking; are these extremist Muslim leaders actually affiliated with Him? Whether they represent the majority or minority in their cultures, angry hateful Muslims could not possibly be acquainted with a kind, benevolent, and loving God of us all. Further, as long as their minds are so clouded with Hate, the probability of spiritual enlightenment or an intellectual epiphany is at absolute zero. However, one might deduce that the most intelligent, talented, logical, peaceful, and reasonable individuals and families within their own societies might well recognize the inherent failings of Islamic culture and seek enlightenment elsewhere, or at least demand change. But we should not hold our breath for any internal evolution, as history demonstrates that humanitarian sympathies have never been a priority for Islamic philosophy nor her people, and indeed opposition in any form is considered betrayal and treason.


      History of Terror


      The political and economic record of Islam is wretched, with only one of 18 Muslim states (Turkey) democratically governed. Some warn that Turkeys professed secularism is only skin deep. In fact, ‘Infidels’, a racist term referring to non-believers/non-conformists, are persecuted everywhere in the world where real Muslims are in power, including Turkey. Infidels and Muslims alike suffer when governments attempt to rule using rigid Islamic principals and law. Unlike Christianity, which, since the Reformation and Counter Reformation has continually updated itself and adapted to changed conditions, and unlike Judaism, which has experienced what is called the 18th-century Jewish enlightenment, in many parts of the world Islam remains a religion stuck in the Dark Ages. It contains many sects and tendencies, quite apart from the broad division between the majority Sunni Muslims (comparatively moderate and include most of the ruling families of the Gulf), and Shia Muslims (who dominate Iran). But virtually all these fundamentalist sects are in practice more militant and uncompromising than orthodox conservative Islam, which itself is moderate only by comparison, but by western standards is still extreme. It believes, for instance, in a theocratic state, ruled by religious law, still inflicting (as in Saudi Arabia) grotesquely cruel punishments, which became obsolete in Western Europe in the early Middle Ages. Moreover, Qur’anic teaches that the faith or "submission" can be, and in suitable circumstances must be, imposed by force, and as such the history of Islam has essentially been a history of conquest and re-conquest.


      Former (US President) Carter administration official Samuel P. Huntington, now a Harvard professor and founder of Foreign Affairs magazine wrote in the 1966 book ‘The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order":


"Some Westerners, including President Bill Clinton, have argued that the West does not have problems with Islam but only with violent Islamist extremists … Fourteen hundred years of history demonstrate otherwise." Indeed, he says, we’ve been deeply engaged in a quasi war that, as we know now, has become something much larger.


      The West is not alone in being under threat from Islamic expansion. While the Ottomans moved into South-East Europe, the Mongul invasion of India destroyed much of Hindu and Buddhist civilization there. The recent destruction by Muslims in Afghanistan of colossal Buddhist statues is a reminder of what happened to temples and shrines, on an enormous scale, when Islam took over large areas of India. The writer V. S. Naipaul has recently pointed out that the destructiveness of the Muslim Conquest is at the root of India’s appalling poverty today. Indeed, looked at historically, the record shows that Muslim rule has tended both to promote and to perpetuate poverty. Meanwhile, the religion of "submission" continues to advance, as a rule by force, in Africa, in Nigeria and Sudan, and in Asia, notably in Indonesia, where non-Muslims are given the choice of conversion or death. And in all countries where Islamic law is applied, converts (compulsory or not), who revert to their earlier faith, are often punished by death.


      The survival and expansion of militant Islam in the 20th century came as a surprise. After the First World War, many believed that Turkey, where the Kemal Ataturk regime imposed secularization by force, would set the pattern for the future, and that Islam would at last be reformed and modernized. Though secularism has (so far) survived in Turkey, in the rest of Islam fundamentalism, or more properly ‘orthodoxy’, has increased its grip on both the rulers and the masses.


      Before the September 11 attacks, and despite Iran where its first victory was won, some argued that Islamist totalitarianism was a movement in decline. For the past quarter-century, radical Islamist fundamentalism has roiled nations in which it arose. But in the decades since the Iranian revolution, formidable Islamist movements have built up around the Islamic world, with inadequate opposition. In Sudan, the Muslim government in Khartoum imposed Islamic law nationwide in 1993, and has killed 2 million Sudanese Christians and animists, and enslaved countless more, in an attempt to Islamize the country. Coptic Christians in Egypt, whose presence in that country predates the arrival of Islam, have been slaughtered by fundamentalist Muslims, with authorities doing little or nothing to stop them. In the Philippines and East Timor, Christians are being massacred by Muslims. Churches and Christian homes in Nigeria are being burned, and Christians murdered, by Muslim extremists. The ancient Christian presence in many Arab lands – Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, among others – has been decimated in the last century by Muslim persecution.


      Although totalitarian regimes have come to power in Indonesia, the Sudan and formally Taliban Afghanistan, elsewhere some attempts are made to counter the insurgencies (in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, and Chechnya). Even in Iran, revolutionary fervor seems to be slowly giving way to disillusionment and cynics. When the reformist government of Mohammed Khatami started creeping gingerly toward a more moderate course, the hardliner Imams put the quash on it, leading to more discontent by the Persian people of Iran. It is unclear whether the U.S. military responses since Sept 11 will precipitate new waves of radicalization in the Islamic world toppling existing regimes and bringing Islamic totalitarians to power, or the opposite.


      In June 1950, Kim Il Sung posed a large problem for the U.S in Korea. But he was not the problem. Stalin was, and Truman never lost sight of that fact. The problem today is not a scattering of global terrorists, but a whole raft of challenges to western culture through the script and sword of Islamist totalitarianism.


      The Threat!


      Now Islam has reached out to wage a direct, frontal assault on its antithesis – its "Great Satan": the United States, or, to be more accurate, liberty. All the while it attempts to pacify and confuse by claiming to be the victim, and claiming to represent peace, equality, and justice. This movement follows the standard ‘modus operandi’ of falsehoods by claiming to be the opposite of what it is, whispering in our ears that evil is actually good, and that good is evil. That evil ‘lies’ is not surprising, but that anyone of any intelligence and education still believes it is astonishing. Indeed it seems that "the bigger the lie, the easier it is for unenlightened masses to swallow".


      At first glance, shadowy Islamist terrorists look very different from any enemy we have ever faced, and indeed, the tactics they employ are novel. But on closer scrutiny, the fundamental nature of our present adversaries, once seen plainly, is all too familiar. What we confront today is repackaged totalitarianism: Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, their coconspirators and enablers are the modern-day successors of Lenin and Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot, as they join the list of the worst found among human beings. If one wants a literary parallel that sheds light on the operation of Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants, one should look to that enormous bestseller, published in two volumes in 1925 and 1926, Mein Kampf. Hitler was candid about his ambitions, aversions, and intentions. His virulent hatred of the Jews is patent on every page, as is his narcissistic egotism, his sense of himself as a destiny, his cold-blooded lucidity. Mein Kampf is the testament of a man bent on war, conquest, and slaughter. Civilized society in the 20s and 30s did not take him seriously, being widely viewed as the ravings of a lunatic too far out on the fringe to be of any credible threat. It was thought that surely voices of reason in a country and people as enlightened as Germany in central Europe would not allow it. The world was wrong then, and those who do not learn from history…


      Osama bin Laden has been similarly candid. In a 1999 interview published in Esquire, bin Laden was perfectly clear that his first ambition was to remove the American military from Saudi Arabia. "Every day the Americans delay their departure," he said, "they will receive a new corpse." It does not require much intelligence to understand that sentence. Nor was bin Laden ambiguous about his willingness to attack civilians: "We do not differentiate between those dressed in military uniforms and civilians; they are all targets in this fatwa". Published February 23, 1998 in the Al-Quds al-‘Arabi was a statement signed by Sheikh Usamah Bin-Muhammad Bin-Ladin and other like-minded leaders;


" … [To] kill the Americans and their allies—civilians and military—is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it" … "We – with God’s help – call on every Muslim who believes in God and wishes to be rewarded to comply with God’s order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it. We also call on Muslim ulema, leaders, youths, and soldiers to launch the raid on Satan’s U.S. troops and the devil’s supporters allying with them, and to displace those who are behind them so that they may learn a lesson".


      When the U.S. Marines landed in Somalia at the end of 1992 as part of a U.N. humanitarian effort, Bin-Laden’s troops were there, shooting down our helicopters and dragging the bodies of our murdered sons through the streets. No action ever taken by Bill Clinton, who assumed office in the immediate aftermath of the Somalian debacle, ever did anything to dissuade bin Laden of his convictions or slow his minions. What lessons should we learn from this? The same lessons the world ought to have learned in the late 1930s when Hitler occupied the Rhineland, remilitarized, and set about gobbling up his neighbors in an attempt to make his Third Reich the –only- ‘Reich’. The first lesson is that weakness is provocative to those who would conquer us.


      Whatever is or is not authentic transcription of Islamic dogma, we do know that the people who ran the airliners into the World Trade Center believed that a Qur’anic voice was telling them to do what they did. We have the four-page document that told them not only what to do, but what to think. "Kill them, as God said; No Prophet can have prisoners of war … God has prepared for believers in endless happiness for martyrs … Be steadfast and remember [that in] God you will be triumphant."


      Can we continue to refer to large parts of angry Islam as simply another religion when it clearly seeks the destruction of western civilization? Carefully selected, there are Qur’anic preachments that are consistent with civilized life, but we would be blind indeed to exclude the dominant Jihadist text and the political and cultural realities of the remainder of widely taught dogma that incite issue after issue of violent edicts (Fatwas) from its local leadership. On September 11th we were looked in the face by a deed done by Muslims who understood they were acting out Muslim ideals. It is all very well for individual Muslim spokesmen to assert the misjudgment of the terrorist, but we must recognize that the Islamic world is substantially made up of countries that ignore, countenance, if not support terrorist activity.


      In December 1994, Bassam Alamoush, a prominent Jordanian fundamentalist, began talk before the Muslim Arab Youth Association in Chicago with an anecdote: "Somebody approached me at the mosque [in Amman] and asked me, ‘If I see a Jew in the street, should I kill him?’" From a videotape in his possession, Steven Emerson, the well-known authority on international terrorism, describes what happened next: After pausing a moment with a dumbfounded face, Alamoush answered the question to a laughing crowd: "Don’t ask me. After you kill him, come and tell me. What do you want from me, a fatwa [legal ruling]? Really, a good deed does not require one." Later in the speech, Alamoush was interrupted by an aide with a note "Good news there has been a suicide operation in Jerusalem" killing three people. Thunderous applause followed his statement.


      A little more than two weeks after the 9/11 attack, an Associated Press reporter in Hamburg, Germany was with some 200 worshippers who listened raptly as the imam at al-Quds mosque delivered a fiery 45-minute sermon on the sins of the infidels and the arrogance of the West. "God, we implore You to destroy the United States of America," shouted the imam. Not a soul flinched. The congregation recited in unison, "Amen.". Mustafa Kamal Uddin, a 32-year-old body-and-fender man in Karachi, explained it to a New York Times reporter. You see, he said, holy wars come about only when Allah has no other way to maintain justice, times like now. "That is why Allah took out his sword".


      We demand to know: Who taught Mustafa Kamal Uddin to reason in that way, and the crowds in Karachi to support such thinking? Can the answer be other than Islam and many or most of its clerics? Pending an answer to the question, and the unmistakable responsibility by reputable Muslims to extirpate such mis-teaching, it is incumbent on all civilized peoples to renounce modern acrimonious Islam. Responsible and thoughtful Muslims themselves need to recognize the fatal flaws within Islam’s society, teachings, and structure, which are responsible for so many sorrows. Honest introspection will prompt the wise, moral, and the spiritually alive to abandon dark anti-western tenants, and if still inclined to look for purpose and structure from God, to a search for a superior source of inspiration.


      The Answer


      All Arab/Muslim grievances together could not possibly justify their actions or hatreds towards this people, but rather are only very poor excuses from an errant thought process, otherwise known as "magical thinking". But those errors in thinking and subsequent acts cannot mitigate in the slightest culpability nor consequences. Whatever excuse Muslims offer, whatever cause they claim to champion must now be dismissed out of hand. They damn themselves and their causes with their acts, and care must be taken not to reinforce them by advancing or even giving voice to them. Let us stop allowing their propaganda machines to assign the blame back to the USA for the hatred and failings of these people and their culture. Let us simply hold individuals, groups, and nations responsible for their actions. There is no excuse for the hateful actions they freely choose, and we would be weak not to respond with great force and determination.


      Now is not a time for caution, now is a time for ferocity. Liberty will only be preserved if this generation is willing to stand up and fight to protect their fathers and mothers, brothers, sisters, and children. After Pearl Harbor, the persecuted, often interned, immigrant Japanese-Americans were eager to send their sons to join the war effort. They wanted, in large measure, to prove their bona fides as Americans. Those 33,000 sons served honorably as true patriots in Europe. What a contrast with the young Muslim people interviewed by the New York Times in Brooklyn and elsewhere since 9/11 who largely pledge to go fight for "Osama".


      We can either sit around making diversity quilts and thinking happy thoughts, or we can seek clarity and knowledge, purge from thought the contradictions suggested by enemies, intent on killing us, and fully commit ourselves to soberly assessing the historical and present-day reality of radical "peaceful" Islam and its relations and intentions with non-Muslims and Muslims alike.


      There has been a lot of talk about terrorist "sleeper cells" in countries worldwide: followers of bin Laden and his ilk that have integrated themselves into society and are waiting for marching orders. That is a possibility very much worth worrying about. Yet at the moment even more worrisome, because more certain, are the forces of capitulation: those who induce slumber in us through expressions of politically correct sentimentality, cowardliness, and moral ineptitude. Any victory less than total conquest and eradication of existing groups of extremists, as well as control of the radical religious elements that inspire it, will be interpreted in history books of the future as nothing more than a marker to Islam’s conquering march.


      So how to respond, throw bags of wheat at them? Do we bury them in charity, sympathy, and understanding? Is there any other answer other than to put our sons and daughters at risk in a sustained effort to destroy them and their infrastructure? It is vitally important that we execute the campaign relentlessly and thoroughly. Although assistance should be welcomed, it is better in the long run for us to act without many allies, or even alone, than to engage in a messy compromise dictated by nervousness and cowardice. Now is the ideal moment for the United States to use all its physical capacity to eliminate large-scale international terrorism. Every civilized member of humanity hopes for the interment of Islamist totalitarianism in what President Bush so stirringly referred to as "history’s unmarked grave of discarded lies". The cause is overwhelmingly just. We must not allow our focus to be blurred when the weasel words of caution, proportionate, and restraint are pronounced. Religious and personal freedoms are at stake and under attack. We must clearly see them for who they are, and then without mercy or hesitation, pull-the-trigger. Not just once in Afghanistan, or twice in Iraq, but again and again until the cancer is eradicated. Anything short of a total and complete whipping will only embolden them to plan and execute even more heinous actions against this country and all her people.


      President Bush on Oct. 7th 2001 spoke from the White House Treaty room on Duty and Sacrifice. He told us of a very special communiqu he had received from an important diplomat;


"I recently received a touching letter that says a lot about the state of America in these difficult times – a letter from a 4th-grade girl, with a father in the military: "As much as I don’t want my Dad to fight", she wrote, "I am willing to give him to you." … This is a precious gift, the greatest she could give."


      This young hero and her father are the finest and most noble liberty has ever produced. When joined by others like them, they represent the greatest hope for this nation, if not humanity itself. They stand united with noble veterans, visionary forefathers, great heroes from the creation of democracy to this day, as one nation under God. You can feel and almost see their strong presence, pride, and support. My hope and prayer is that we are worthy of that support; we are going to need it.

Chapter 25

Hard Options in Israel


      So much emphasis is being placed on finding Peace in Israel, so much unwarranted blame for the world’s Islamic problem laid at the feet of the Israeli people for their failure to sufficiently accommodate and pacify Palestinian demands. The whole conflict, couched as it is in terms of a disenfranchised persecuted people, is not the force that guides Islam’s hand against Israel and the West. Arabs and Muslims living in Israel as citizens are treated infinitely better than Palestinians living in Jordan, Kuwait, and other Arab lands. For orthodox Muslims, it’s all just a convenient pretext to practice Jihad on the world stage while hiding behind the cloak of more widely accepted nationalistic goals. We go back to this topic for study because the struggles facing Israel and the stark options she faces against a world sympathetic to the Palestinian cause may be similar to the options the US faces in its "War" on terror.


      In a misguided attempt to be even-handed, liberal editorialists suggest Palestinian terrorist activities against Israel should be viewed as legitimate wartime action against a more powerful adversary, but all such suggestions are nothing more than immoral attempts to manipulate public opinion to accept suicide bombers and terrorists as legitimate. Without saying as much, these arguments presumably extend from the 'total war' philosophy adopted to justify attacks against a nation’s infrastructure and civilians as necessary for defense and victory. However, absent from these suggestions is the implication that any nation or people adopting a 'total war' fighting philosophy, must also accept the same approach from their declared enemies without complaint. As such, Israeli incursions are as legitimate as the bombers, and anyone who laments Israelis response, while at the same time justifying the bombers and those who send them as legitimate wartime activities, are nothing more than hypocrites. In fact, by extending the logic, carpet bombings, or indiscriminately targeting the entire Palestinian population by any means is as legitimate as the homicide bombing activity of the Palestinians.


      Lets not beat around the bush, if a people or culture declare total war against another people or nation, and employ total-war methods against that nation, that nation has the legitimate right of self defense and must respond with even greater destructiveness and effect to avoid becoming the vanquished. Those who support Islamic militant actions have absolutely no right to whine and complain about fences being built or Israeli incursions. A people as a whole deserve any resulting hardship or loss as natural consequences of their gross thinking errors and the acts that come from them. They and their children will undoubtedly continue to point fingers at Israel, the US, the West et. al., but they lie to themselves. They are individually and collectively responsible for all natural consequences arising from the actions of terrorist leaders, sons, daughters, and neighbors springing from amongst them. On July 11th 2002 even Amnesty International, the London-based human rights organization normally against Israel, condemned Palestinian suicide bombings and other attacks on Israeli civilians as "crimes against humanity" and unjustified by Palestinian political grievances.


      The range of effective measures Israel could apply to protect itself against an autonomous neighbor is limited. It would seem to be an impossible situation with no easy answers. Indeed there is nothing currently on the table, which the warring parties can agree upon. The hard answers are rarely spoken. If the current ‘cessation of hostilities’ declared by Sharon and Abbas do not hold, the possible Israeli approaches to improve the safety of its citizens are guaranteed to be impalpable to all, and include the following:


1.     The do nothing approach, simply hope that international pressures and good conscience result in the Palestinians abandoning their violent methods, so that Oslo or other ‘road map’ negotiations will later become possible.


History has taught Jews more than any other people that weakness is not respected, but ruthlessly exploited. Empirical data shows, and survival now dictates, that the passive, patient, and measured approach now be rejected. Few live under illusions that any accords bearing similarity to Oslo offer any real hope. Most would agree that Israel is correct in believing that pacifism means suicide. The mindset is very instinctive, fight or flight. With each passing day, Israeli pacifists are becoming harder to find.


2.     The April 2002 approach. Send in military units to find, arrest, disassemble, and/or destroy terrorists groups and their physical infrastructure. Temporarily occupy the areas as necessary to undermine terrorist planning, and arrest those responsible for past terrorist acts, surging as needed to dissuade terrorists.


The hope is that it will serve to persuade Hamas, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad to abandon violence, or at least weaken, delay, and/or prevent the number and frequency of suicide attacks. The political reality is that it is a weak approach and not respected by the Palestinians. It actually serves to further radicalize moderate Arabs and generate more extremists to plan and carry out terrorist events, along with more foreign support for terorists. Imbedded in this approach lies two opposing goals, the goal of the Israelis to punish the attackers and alter Palestinian policy thus preventing attacks, …and the goal of the Palestinians to demonstrate that the attacks will continue or increase until Israel changes its policies or capitulates. Both the Palestinian and Israelis are mistaken in hopes for a change in the other sides policies and tactics. The extremists will not change, and their lot will grow, their deepest religious convictions require it. The Israelis will not yield to terrorist’s tactics as further concessions could compromise security and endanger the nations existence.


3.     Capitulate to the terrorists terms, hand over all pre-1967 areas to Palestine, capitulate to the ‘right-to-return’, (plus whatever else they demand), and hope and pray the people currently trying to kill you will suddenly become kind, considerate, tolerant, and forever respect the rights of the new Jewish minority, and never harm them or their children again.


To the Palestinians, it seems this is their minimum hope for the outcome of all the current infada and, however strange it may seem to us, is actually what they expect the rest of the world to support. The inherit problem in this approach is two fold. First is that the extremists in the area have well known aspirations that would likely drive them to continued violence despite any concessions. Second (and related), is that the Israelis have a healthy and normal desire to breath. Consider the promises just made preceding the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon. The Hezbollah have already proven they cannot be taken at their word except, perhaps, their word articulated in the goal to drive the Jews into the Mediterranean. Arafat had proven on numerous occasions that he is a dishonest and untrustworthy broker, Abbas has also demonstrated duplicity.


4.     Physically separate the two groups where they stand and live today. Under the premise ‘Good fences make good neighbors’, allow the Palestinians to have their de-facto state behind the fences. [This has become a big part of Sharon’s disengagement plan]


The hope is that both countries will eventually find it in their best interest to avoid costly war and cooperate in mutually beneficial ways. Thus far the fence is proving to result in further hardships to the Palestinians, many who depend on access to the Israeli economy, and hardship to the Israeli economy, which depends on Palestinian labor. Upon completion the Palestinian population is totally and permanently dependent on foreign aid from the EU, the US, and Arab nations. Building a fence to separate combatants (who have demonstrated that they cannot make peace between themselves in 60 years of continuing conflicts) is actually a practical approach to a huge national security problem. It is certain, however, that the Palestinians and their supporters will find a way to continue their methods despite any fence, and the main Palestinian export would not change from what it is today, ... terror and violence. The other problem is that state to state relationships from nearby hostile regimes would quickly result in the formation of a much more lethal and dangerous Palestinian national army not likely to behave themselves behind new fences and walls they loath, so such an approach seems certain to end up resulting in a nasty war, followed by another occupation (back to square-one). It is all but certain that improved Quasam rockets and artillery, along with successful efforts to breach the structure, will force Israelis to re-enter the walled territories.


5.     An extension of the June 2002 approach. Revoke permanently autonomy in progressive sections of the occupied territories from which terrorist activities originate, controlling and limiting the scope, power, and limits of Palestinian lives within the newly drawn borders. Were talking true occupation, …a police state, …annexation. Occupy the areas and control resident’s lives as necessary to undermine and prevent all armed resistance and all terrorist activity. The logical extension to this policy is to outlaw violent political opposition and deport anyone who refuses to live under Israeli law.


This did not work from 1967 to the mid 1990’s in its various forms, and so returning to it would surely fail to stop extremists today. There is obviously no future in this for anyone, but has been implemented temporarily in the past presumably as a potentially less dangerous and costly option to allowing things to continue as they were. The problem with this approach is that for the common Palestinian, it is not in reality very much different than the existing political climate, and so there will be little or no perception of loss or cost by continuing violent opposition to Jewish police or military attempting to put down violence. This approach will always be deemed weak, and despite the fact that such attempts are always in response to violence, will always be used as an excuse (pretext) for continued murderous acts by Islamic terrorists worldwide.


6.     A combination of methods, including more effectively and ruthlessly attacking and dismantling the groups using more heavy handed methods similar to Egyptian approaches to terrorists. Increasing boarder security and travel restrictions between Israel/territories and Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and by sea. Decreasing access from the Palestine areas by stricter internal border controls (less freedom of movement for foreign and perhaps even Israeli Arabs). Fences and walls and/or other high tech monitoring systems that make practical and economic sense. More manned checkpoints with a forgery proof national personal and vehicle ID/tracking system that makes it easier/faster to identify legitimate individuals cross-referenced with the vehicles they occupy and any legitimate need/rights to be at a given location. Occupying or annexing for long periods areas or regions from which the worst terrorist activities originate. Immediate, irrevocable deportation of anyone involved in illegal groups or tainted by terror. Relocation and/or massive demolition for areas tainted by terror groups. Targeting leaders for assassination.


The problems related to a combination of responses are the cumulative problems related to each individual reaction, and the prohibitive costs associated with implementing a comprehensive Orwellian police state. Targeting terrorist leadership and recruiters has proven helpful in reducing attacks, but have not stopped them.


7.    The Sharon unilateral disengagement plan. Many hope Israel’s just completed unilateral withdrawl from Gaza and part of the West Bank will appease militants and finally result in real peace. In Germany during the Second World War, unarmed Jews walked helplessly into the ovens and gas chambers. Jews say “Never Again” often enough, but the big question of this century is: Will fully armed Jews continue to paint themselves into a smaller and smaller box, walking carefully but deliberately towards slaughter? The Israeli government's removal of its own citizens from Gaza will go down in history as either a suicidal error of huge proportions, or a tactical political/military move serving the survival of the country, depending on how Israel now responds to the coming provocations of its new defacto neighbor-state, Palestine. The retreat under fire from Gaza cannot but encourage more terrorism, because the Israeli retreat has sent an unambiguous signal: Terrorism works. Terrorist groups like Hizbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have made it clear their campaign to destroy Israel will continue unabated. Even PLO leaders have declared their intent to continue tried and true methods of violence to rid Jerusalem and the entire West Bank of Jews. The military retreat is seen by passionate Palestinian Islamists as a signal that Israel is weak and ready to be pursued and destroyed. The withdrawal from Gaza and parts of the West Bank will soon enough be followed by a terrorist push to cause even greater harm. Considering Sharon’s earlier statements and policies, surely one assumes he must understand this.


In 2003 Sharon defeated Labor party candidate Amram Mitzna. At the time Sharon ridiculed Amram for advocating unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, declaring then: "A unilateral withdrawal is not a recipe for peace. It is a recipe for war." Later that year he did an apparent Kerry flip-flop articulating a nonnegotiable policy of abandoning Gaza. To many, this represents betrayal of core principals of Zionism. Whether this is in fact a betrayal, or Sharon simply accepting the inevitability of war and positioning Israel to fight an unavoidable battle with the Palestinian militants, is anybody’s guess at this point. Sharon has promised to respond to any violence with greater force after the withdrawal, which is the only encouraging sign that the man has not lost it. Unfortunately, there are even more signs that Sharon does not always act in militarily cognizant ways. In a clear tactical error, Sharon exchanged 429 living terrorists and 59 dead ones for one captured Israeli civilian and the remains of three soldiers in Feb 2004. Not to mention the unilateral withdrawal from Lebanon five years ago. The results of these actions were: a) more Israeli deaths as many of the release criminals returned to their terrorist ways, and b) Hizbollah committed unspeakable atrocities on Israel’s former Lebanese Christian allies and deployed huge numbers of rockets aimed at northern and central cities. Does Sharon know what he is doing? It is hard to guess.


      The only way Sharon’s evacuation could possibly work to stop Muslim terrorists is if Israel backs up the Gaza giveaway by loading up the Israeli side of the security barrier with missiles and artillery, and to fire multiple warheads into population centers for every rocket coming over the other way, and lob even more shells for every terrorist act inside Israel, …until all Palestinian barrages stop. But somehow that seems out of character for Israel. Currently only Palestinians are employing brutal but effective methods of 'Total War', while Jews are employing 'measured responses' (which is why the Muslims have no motivation to stop). As such, the current equation of war is solidly against the long term survival of Israeli Jews. It is not altogether clear that Sharon understands this, so one cannot be sure if he is a fool or not. If he is positioning for all out war, then the man is no fool, as all out war may well be the only practical solution remaining considering the increasing number and range of Hezbollah rockets in Lebanon, future Palestinian armaments, and Iranian missiles (Palestine will soon enough get a major sea port in Gaza with unfettered access to support by sea, to go along with virtual free land access via Egypt). Creating a Lebanon type buffer zone will not suffice, as any new buffer zone would have to go from the sea to Afghanistan to guarantee security.


8.     All out war, including the expulsion of the entire Palestinian population into Syria, Jordan and/or Lebanon. Attacking the Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Syrian forces protecting and supporting them, followed by creating wide unpopulated buffer zones and effective borders as necessary (along the lines of the effective Korean demarcation line).


This is dangerous and costly, but actually the most practical and reasonable solution if one was to accept the premise that the probability of the two peoples ever living as peaceful neighbors is at (or near) zero. If that premise is true, then the only answer is for one group or the other to truly be victorious and the other become the vanquished. Although tragic and unnecessary, this approach may eventually become the only realistic option left on the table in order to guarantee one of the groups remains viable to survive intact. Pessimists wait for such a final solution to be eventually adopted by the parties, optimists hope to avoid the calamity. However, for many civilized, intelligent, and educated peoples in the world, if forced to choose as neighbors either; a) the existence of Israel, and end of Palestine, or b) the existence of Palestine, and end of Israel, the choice would be uncomfortable, but easy. The world should not be surprised if this ‘final solution’ is adopted by Israel should Palestinians start killing Israelis in the thousands in Mega attacks.


      All familiar with Middle East history realize that there are trained killers claiming to represent both Islam and the Palestinian people determined to prevent any form of a real, lasting, negotiated peace. Their path is set in concrete; they will not be converted to accept another way, and so the fact is that the only way to stop them … is to eliminate them. This is a hard thing to think about. As peaceful options evaporate with ever increasing Palestinian militancy, and as Israel continues to be maneuvered into a corner, no one should be surprised at Israelis responses, which must become increasingly severe and violent. The options to insure survival and prosperity are hard and distasteful, but are probably preferable to a continuation or escalation of the existing situation.


      The (latest) declared cease-fire will not hold forever, as it can only be considered temporary (hudna) by Islamic terrorists while they re-group and re-arm. Sadly the obvious eventual logical course of action, and possibly the only approach with any hope permanently ending hostilities, is also guaranteed to be the most painful and distasteful. Perhaps when thousands upon thousands have died, the people of Israel will be prepared to take such a drastic decision. What ever that point is, when the pain and anguish has reached a tragic crescendo of intolerable proportions, some ugly scenario will likely be played out.


      Many in Israel and even America are beginning to understand that the problem was not Arafat, or is not Mahmoud Abbas, or Abu Mazen or Abu whoever; it is the existence of the Palestinian Authority itself, which is little more than a hothouse for terror, corruption and bloodshed. Installing a new Godfather does not make the Mafia less of a criminal organization. Palestinian leaders have made their true aspirations plain all along, in Arabic: There are no Palestinian leaders who want peace, and there never were. Oslo was a sucker's game from the beginning, nothing more than a diversionary war tactic. The Palestinian Authority is what it has always been: A terrorist organization at war with Israel and the West, willing to settle for nothing less than total victory, starting with Israel's total destruction. Thus, it's not just Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and al Qaeda that must be destroyed for Israel to survive and for America to win the broader war on terror: It's the PA itself. The idea that a Palestinian state under the PA would ever be anything other than a terror state also needs to be retired. In fact, a survey released March 19th, 2003 showed that 60 percent of Palestinians believe that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad should continue their armed struggle against Israel even if Israel leaves all of the West Bank and Gaza, including East Jerusalem, and a Palestinian state is created, and also 80 percent say that the Palestinians should never give up the ‘right of return’. (The poll of Palestinians, Israeli Jews, and Israeli Arabs was released in Washington by Itamar Marcus, founder of Palestinian Media Watch and written by pollster Frank Luntz. It was conducted by two polling firms, the Public Opinion Research of Israel and The Palestinian Center for Public Opinion.)

Chapter 26

Islamic Contradictions and Hypocrisies


      America is hated in large parts of the Middle East and Asia, but the more educated and affluent Muslims usually wear Levi jeans while shouting 'death to America '. When the cameras are gone and the frenzy is over, they can often be found cueing up at Western embassies, hoping for a visa to immigrate in search of a ‘better life’. This hate/love relationship many Muslims have with western democracy, freedoms, culture, and technology is despised by their more aged Imams, who then respond by ratcheting-up the hate-America sermons. They paint illusions of Western conspiracies into young minds in the region, desperately trying to hold back the forces of enlightenment and change.


      Muslim spokespersons claim moral purity in their fight against ‘decadent’ Westerners. Indeed, Muslims told an infidel forced himself sexually on a nine years old girl would quickly condemn such a man for being a pedophile, and then he would be lynched. But mention the Prophet Mohammed slept with a girl of the same age, and watch Muslims overact with all kinds of rationalizations such as 'girls in those days matured fast' or 'it was normal and acceptable in that culture', etc. Apparently it was also normal in those days to rape a widow the same night you slaughtered her beloved husband in an unprovoked raid. To normal thinking feeling human beings, the phrase ‘most merciful’ would not seem to apply to either of these divinely sanctioned acts by Muhammad, yet somehow such contradictions are lost on Muslims.


      We hear that Muslims believe the Black Stone circled in Mecca is conscious and will testify for and against them on Judgment Day (though they will deny it, the stone and ritual is based on a pagan deity). Meanwhile Muslims all over the world gleefully bring down ‘un-Islamic’ idols, statues, and figures representing deities in other religions. The physical manifestation of Allah, in the form of a conscience stone, is an important core of Muslims’ connection with deity. A pillar of Islam states that every individual must make a pilgrimage to the stone and pay homage. Having done so, a good Muslims can then return to his/her home and with greater piety plot violence against pagan idol worshipers of all sorts.


      The world continues to find disappointment as it waits for the majority of ‘moderate’ Muslims to bring the extremists into line. The problem is that even moderate Muslims have enormous capacity to absorb great hypocrisies. It appears the vast majority of people from Islamic lands develop early a capacity to accept extreme contradictions without question. Remaining completely unfazed, they continue to call monsters who target innocents ‘mujahedeen’ (holy warriors). With nary a blink, moderates and extremists alike call fiends who target Jewish children in Israel ‘mujahedeen’. Arab Muslim societies, instead of developing any empathy for the victims of Muslim terrorists, race backward into ever deeper superstition, bigotry, and a culture of blame which renders reformation impossible. Huge parts of the Muslim world are afflicted with what can only be called world-wide denial, if not a deep psychosis characterized by a false sense of superiority and irrational hatred of all others, particularly those capable of defending themselves. If a small group of Muslim terrorists are humiliated in Abu-Graib prison, and all Muslims take it personally, gathering in great numbers to demand revenge. But the treatment of Iraqi western ‘collaborators’ by the prisoners ‘peers’ evokes little concern. If any American (non-Muslim) soldier were to be captured, is there any doubt as to his fate? Muslims around the world appear largely indifferent to the most in-humane treatment of infidels in Iraq. Many even relish videos and reports of atrocities as if it is some sort of Islamic national sport ("An American is killed with a road-side bomb …score one for Muhammad!")


      But then, even the term "holy war" (Jihad) is an oxymoron. There is nothing ‘holy’ about War, even when necessary to preserve a society, and there is certainly nothing warlike in any pure religion based on a kind benevolent God. The last 1400 years of history warn us that the typical Muslim variant of War usually involves targeting innocents, raping, and pillaging. Thinking, feeling human beings consider such acts much less than ‘Holy’, despite the usual chants of "Allah Akbar" by vile marauders. Muslims, however, seem largely oblivious to the self-evident truth that the greatest blasphemers in any religion are those who kill in God’s name. Numerous videos exist showing chanting Islamists sawing off the head of some poor victim. Such videos are in high demand in Islamic lands, in what can only be described as some form of sick Islamic rapture. What are in reality the worst examples of hypocrisy and human depravity, is to many Muslims wonderful examples of pure spirituality. If a spirit is involved with such human depravity, it can only be an evil spirit, and could not be a spirit based on kindness, love, mercy, and forgiveness. Those who take pleasure from someone else’s pain are correctly called Sadists, and are mentally and emotionally maladjusted (ill). In Iraq, nary a peep is heard as devout brothers kill while using a white flag as a cover, civilians are exploited as shields, or passers-by are blown apart with or without damaging the declared enemy. Add to this the deafening silence connected to hundreds of kidnapping of civilians, UN and NGO workers, and the decapitation of all such "prisoners." In Muslim minds, condemnation remains unthinkable for reasons of a faith and a theology which dehumanizes all non-Muslims.


      Acts by sadistic terrorists produce by design extreme human suffering and pain to innocent and unsuspecting victims. Instead of an act of wanton brutality and murder producing shame for the family of the perpetrator, it is common for a festive ceremony known as "the wedding of the martyr" ('irs al-shahid) to be held in honor of the murderer. The celebration is held to symbolize the murders wedding in paradise with 72 virgins. At these events, the family receives guests who offer more congratulations than condolences for their son's martyrdom. Feb 28, 2005, suicide bomber Raid Mansour al-Banna detonated a car bomb at a busy bazaar in Hilla Iraq, killing 132 Muslims and seriously injuring 120 more. Iraqis were incensed that a 'irs al-shahid was celebrated by the Jordanian family of the murderer. But would these same angry Iraqi people objected if the victims had been Americans, Jews, Russians, Hindus, Christians, or <your religion here>, or would these same concerned Muslims likely have attended that hated celebration. Today, many worldwide take glee witnessing the various beheadings, executions, and other unspeakable images shown repeatedly on Arabic satellite TV to a demanding audience. Tongues click in many ‘peaceful’ households for what passes as spirituality to these people. In an ongoing blatant example of Islamic hypocrisy, a deafening silence is observed throughout the Arab world while horrendous crimes continue to be committed by Muslim Arabs against their Muslim brothers, sisters, and children in Sudan. Islamic leaders strain and choke on a sand fly, yet it seems an adult camel can easily slide down their throat.


      Honor killings are yet another blight tarnishing Islamic claims to be the worlds ‘best’ religion. The same culture that requires a son to brutally murder a daughter to 'preserve family honor', also celebrates wholesale murder of innocents, both considered pious acts justified to defend the demands of family/religious ‘honor’. It’s a strange thing, this Islamic concept of honor. As George Orwell said; "There are spectacles before which even satire herself stands mute." Duplicity is the ability to articulate and adhere to two completely opposing moral standards at the same time, and is a sign of both intellectual immaturity and moral bankruptcy. Sadly, even reading these words, most Muslims will refuse to see any contradictions whatsoever, the natural result of a lifetime of conformity to Islam and shunning critical thought. Anger is the only reaction allowed to words not gushing with praise and adulation towards Islam. If Islam really were a great and peaceful religion, we might expect peace, prosperity, and enlightenment to break out all over in lands it governs. Instead everywhere Islam goes, all the locals get is poverty, oppression, corruption, murder, rape, and thievery. The facts on the ground confirm this, notwithstanding the vigorous, often threatening denials of Islamists. "How beautiful the Emperors robe", they exclaim, while the rest of the world sees the ugly nakedness of a violent people and culture. "Islamophobic bigot!" they scream, as they sharpen their blades and plan their next vile act in the name of their hateful God Allah. Today's Middle East is a region where even words have been systematically corrupted. Dictatorship is called "nationalism", stealing is called "Jizya", terrorism is called "holy war", murder is called "martyrdom", and terrorists have become "insurgents".


      The intractable problems embedded within Islamic doctrine and culture is often quite obvious, to anyone but Muslims who seem to have their Islamic blinders super-glued on. As in Gene Roddenberry's classical Star Trek ‘Borg’ culture, individuality and humanity were the first causalities of Muhammad’s Ummah (Muslim collective). Normal human reasoning and feeling were replaced with teachings and practices which serve to blunt conscience, suppress the heart, and cloud the mind. Muhammad’s ‘religion’ supplanted any opportunity for individual virtue and spiritual growth, replacing it instead with required obedience to a culture steeped in misogamy, bigotry, racism, and violence. Whereas most of us see ourselves as humans first and consider other humans as sanctioned beings, Muslims see themselves as Muslims first and non-Muslims as something much less than human. Muslim militants are constantly reinforced with the idea they are the ‘best’ of people and reminded non-believers are worthless to their Allah. With this bigoted/racist theology placed firmly in their hearts, they can easily view the pain and death of all non-brothers as a good thing, by whatever method. In this way horrible acts committed by Muslim ‘martyrs’ become sacred acts to be revered. When firmly in place, this Teflon theological/psychological construct shields victimizers from normal guilt or regret, easily allowing the Muslim collective to escape all culpability in their own minds and hearts. As they pile one misfortune after another upon themselves and their communities they easily escape all culpability. Being neither blind nor stupid, they plainly see the blood on their own hands, yet remain unmoved in sincere belief that Allah is pleased at such a spectacle. Were the millions of victims persecuted by devout Muslims following the enshrined tenants of anti-Semitism, bigotry, and racism, themselves bigots deserving of their fates? Were the 3000 infidels brutally murdered 9/11 deserving of their fate at the hands of Islam? Were they truly worthless and ‘unloved’ by Allah? Are Muslims really superior and entitled to the lands, wealth, and lives of non-believers? We should not be so surprised that an entire culture can be deceived by such pure evil, as it has happened on a national level before in recent history. Nazi thugs justified vile acts in the same way, using the same kind of thought processes and methods of psychological manipulation/intimidation.


      While making excuses for vile behavior of brothers, defenders of the Qur’an also claim the book promotes scholarly leaning, when in fact it is filled with nonsensical fantasy often in direct contradiction to scientific fact. Muslims present Islam as a religion which encourages learning, reminding others that Muhammad said "seek knowledge even if it is China", while at the same time any book of knowledge perceived as contradicting the Qur’an is considered satanic. The direction remains for such heresy to be destroyed forthwith. The Royal Library of Alexandria in Egypt, founded at the beginning of the 3rd century during the reign of Ptolemy II, was once the largest in the world, at its peak storing up to 700,000 scrolls. In 640 AD Moslem marauders took the city, and upon learning of "a great library containing all the knowledge of the world" the conquering general asked Khalifa Omar for instructions. Omar is quoted as saying of the Library's holdings, "they will either contradict the Qur’an, in which case they are heresy, or they will agree with it, so they are superfluous", whereupon he ordered the library to be destroyed and the books burnt.


      For the last 1400 years, millions of victims have been persecuted by devout Muslims following Muhammad’s enshrined tenants based on anti-Semitism, bigotry, and racism. To ‘real’ Muslims, the infidels brutally murdered 9/11 were deserving of their fate, because they were worthless and ‘unloved’ by Allah.  Muslims continue to follow a doctrine to dominate and subjugate others, believing in a man who told them God sanctifies murder, slavery, lying, rape, arson, and thievery against other human beings (albeit non-believers), as acts of great piety which will be rewarded in Islamic heaven. All the while Islamic historians continue to rewrite history to turn Muslim marauders into champions, and blood-thirsty terrorists into Saints. From the distorted Muslim prospective, Muslims are always presented as the poor, picked-on, persecuted lot, such self-pity providing justification for any and all criminal acts. Their culture feeds extremism instead of sanctioning and subduing destabilization. Chaos is a tool of Islamists to weaken and subdue other cultures and societies, and contributors to such anarchy are congratulated instead of jailed. When no provocation exists, one can always be easily created before or after the fact. Conspiracies abound in the mind of Muslim leaders from Muhammad to today, which have served to more than justify 1400 years of very ‘real’ Muslim conspiracies against her neighbors. For centuries, from the Iberian peninsula to the Indian subcontinent, jihad campaigns waged by Muslim armies against infidel Jews, Pagans, Zoroastrians, Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus were punctuated by massacres, including mass beheadings. Iberia (Spain) was conquered in 710-716 AD. During this period of "enlightened" Muslim rule, the Christians of Toledo (Iberia Spain) first submitted to their Arab Muslim invaders, but then revolted under dhimmi in 713.  In the harsh Muslim reprisal that ensued, Toledo was pillaged, and all their Christian leaders had their throats cut. More Toledan revolts followed. In 806, seven hundred inhabitants were executed, and yet again in 811-819 when the Christian ‘insurgents’ were crucified, as prescribed in the Qur’an.  "For those who do not submit to Allah their punishment is . . . execution or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet, from the opposite sides, or exile from the land." (Surah 5:33)


      Islamic politicians demand western societies show tolerance toward Islamic laws and customs, while no such accommodation is offered non-Muslims in Islamic lands. CAIR and other Islamic organizations in the US are quick to pull the trigger claiming religious persecution, seeing civil rights violations in every shadow. Meanwhile the same ‘sensitive’ individuals remain in complete denial to human rights violations perpetrated by Muslims worldwide. The UN and Organization of Islamic States are equally quick to complain of the slightest appearance of bias, but even quicker to ignore gross violations of ‘human-rights’ perpetrated by Muslims against non-believers. Muslims throughout Europe and the US were enraged when Tariq Ramadan (an Islamic ‘intellectual’ with radical, anti-Christian, anti-American ideas) was denied a visa and so tenure at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Suddenly so many Muslims were terribly worried about stifling intellectual freedom. Of course no one thinks to ask just how many Christian or openly anti-Islamic scholars have jobs at Islamic universities, as such a question is unthinkable. It is amusing to see Muslim folk rise to promote diversity, freedom, moral values, or equality. Sort of like the owners of the sunken Titanic coming out to promote ‘Iceberg Awareness Week’.


      The ‘Red-Crescent’ was formed to be an answer to the Western ‘Red-Cross’, yet it follows strict Islamic doctrine in limiting its services to Muslim Brothers and Sisters. When terrible, brutal things happen to non-believers anywhere, at the hands of Muslims or not, shoulders are shrugged as they say "it is the will of Allah". But such antipathy disappears when Muslims strike a blow maiming any part of a population of non-believers, say …Americans, Indians, Russians, Jews, Australians, Italians, Spanish, Brits, Philippines, etc etc. Each success at such malice, instead of invoking sympathy or regret, serves as proof manifest that their ‘most compassionate, most-merciful’ Allah is indeed God. Hell, they seem to get the same warm giddy feeling of self-righteousness and superiority when Sunni and Shiite kill each other in large numbers.


      It is an Islamic mandate that all Muslims victims must be properly avenged, but apparently there is no such thing as an Infidel victim. When the victim is not Muslim, or insufficiently Muslim, hyper-sensitivity suddenly turns to mind-boggling apathy. With the knowledge that the victims in Beslan were not Muslim but the attackers were, acute empathy and compassion is instantly replaced with casual indifference. Yet if the attackers would have been non-Muslim and the children and their parents Muslim, is there any doubt protests and revenge attacks would have spanned the globe? Indeed, horrendous crimes continue to be committed by Muslim Arabs against (insufficiently Muslim) brothers, sisters, and children in Sudan, while a deafening silence is observed throughout the Arab world. Arabs know all about what is going on in Darfur, even Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya have started reporting some aspects of the crisis, but they don't react. Muslim public opinion with regard to the ongoing genocide has remained muted, causing barely an eyebrow to be raised. Yet had the slaughter targeted Arab Muslims perpetrated by Infidels, there would have been an uproar.


      In Iraq, nary a peep is heard as devout brothers kill while using a white flag as a cover, civilians are exploited as shields, or passers-by are blown apart with or without damaging the declared enemy. Add to this the deafening silence connected to hundreds of kidnapping of civilians, UN and NGO workers, and the decapitation of all such "prisoners". As Shiite Muslims continue to be slaughtered by their more extremist ‘brothers’ in Iraq, moderate Muslim nations seem to be able to find very little to criticize. Thousands of innocents Iraqis have been deliberately targeted and died at the hands of merciless terrorists, yet somehow America is to blame for the carnage.


      Muslim spokesmen claim to oppose intolerance, and then in the same breath attack anyone who exposes the criminality of any Muslim brother. When U.S. Marine in Iraq killed a wounded terrorist, in a place where wounded terrorists are a fatal threat, Muslims demand justice and revenge. But when vile Muslim murderers kill a helpless woman serving needy Iraqi Muslims for decades, Muslims can only shrug their shoulders, and the perpetrators are protected instead of being brought to justice. If a Palestinian is killed in Israel, even if he has been involved in hundreds of attacks against Jews, Muslims worldwide chant and demand revenge. Yet if hundreds or thousands of Spaniards in Madrid, or Americans in New York, are massacred, their stone-cold hearts feel nothing. When Dutchman filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was silenced by an Islamic assassin, Muslim leaders so concerned with accommodation and tolerance suggest he brought such misfortune upon himself by insulting the Qur’an. These sensitive, socially concerned Muslims tell us no one is allowed to criticize the Qur’an or Islam. Apparently free speech refers only the right of Muslims to preach bigotry and hatred, but any right to free speech must remain subservient to Islamic hyper-sensitivity to criticism. Pious Muslims tell us that critics of the teachings or person of Muhammad are blasphemers who have lost their right to live. Obviously the word ‘tolerant’ does not mean the same thing to both Muslims and Westerners. As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz; "I don’t think were in Kansas anymore, Toto".

Chapter 27

Never-Ending Islamic Conspiracies


      Pragmatism and candor are prerequisites enabling an individual or culture to grow and progress. If an individual consciousness is unaware of its own short-comings, then he/she is unlikely to choose a path different from the one repeated as a matter of habit or tradition. Healthy human beings are thinking entities inherently capable of both knowledge acquisition and cognitive development. However pride and/or apathy are known to be personal attitudes which can interfere with normal cognitive growth. On a social, cultural, or national level, there are other ‘group think’ errors that can and do prevent normal growth and development. Clever local or regional propagandists, to serve their own interests, can cause or propagate certain attitudes or feelings to stymie rational thought, which might otherwise result in good judgment contributing to social advancement. Our attitudes and emotional state either prepare us for learning and growth, or preclude advancement.


      The capacity to feel fear is an inherent human emotion deep within the psyche of all of us. This primal instinct is normally dormant, but relatively easy to evoke and quickly bring to the surface. This basic emotion has served our species well to insure behavior that guaranties survival, but this powerful instinct also renders us all susceptible to emotional manipulation. Unreasonable fear is called paranoia. Unjustified paranoia usually results in poor choices in behavior, sometimes with egregious harmful or hurtful effects. While the correct perception of a true threat is critical to survival, the perception of a threat which does not exist wastes energy and effort and also prevents any focus on personal, economic, or cultural development. On the other hand, having no perception of a threat, when an actual threat is present …is just plain stupid. The world is a dangerous place for mortal man, and diligent attention to it dangers is wise, while excessive focus on distant unlikely threats is not. Then there is the old saying, one of my favorites to mention to those preoccupied with slaying windmills; "Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not really after you…"


      In case you have not yet noticed, Muslim peoples and nations seem very prone to a wide range of illogical and irrational 'conspiracy theories'. By their own words and actions, it seems vast numbers of the Muslim ‘Ummah’ (community) are preoccupied with various perceived conspiracies, and are thus perpetually locked into a cycle of fear and overreaction. Often, to distract their populace from the realities of their own shortcomings or failures, governments/dictatorships permit or perpetuate misinformation. In the Islamic world, social or cultural fears are also flamed by rumor, by news and editorial content, by TV and radio productions, by internet and satellite broadcasts, and most importantly by their religious leaders. It is no accident that all these arms of communication support this dynamic for deception. To understand the mindset that creates and feeds these endless theories, one needs to look more deeply at the philosophy and doctrine of Islam, and its history in relationship with non-Muslims. Many works are now emerging to assist non-Muslims understand the way Islam emotionally and psychologically affects and limits its adherents. Such books are critical to gaining true perspective on Islamic psychology and culture, as the concepts and dynamics involved are outside typical western patterns of experience. Before enlightenment can occur, one has to study unusual concepts and think ‘outside of the box’. This work you are reading now is just one of many accurate evaluations of true Islam available today. and remain two of the better internet sites to gain a perspective based on reality vs. propaganda.


      A most recent rumor gaining legs in the Islamic world, is that the Dec 26th "Black Sunday" tsunamis, which killed almost a hundred thousand Muslims, was triggered by a combined Indian-American nuclear experiment in the ‘belt of fire’ region, or possibly by massive American bombing in Afghanistan. A respected Egyptian newspaper has just rendered support to this concept by repeating the claim in a recent article. Whereas most humans can easily recognize a natural disaster based on an act of nature, apparently it is impossible for Muslims to accept that their Allah could permit such barbarity against the worlds ‘best people’, which is how they have been taught from birth to view themselves. As such any natural catastrophe simply can not be an ‘act of God’. Instead, pressure builds to find some other rational to explain the calamity. The easy target these days are the vile Hindus, the evil Christians, and/or the dirty Jews. This latest in a long string of conspiracy theories is pitiable. One might feel inclined to laugh at and mock such simple mindedness, were it not for the sad implications to us of the many people trapped in this kind of Islamic ‘groupthink’.


      In another instance, since 9/11 rumors quickly surfaced in the Middle East that thousands of Jews were forewarned and did not go to work at the World Trade Center that morning. Despite the absence of any evidence supporting such outlandish claims, those rumors have now become facts in the minds of vast numbers of Muslims. Notwithstanding we are now 3 years since 9/11, and despite tactic and actual acknowledgment by al-Qaeda of responsibility, vast numbers of Muslims in the Middle East, including the most educated, actually believe that Mossad (Israel's intelligence service) carried out the September 11 attacks on America. This suggestion remains laughable to westerners, and an insult to the intelligence of anyone with a basic grasp of the facts. But while no-one in the West believes such absurdity, Westerners still fail to grasp an important reality; It is not just a handful of wackos who are swallowing such rubbish in other lands. It is possible that hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world largely believe it, convinced that that Mossad was behind the attacks in a design to provoke an American response against Muslims. Their truth manifest, …Islamic lands and Islamic militants have been targeted in response.
      For some reason, Muslims seem incapable of facing the reality of their co-brothers culpability. The reason for that denial is both simple and foreboding, and is based firmly in Islamic doctrine and mindsets. The malady is both systemic, and intractable, because it is based on a core Muslim belief that Muslims are Gods ‘best people’, far superior to non-believers whom the Islamic God ‘does not love’. As such, whatever goes wrong, …simply has to be the fault of non-believers. To believe otherwise shakes the very foundation of an individuals Islamic identity. If you take away a Muslims sense of superiority, there is usually very little left (in terms of family, culture, or economic quality of life) to support the poor creature. To a good Muslim completely lost in Islam, there is nothing else to fall back on, because such an individual has already ‘broken all ties’ in his efforts to win carnal paradise in Islamic heaven with 72 virgins, ‘boys like pearls’, gluttony, and endless mansions and riches.


      African Muslims regularly accusing "Zionists" of spreading AIDS. Last year Imams in Africa issued a fatwa telling the poor African Muslims not to go for polio vaccinations because Western doctors were conspiring to cause them harm thereby. They were told that the 'Jews' were behind the contamination of the vaccine which might cause Aids or infertility, …and they believed it. Of course, the claims were outlandish with no basis in fact, yet they still served to successfully manipulate the behavior of the entire Muslim populace. Only after some small outbreaks of polio threatened to become wider, did the clerics permit vaccinations to resume. Despite all kinds of logical and scientific evidence available to everyone, it was only the very ‘real’ fear of polio epidemics which could overcome the false fear from their religious leaders. In this case the paranoia proved to be harmful to the paranoid, but unfortunately in most other cases paranoia usually harms others. There are innumerable examples of excessive violent overreaction by Muslims, but point to any subset of historical data showing such harm caused and be prepared for the usual reaction; "Lies, lies!", they will scream, claiming victimization and/or conspiracy. Insecure followers of Islam learn early in life how to react to shield themselves from all blame and humiliation. In a typical display of ‘transference’, anyone pointing out Islamic paranoia is quickly vilified as ‘paranoid’ (i.e. Islamophobic).


      A book long since exposed as pure fiction, Protocols of the Elders of Zion was initially spread by the intelligence services of the Russian czar in 1895 to provide support and justification for its anti-Jew policies. Leaders and lay alike in the Muslim world actually still believe the work contains actual minutes of conspiratorial meetings among Jewish leaders, who were plotting to take over the world. The Protocols book provides a complete conspiracy theory of history in which satanic Jews relentlessly strive for world domination. It claims that even Communism, Freemasonry, Zionism, and the State of Israel itself are all deemed to be instruments in this diabolical scheme of Jewry. Its attraction to gullible Muslims has grows with each successive Muslim defeat by Israel. The book is gospel truth to these people, and no amount of logic or rational argument can steer those who believe this type of nonsense away from it. There can only be one purpose to continue the otherwise pointless propagation of the lies within the document, …to justify any and all means to defeat and kill all Jewish conspirators.


      Monsieur Meysson wrote a bestseller in France that claims that no airplane crashed into the Pentagon, because allegedly no debris from the ill-fated aircraft were recovered at the crash site. To his mind, and readily accepted by Muslims, it was all a plot by the CIA and the U.S. military, who used an U.S. Air Force cruise missile to murder Americans in a conspiracy to justify a new Middle East war. One Islamist site states: "Our analysis indicates that in reality, sophisticated shaped-charge explosive technology was used to create a scene comporting with the appearance of an jetliner crash, while simultaneously a 757 over-flew the area and landed at nearby Reagan National Airport".


      Arab countries also regularly host conferences where Holocaust deniers masquerading as historians claim to be able to "prove" there was no massacre of Jews by the Nazis during World War II. Whereas many Muslims worldwide praise Hitler for his services, yet almost in the same breath they deny the Holocaust as "a big illusion of the Jews". Muslim revisionists, normally happy at reports of Jewish defeats and deaths, seem angry about the effect of the Holocaust on world opinion, and would rather the world felt no sympathy for Jewish victims. The claim that Jews control American government, Hollywood, western media, and most global banks have long since been accepted as obvious truths. The oft repeated claim that Israel poisons candy, food and water delivered to the Palestinians has been repeated in all regional Arab news papers and TV. The ridiculous conspiracy theories about Jews and Freemasons advanced by Muslims are on about the same level as believing that Elvis was abducted by aliens.


      In Iraq today, conspiracy theories are spreading fast and easy. Many even claim that Al-Zarwaqi is an invention of the American propaganda machine. The prominent Egyptian Islamist Mohamed Selim El-Awwa,  Secretary-General of the International Association of Muslim Scholars (IAMS), wrote in the Al-Ahram Egyptian daily Dec 2 2004 that the Iraqi resistance had been infiltrated by "Zionist and international intelligence services". El-Awwa explained that Muslims would not decapitate hostages stating; "It is no coincidence that decapitations or the brutal killing of innocent hostages always occur just after a scandal exposing the violations of the occupation forces." In fact many claim that Mossad have personnel in Iraq to organize terrorist activities to guarantee that Iraq remains unstable so that Americans need to stay. Theories that Israeli forces have joined the Americans serve to incite more volunteers to join the ‘resistance’, as hatred of Jews is the single common denominator that unites all Muslims of all creeds. Of course, there is always the firmly established theory that the Americans are only in Iraq to steal Arab oil. On Dec 12, columnist George Haddad in Al-Hayat repeated another popular conspiracy noting; "During a few weeks only, a third wave of outrageous bombing of Christian churches occurred in Iraq… If we look at these crimes from a criminal investigation point of view, and ask who is benefiting from these attacks, it would not be difficult to discover that the American occupation, international Zionism, and Israel get the real benefits from such attacks". Thus the CIA and Mossad receives the blame for the carnage, and Muslim fighters retain their Teflon coating. After all, evil cannot possibly come from the worlds best religion and its people. It has also been claimed, and apparently widely accepted, that U.S. soldiers cannibalized Iraqi civilians, and the U.S. was responsible for the car bomb that killed Iraqi Shia leader Muhammad Bakir Al-Hakim.


      Some popular theories gain credence no matter how far-fetched they seem, like conspiracy theories in the Arab world that claim Jews were behind the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia, and the U.S. is behind the SARS virus. Columnists in prominent Arab newspapers, including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, blamed the Madrid Spain bombings on the Jews. Indeed, the deputy editor of the Egyptian government daily Al-Gumhouriyya, wrote a March 18 2004 article accusing the Jews of perpetrating virtually every major terrorist attack throughout the world which westerners blame on Islamic extremists. Some have gone as far as to claim the CIA controls Osama bin Laden.


      More recently, a 75 year old aged Palestinian man in ill health died in a French hospital. Never mind that the life expectancy of Palestinians is in the 50’s, many believe that Israel conspired to poison and kill Mr. Yasser Arafat. Of course, no one in the world expected anything less than yet another claim of an Israeli conspiracy, along with more calls for vengeance, …and so no one was disappointed. Even if the man was 100 years old, its quite probable that a scenario does not exist which would have saved Israelis from responsibility for Arafat’s death.


      Meanwhile, back in the real world, the only ‘real’ global conspiracy worthy of attention is the one being acted out by Islamic extremists to force the whole world into Islam, or destroy any part of it which refuses to cooperate. As opposed to all examples previously cited, that is not paranoia, that is a reasonable fear based on 1400 years of history, up to and including today. Studying the Quran and Hadith, one can read of the conspiracies which Muhammad saw all around himself, and which he used to justify several offensive campaigns to kill, plunder, or subjugate those he perceived as a threat. What we see today is the natural extension of that example. No doubt all those earliest victims of Islamic conspiracy theories also thought the unjustified concerns would be settled by means other than Jihad. They were probably concerned, but undoubtedly all hoped for reason and logic to prevail. They all probably thought pretty much like we do today, counting on mans better nature to prevail. As they faced their last moments of life, undoubtedly they all regretted not taking the threat more seriously. It’s too late for them, but what lesson should we be taking from them?


      Islamophobia is defined as; "an unreasonable fear of the people and philosophy Islam and all it represents". But that definition contains a huge contradiction, as all concerns and fears relating to the behavior of Islamic adherents toward non-believers have a firm foundation in historical fact. Today and in all ages, when a individual, society, or culture finds itself in proximity to Islam, then it also finds itself in opposition to the expansion and goals of that philosophy. The act of not ‘believing’, or opposing sharia, constitutes behavior worthy of Islamic reprisals. So being concerned or fearful of the designs of Islamic followers is both a reasonable and rational state of mind. It’s just silly, if not stupid, to criticize a practical mindset which is likely essential for continued survival. What is more important, to appear politically correct, or to survive as individuals, societies and cultures? Do we want to appear ‘cool’, ‘PC’, and ‘sophisticated’, or are we willing to shed that image and act to preserve ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, our towns, and our country. For the sake of both Muslims and non-Muslims alike, we all hope that the ‘Ummah’ can overcome its own grandiose sense of superiority, which is at the root of a dangerous psychosis evident in rampant denial and the ever growing body of perceived conspiracies. We hope for this because when a madman sees ghosts and lashes out at the creature, it is the physical world which suffers from the blows.

Chapter 28

The Final Analysis on Real Islam


      Instead of trying to comprehend and facing the true roots of militant Islam, we have preferred to hope that Islamic violence is just the pernicious work of a few twisted individuals in small radical groups. We hope that by pounding the al-Qaida network the threat of Islamic terrorism will cease. We can then put it out of our minds and hope that it will no longer affect us, returning to more pleasant pursuits centered around sports, Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, and popular rock stars. We are happy that the DOW is back up and interest rates have lowered, and hope the recession is finally over. Yet, those planning our destruction are still living among us saying that their Islam is a religion of peace. All the while, just as Maslama deceived his good friend Kab in order to murder him, militant Muslims are prudently, patiently planning their next acts of terrorism, with tactic support from ‘faithful’ Muslims world wide, including here in the US. There is a reason why all those Madrassah educated Taliban, the Mullahs and Maulanas of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other Muslim countries unanimously support Bin-Laden, ...Osama bin Laden and his followers are pure Muslims per the Qur’an and Sunnah.


      Now the inescapable inferences must be stated. Near the beginning of this work we asked the reader to keep three questions in mind during this course of study. Reading, visualizing, and digesting the facts outlined herein has undoubtedly been distasteful. It tears at the natural human heart to contemplate and visualize what so many suffered at the hands of early and modern Islam. Though intelligent clear thinking individuals have undoubtedly drawn their own conclusions, the questions are repeated here, along with some of the obvious inferences drawn now with full support from the material covered.


      1) What are the teachings of real Islam found in the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira with respect to the use of violence, call it Jihad if you like, to aggressively spread its power over non-Muslims, and are these teachings valid and applicable today?


ANSWER: It should be obvious that real Islam still calls for the use of Jihad, force and violence, when able, to spread Islam’s power over non-Muslim people. The Jihad may take the form of passing out literature for Islam, or it may take the form of assassination, or a bombing of a building, or a massacre, or worse. These teachings are valid, applicable, and still required for Muslims today.


      2) Is real Islam behind and does it condone the murder of 3000 Americans and the destruction of the WTC, or are these Muslim terrorists doing something well outside Muhammad’s religion?


ANSWER: Yes. Real Islam is behind the murder of thousands of Americans and it condones the destruction of the WTC. Official Islamic theology taught in most parts of the world justify violent acts to further the cause of converting all to Islam, especially acts designed to weaken the "Great Satan", deemed the biggest threat to that cause.


3) What does the future hold for Islam and America, and in time for the rest of the non-Muslim world?


ANSWER: Continued Islamic violence. Would that it could be said otherwise, but it appears likely that Muslims will yet perform many large and small acts of murderous violence against us. If given the chance they may one day detonate a nuclear warhead, or warheads, in large American cities, as many in the movement see it as their only viable option. In order to advance Muslim theology as they see it, these militants know that America must be brought low, regardless of the cost. They are dedicated and may eventually succeed in obtaining the bombs or bomb material from Iran, Pakistan, Korea, or perhaps from a former Soviet Country. Muslim militants are cognizant of how to go about this, their goal is our incapacitation, and they believe the best way to accomplish this is through the use of WMD’s.


      Remove all the religious trappings surrounding that great religion/nation of Islam, take down all the tapestries and linens, remove the robes of honor and power, strip away the false claims of accomplishment and achievement, unwind all the spin and guile, and you are left with the simple naked truth, Islam undressed, …and it is not a pretty sight. Terror and violence continues to twist and distort the soul and body of Islam into ever more unrecognizable shapes, so that it hardly seems human. The image of Islam undressed is as frightening as the image of its never ending Jihadic crusades, bathed as they are in carnage, blood, pain, and sorrow of millions of men and women, young and old. Unlike Christianity that teaches one should love their enemy, Islam offers no quarter for any unbeliever unless they convert. There are 149 overt and easily found verses of the Qur’an alone that invoke Muslims to fight against non-believers, with scores more of supporting and more subtle references. Justifications and encouragement in Muslim’s other sacred works are even more abundant. Despite the constant repetition of the view that Islam is a religion of peace, only the most nave and foolish could possibly look at events around the world and conclude there is any truth to this. Time and again, the many biographies of Muhammad and the Caliphs that followed him reveal that he employed murder and war repeatedly to advance Islam. He was particularly obsessed with killing Jews.


      A few brave souls struggle against its core teachings to move Islam toward civility, but Islam’s response to terrorism is largely rhetoric, platitudes and disingenuous ‘lip-service’, in continuing contrast to her actions. Actions like running training camps of hatred and war in Islamic schools where the chief teaching tool is the Qur’an, a book that reads like a terrorist manifesto. It is wise to be wary of a people that embrace a religion based on texts filled with bigotry, hatred, and graphic violence. Islam proclaims peace as it engages in Jihad, tolerance as it persecutes, and freedom as it enslaves the rest of humanity. The truth is that Islam’s religious tenants and philosophy are not benign but full of vile hatred, which is continuing to drive terrorist acts. Yet this cult continues to deceive others at an astonishing pace to accept the philosophy as a legitimate religion, and then later moves them to join in Jihad, a Jihad directed towards each of us individually, our families, our neighbors, our friends, our Constitution, our government, our nation, and our religious beliefs (or lack thereof).


      So, why is it that so many Muslims want to see America broken or destroyed? The answer is simple, America is a powerful superpower; indeed some say the last superpower. Its military strength and pervasive cultural power represents the best hope against the violent spread of Islam. Obviously, if America is weakened or incapacitated, then Muslim terrorists can begin to act with much more impunity throughout the world. The attack against the WTC was not simply an effort to kill large numbers of American people, had they wanted to do that they could have found better targets. Rather, the attempted attack against the Whitehouse, and attacks against the WTC and Pentagon were strikes at America’s financial strength, government, and military command and control center, conveniently coupled with the murder and destruction of ordinary Americans. Muslims believe that if they can hurt us badly, we might capitulate and not reply to the threat from the extremists, or at least hope to weaken us and make it much more difficult to deal with or pursue them elsewhere in the world. Just as Muhammad destroyed the financial strength and morale of the date-palm groves of the Banu Nadir, and had key leaders assassinated, so to, these Muslims have struck at our financial strength and leadership.


      Consider the current war in Afghanistan and Iraq costing hundreds of billions, no country can long sustain such expenses. Eventually, our capacity to counter Islamic violence will diminish as it is spread thin. Calculate the results of 9/11/01 with its billions of dollars lost and tens of thousands of Americans out of work. The stock market crashed, taking over two years to recover, and its recovery may still be somewhat tenuous. The economy fell deeper into recession. Looking further down the road, the militants probably hope that once America is broken or destroyed, then the rest of Europe, Australia, or other regions can next be targeted with impunity.


      If Muslims in Algeria can slit the throats of small Algerian children and throw them down wells, then zealots cut from the same violent cloth will not care one iota about any American life. These murdered children were fellow Algerians and sometimes fellow Muslims. Perhaps they weren’t Muslim enough to the Muslim terrorists. In either case, the devoted Muslims we are dealing with are of the same spirit that murdered these children, who slaughtered the children of Beslan, Russia, and the same spirit that had the Jews of the Banu Qurayza tribe massacred. This is a spiritual war, where militant Muslim extremists are pawns in the hands of a force with a truly evil agenda …the utter domination and complete control of the entire human race! My claim is that the spiritual power behind terrorism is bigger, and more perverse, than all failed political theologies propagated to date, because it does not know human bounds. Militant Muslims serving their terror masters will not care about millions of American deaths, they will cherish it. Just as devout Muslims in Chicago and on American campuses rejoiced at the destruction of the WTC, so too large numbers of Muslims here and abroad still look forward to the day that America can be brought low.


      Frequently we hear that these terrorists are very, very few, and that the Islamic community is universally peace loving. Now should we blindly accept those assurances and really believe that this type of Islamic terrorism is the work of just a few individuals? Everyone should be asking himself or herself; did the 19 Muslim hijackers operate in a vacuum? Should we believe that no other Muslims currently living in America knew about their plans? The thinking man would have to conclude that these Muslims were known about and aided by many other Muslims living here. These abettors and many other Muslims have been coming here over an extended period as men on a mission. Both the hijackers and their handlers were known and supported by Muslims throughout America and the world. If need be, Muslim accomplices will proclaim that "Islam is a religion of peace", fly an American flag, cry crocodile tears, and proclaim, "we feel your pain". But just as Muhammad’s followers betrayed fellow citizens at an opportune time, these Muslim handlers (terrorists) and their Muslim accomplices betrayed America. "Islam has broken the former ties", just as the early Muslims betrayed those who were once their friends. They eat with us, drink with us, even share part of their lives with us, but the call of Islam is stronger then American citizenship, personal friendship, or simple values of integrity and trust. Make no mistake about it, when the time is ripe, many more Muslims living here in the states may support or commit the same type of violent actions that were committed on 9/11/01. They aren’t done, and in their hearts they know it isn’t over yet, not by a long shot.


      In truth the world is chock-full of Islamic violence, committed by Muslim terrorists found in all nations. The 19 Muslim hijackers came from several Muslim countries. The Taliban are filled with Arabs, Chechens, Indonesians, Chinese, Afghans, Pakistanis, and so on. Even some British and American Muslims had gone to Afghanistan to fight fellow British and American soldiers. This type of Islamic terrorism is a worldwide movement; it is not the work of a few hot head radicals. It is the work of dedicated, devout, determined Muslims. American Muslims will continue to betray American citizens as they have done in Guantanamo and Afghanistan. The next batch of Muslim terrorists need not be Arab, or dark skinned. They may be white, blue-eyed, and, blonde. Their dedication to Islam will override any commitment to America and its people.


      Below is the text of fatwa urging Jihad against Americans which was published in Al-Quds al-'Arabi on February 23, 1998.


 On that basis, and in compliance with God's order, we issue the following fatwa to all Muslims the ruling to kill the Americans and their allies--civilians and military--is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it, in order to liberate the al-Aqsa Mosque and the holy mosque from their grip, and in order for their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim.


This is in accordance with the words of Almighty God, "and fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together," and "fight them until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God." 


      By their own words and works, we can conclude that Islam is apparently a violent religion after all, and large parts of it continue to condone and allow the use of aggressive violence to spread its dominion over non-Muslims. The war that Muhammad launched long ago continues today, but the stakes are getting higher. America, European and Asian nations will continue to be adversely affected by the actions of real Muslims – those that are obeying their god and prophet – as they have been in the past. America (and other countries) previously insulated by distance and oceans are no longer safe and have become the relatively new targets of expansionist Islam. For all the cries against Zionism by Muslims, it is Islam which has the most aggressive ambitions and designs on other peoples and lands.


"Will you listen to me O Meccans? By him who holds my life in His hand I bring you slaughter." (Muhammad, some of the earliest words spoken in Mecca, shortly after his first visit by "Gabriel", to people who rejected his claim to prophethood). "The Life of Muhammad", by A. Guillaume, page 131. Make war upon such of those to whom the Scriptures have been given as believe not in God, or in the last day, and who forbid not that which God and His Apostle (Muhammad) have forbidden, and who profess not the profession of the truth, until they pay tribute out of hand, and they be humbled."


      We see that Muhammad had many people murdered. By request, by command, by implication, Muhammad had many killed, some while they slept. There were no trials, no judgments, no dialog. If you insulted Muhammad, if you doubted his credibility, or if you spoke out, you were killed. Men and women, young and old, all were killed because of Muhammad's intolerance, anger, hatred, and disdain toward those who spoke out against him. Today, fatwas continue to be issued demanding the faithful kill any perceived to insult the prophet or discredit his divinity. One wonders if the thin skin and short temper of Islam is due to insecurity stemming from the inherit weaknesses of its doctrine. The fact remains that challenging the doctrine of Islam or hearsay against the prophet carries the penalty of death to this day. Jihad still forms an integral part of the Islamic morality, an open behest of Allah to murder, pillage, rape and create widows and orphans for imposing Allah's will on enemies guilty of the "sin" of unbelief. Indeed, whereas war is the least desirable state of affairs for most men, vile/violent Jihad is considered holy by Muslims, and Allah guarantees paradise for all who embrace it.


      The intellectually insincere individual full of hatred will certainly not benefit from this book; rather he will undoubtedly be greatly offended by the facts outlined herein. As the saying goes ... "A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still". A closed mind will forever be unable to draw correct inferences from a set of facts plainly laid out before him. There are too many people stuck with fixed views, which don't permit them to see the writing on the wall. The fact that the writing was written in blood on Sept 11th in New York, March 11th in Madrid, and now Sept 3rd in Beslan, still there is hesitation, if not fear, about looking at the matter of religiously based terrorism in the 21st century squarely in the face. Sadly, some choose to remain in denial forever. Some take it a step further and actively obstruct self-protective policies and actions. While fighting for causes that place both themselves and the rest of us in peril, they at the same time arrogantly claim some kind of clairvoyant moral clarity. Haughty and condescending, they are ignorant of history and outright dismissive of all facts conflicting with their superior wisdom. Their arguments are without factual foundation or substance, which is why the rhetoric is rife with criticisms and insults. Though claiming to be American patriots (and often lacking any French ancestry whatsoever) they offer no suggestions but appeasement, or in other words, peace through surrender.


      Make no mistake about it: By any standard of any age Muhammad deployed murderous tactics that can only be described as terrorist in nature. Muhammad indeed taught his followers to oppress and kill non-Muslims. Today's Muslim terrorists are following his actions literally … like prophet, like followers. They commit their acts will full understanding and belief that they are based upon what Muhammad said and did, and what he expects of them. So, soundly based in pure Islamic doctrine, large parts of Islam continue to practice, justify, support, finance, or tolerate terrorism against non-Muslims today. It appears the life of Muhammad will continue to be used by militants as justification to attack and murder those who differ from them. Muhammad taught his followers that Islam is the final and universal religion. Where Islamic law has been instituted, no other religion is tolerated unless it agrees to submit to Islamic rule. Today, more than forty nations have a majority population of Muslims, and Muslim leaders have spoken of their goal to spread Islam in the West until Islam becomes a dominant, global power. That global agenda is in keeping with Muhammad’s final clear orders: convert... pay with submission ... or die.


      In 1861 Sir William Muir Esq. studied Islam in great depth and detail and in his work ‘The Life of Mahomet’ issued the following warning, still applicable today:


… chief radical evils flow from the faith, in all ages and in every country, and must continue to flow so long as the Koran in the standard of belief.


FIRST: Polygamy, Divorce, and Slavery, are maintained and perpetuated; - striking as they do at the root of public morals, poisoning domestic life, and disorganizing society.


SECOND: freedom of judgment in religion is crushed and annihilated. The sword is the inevitable penalty for the denial of Islam. Toleration is unknown. …Many a flourishing land in Africa and in Asia, which once rejoiced in the light and liberty of Christianity, is now overspread by gross darkness and a stubborn barbarism. … The swords of Mahomet, and the Koran, are the most fatal enemies of Civilization, Liberty, and Truth, which the world has yet known.


      Islam’s nature will always prevent it from accepting criticism or suggestions from outsiders, reform will only occur from within, ...but then you have the problem that in Islamic societies men of Gandhi, Lincoln, Martin Luther's stature are killed as soon as they open their mouths. And as for non-Muslims in the West, the moment anyone mentions anything remotely critical of Islam, the first response you get hit with is "you are a racist", which is silly, of course, as Islam is not a race but an ideology. Muslims include large numbers of people from all races, so a more accurate word describing ideological intolerance would be a bigot, defined as "a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own", but Islamists have correctly surmised that the ‘race card’ carries much more weight in our super-sensitive society. The ‘bigot’ term is also problematic because it describes, in a nutshell, Muslim attitudes to non-believers. In fact it is perfectly legitimate to criticize the social and political errors and consequences of Islamism, communism, liberalism, feminism, socialism, or any other ‘ism’ without regard to race. Thin-skinned Muslims worldwide regard every criticism of Islamic culture or practice as Islamophobic and sacrilegious. Instead of invoking thoughtful reflection or introspection of any kind, any question or critique results in even more vitriolic anti-western invectives. Intelligent debate or discussion is impossible, as in the end all debates are resolved as they are in the 4th grade play-yard, through tantrums and name-calling. It appears critical self-analysis of any kind is impossible for the worlds ‘best’ religion. The inability of the religion to engage in critical self-scrutiny continues to prevent any possibility of meaningful discussion with outsiders, which otherwise might assist in Islam’s peaceful co-existence with other peoples and religions.


      The real issue, then, is what can the West do to inspire and help Muslims choose moderation over extremism. Since the West is locked out of the internal debate, and suggestions or criticisms from inferior infidels cannot be permitted, the only role the West can play is one it is playing now. The West can only provide an example of the advantages of democracy, freedom, and respect for human rights, and it can (and must) demonstrate to Muslims the futility and error of choosing expansionist Islam by soundly defeating every attack. But that’s the conundrum isn’t it, respecting freedom of speech, religion, and human rights, while at the same time killing large numbers of militants, taking down governments supporting them, and discrediting Mullahs advocating Jihad. Ultimately, it is not enough to shut down terrorist training camps and kill today’s marauding Jihadists. We must also stop the "jihad factories", …the mosques and educational institutions that are turning out tens of thousands of tomorrow’s aspiring terrorists, suicide bombers, and the next generation of radical leadership. The requisite initiations on speech, assembly, and political freedom needed to protect democracy from a militant religious credo are not easy to define and enforce. There is some precedent in limiting and restricting activities and speech designed to overthrow legitimate government, enslave, kill, riot, ect. Incitement to harm society at large, including hate speech against a particular group (in this case all non-Muslims) can be monitored and regulated. But such regulation is repugnant to many Americans, who overall desire no state involvement in religion. But then Islam is not benign like other religions, and to ignore this fact may be politically correct, but stupid. How long can someone not purporting to be a comic ignore a very large, deadly pink elephant in the same room? This difficult thorny problem must be successfully dealt with in within all affected institutions in this country first, so that the model may serve as an example and template for other regions faced with the same threat.


      While the information and propaganda war is rethought and engaged at home, the issue of existing Jihadists must not be ignored. Jihadic terrorism is the greatest single threat to the existing world order and the advance of humankind. Active groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Lasker-E-Tobia, Al Bader, Taliban, Al Qaeda, Tehreek-E-Jihad, Hizbul Mujahidden, and a host of others seem to have no trouble recruiting new foot soldiers to replace or augment existing fanatics. A study recently revealed that despite the ‘war on terror’, terrorist acts are increasing worldwide, proving that Jihadic terrorism is being insufficiently fought. In the Feb 24, 2004 annual assessment of global threats to the Senate Intelligence Committee, CIA Director George Tenet and FBI Director Robert Mueller testified that the al-Qaeda terror group is seriously damaged but has spread its radical anti-American agenda to other Islamic extremist groups that now pose the greatest threat to the United States. "The steady growth of Osama bin Laden's anti-U.S. sentiment through the wider Sunni (Islamic) extremist movement, and the broad dissemination of al Qaeda’s destructive expertise, ensure that a serious threat will remain for the foreseeable future - with or without al-Qaeda in the picture ... And what we've learned continues to validate my deepest concern - that this enemy remains intent on obtaining and using catastrophic weapons." As recent destructive attacks in the U.S, Israel, India, Turkey, Kenya, Spain, and Indonesia have proven, Jihadists will remain a threat to all within their ever-increasing range of operations for some time to come. Jihadist terrorism is unabated in Israel and India, continuing to claim thousands of innocent lives each year. All over the world, Islamic terrorism remains a serious threat and impediment to peace, security, liberty and democracy. Today’s murderous fanatics are so deeply brainwashed, so devoted to their prejudices and hatreds, that any hope of reform is completely unrealistic. The only possible successful combat strategy must focus on the entire Jihadic organization including all internal structures, the theologians setting the goals, and all social and religious values giving comfort and moral support and sanctuary. The act of terrorism by a specific community following a specific theology should be viewed for what it is, a collective criminal act. We, therefore, need to address both the psyche and all social defects of the whole Islamic Jihadi community. But we also must face the uncomfortable fact that sometimes one simply has to admit that sometimes you cannot tame a wild animal lost in primal lusts long forgotten by civilized human beings, you can only kill such a wrenched creature. Feel sorry for it, but kill it none-the-less, for if you don’t it will surely kill you and your children. The cunning creature is already at the door and perhaps even in the kitchen. Take your eyes off it and it will strike, sleep and it will take advantage to kill your neighbors and children, feed it and it will thank you with a poison bite. It is both a hydra with many heads, and a swarming nest requiring repeated blows to make our lives secure and our homes safe. A weak blow that does not put the creature into the next world will not drive it away, but will only result in a more cunning attack the next time. Negotiations and truce will only delay its ambitions and methods. Weak Tit-for-tat responses only embolden it to harsher measures and further depravity. The same choice faced by so many since the 7th century is now upon every citizen of the US, convert …or fight.


      It is not just Americans and some Europeans who are becoming "Islamophobic" (a made up term to fit a void for Islamists and their apologists in the ideological war of ideas). Australians, Koreans, Japanese and other nations that have almost no previous history with Muslims are also starting to fear Islam as it proves to continue to be consistent in its dealings with its ever expanding borders. This is not a phobia, or an unreasonable fear based on an unreasonable thought process, but a fear that is very real, justifiable, and firmly based on the simple fact that Muhammad’s Islam is a religion of terror. In the Qur’an (8:12) Muhammad promised to "instill terror in the hearts of the unbelievers", and he and his devoted followers continue to succeed at doing exactly that. And so now much of the world is learning to fear Islam. As it turns out being Islamophobic is not such a bad thing after all. All who faced the personal terror of their own demise on Sept 11th did not fear Islamists or their agenda prior to their own victimization. That lack of knowledge and fear did not serve or protect them, just as many millions throughout history have been surprised at the murderous behavior of Jihadists. Lack of awareness and appropriate fear makes individuals and nations more vulnerable to attack. Initially, surely most victims throughout history never imagined that their Muslim neighbors, and sometimes even partners and friends, might someday seek to enslave or destroy them. Being both aware and fearful of Jihadists intentions does far more to ensure safety and survival than not, so being in such a state is both desirable and laudable. If the past 1400 years of history have proven one thing, it is that the lack of knowledge, respect, and fear for Islamists and their intentions has proven fatal for many individuals and even entire cultures. In fact any non-Muslim who is not ‘Islamophobic’ is either an ignorant fool, or guilty of hubris. Although the term is meant to be derogatory, being accused of having a fear of Islamimanics is in fact a compliment. To be Islamophobic is to be educated, to be aware, to have a firm grip on reality and healthy grasp of a very real threat to peace, prosperity, country, and family. On the other hand to be aware of the threat and to choose to ignore it, is to capitulate to slavery over freedom, and servitude over prosperity. Whether this country is still the land of the free and home of the brave, or simply (as are the Europeans) a land of aspiring dhimmis, will be answered by a generation of Americans who have heretofore never been tested, and who still remain largely ignorant of the theology and peoples seeking their destruction. When called, will they put down their X-Box controllers and pick up a weapon to defend their families, friends, and country, or will they continue to join the ranks of Michael Moore’s anti-government conspiracy legions? As with the Roman Empire, will this fledging nation fall victim to its own prosperity and resulting moral weakness? When it becomes more apparent that the future of our democracy is at stake, will more answer the call than the relative handful of strong, brave, and faithful in the armed services today? Did they even notice Sept 11th, or Madrid, the thousand plus US soldiers killed by marauding religious fanatics lusting to kill Americans in Iraq? Will they defer self-indulgent pursuits for the greater good, or continue to escape responsibility using the usual relativistic rational. Will the current 18-26 year olds continue to vote in a block to surrender everything to left-wing concepts of ‘peace at all costs’ (as if anything, including full surrender, could stop Jihadists from killing our culture turning every citizen into either obedient Muslims, slaves, or dead infidels). Will the black community continue to vote in a block to support policies and politicians that are guaranteed to eventually return them to slavery to their new Muslim masters? No one knows, but time will tell, and then history will record it. What will be placed in the historical record will depend on whether the historians are Muslim, or not.

Islamic Culpability


      It is way past time to give it up people. We have tried to target various vile terrorists, while at the same time pumping up Islam, but its just not working. As we fight terrorists, we have been unable to face the stark reality that Islam, and the example of their revered prophet, are the chief motivation behind various terrorist foot-soldiers. It’s not a ‘culture’, it’s not a few deviants, it’s not a government or nation, it’s the religion. As we look first one way, and then the other, in-you-face Muslim leaders and lay continue their Jihad against us, pushing their young men to commit acts of inhumane brutality in the name of their hateful god Allah. Previously unthinkable news and images invades our living rooms on a daily basis. Only the dead and dumb can continue to hide from the facts surrounding a philosophy calling itself a religion, hell-bent on murdering or enslaving the rest of humanity. For those able to think, here is a news flash: The 9/11 hijackers, the London Bombers, the Beslan child-killers, the Chechen terrorists, the Palestinian terrorists, the Madrid terrorists, the Darfur killers, the Iraqi murderers, The Bali bombers, and innumerable acts of murder and carnage, are all linked. The common linkage is that the victimizers are all devout Muslims! Yes, that wonderful ‘religion of peace’ we have been so careful to respect. And while the foot-soldiers act to weaken Western influence and institutions, ‘moderate Islam’ continues to do what it does best, hide militants living amongst them and silently cheer from the sidelines.  The common denominator in this equation of violence is ISLAM. The common script for all these violent plays is the Qur’an, the Sira, and the Hadith collection. The identical characters for all these ugly occurrences are devout Muslims well steeped in Islamic verse and prose.


      In our need to believe all religion is good, we continue to place blame everywhere else, anywhere else, even ourselves, except where it is due. Nave to the methods and history of Islam, most of us transfer our own religious experience onto undeserving Muslims, incorrectly assuming that going to the Mosque and more prayer will dissuade Muslims from acts of evil, when it works exactly the opposite. Whereas most religionists leave their places of worship more docile, reflective, and less likely to do harm to others, in Islam worshipers leave the Mosques on Friday and go on murderous riots to avenge some perceived slight. Never, NEVER, encourage a disturbed Muslim to read the Qur’an, or go to a mosque and pray. It is only when nominal Muslims actually learn the facts of just who Muhammad actually was and what he expects, that they are at risk to become terrorists. Thank heaven most Muslims don’t know too much of their own history and teachings, and it is best to keep it that way. Unfamiliarity and lack of dedication to the Torah and Bible prevents good Jews and Christians from becoming better men and women, but unfamiliarity and lack of dedication to the Qur’an prevents good Muslims from becoming terrorists.


      For non-Muslims, self-preservations dictate that it is essential to become familiar with the actual teachings and example of Muhammad. Even if you don’t know your own religion very well, or if you have no religion at all, each of us had better become knowledgeable of the philosophy and people bent on killing, converting, or enslaving us all. Without that armor of truth, our societies, cultures, and nations will eventually fall to Islam’s methods and tactics. NO ONE should listen to the taqiyya (misinformation) constantly issued by Islamic apologists and propagandists. Each of us needs to take personal responsibility to know and understand the enemy seeking our demise. I suggest you continue after reading this work to other sites like and To gain insight into the reality of Islam’s culpability, consider also the following article recently released:


CNN - Jul 20 2005 - Father of 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta warns of 50-year war. The father of one of the September 11 hijackers said today he had no sorrow for what had happened in London and claimed more terrorist attacks would follow. Egyptian Mohamed el-Amir, whose son Mohamed Atta commandeered the first plane that crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York, said there was a double standard in the way the world viewed the victims in London and victims in the Islamic world. El-Amir said the attacks in the US and the July 7 attacks in Britain were the beginning of what would be a 50-year religious war, in which there would be many more fighters like his son. Speaking to a CNN producer in his apartment in the upper-middle-class Cairo suburb of Giza, he declared that terror cells around the world were a "nuclear bomb that has now been activated and is ticking". Cursing in Arabic, el-Amir also denounced Arab leaders and Muslims who condemned the London attacks as being traitors and non-Muslims. He passionately vowed that he would do anything within his power to encourage more attacks.


      So after reading this, who is responsible for Mohammed Atta’s acts on 9/11, does this revelation implicate his father? Certainly it makes it clear there was a family/culture component supporting his malicious choices, but from where in turn did his father derive the value system which he obviously instilled in his son, Mmmmm? Well, get a grip, and stop looking the other way, …the manifest truth is that both the father and son have a clear grasp of real Islam, and they practice it!  Stare it right in the face, and do not blink. They learned it from sacred Islamic scripture and from a lifetime at the mosque listening to pious Imams. The father fears no backlash to his comments from his friends, neighbors, and Muslim countrymen because ….there is nothing to fear. The man receives more congratulations than condemnations. This from Egypt, a supposedly friendly nation who receives as much US aid as Israel. From the growing Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt we get men like this, and the original terrorists who first attempted to bring down the NY Twin Towers. To travel into the minds of Muslims is like going to the land of OZ, everything is different, and much is manifestly evil. Be sure you have your ruby slippers on before going there, you will often feel the urge to click your heals three times and say; "there’s no place like home…". When you get back, you will be wanting a shower. If you are not Islamophobic yet, then you are either already dead, or stupid. Becoming Islamophobic is the graduation certificate you get upon moving from delusion and ignorance, to full-awareness. When you have arrived, wear it with pride.

Chapter 29

The Path Ahead


"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so that my children may have peace." - Thomas Paine, American patriot


      Because of its asymmetrical nature, most people don't appreciate that the War on Terrorism is actually a World War. In this conflict Nation states are pitted against a myriad of terrorist organizations without borders and the Islamic theology pushing them, and not against other states like in previous World Wars and the Cold War. Although the theoretical battle is similar in the fight between Democratic freedom and Islamic subjugation, the contest is much less familiar, yet still physical in nature, and fatal. This is also unlike the Cold War where the free world fought repressive communists who wanted to live and could be deterred by nuclear Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). But the similarity with earlier World Wars is that it has an ideological component, with both sides thinking that they are the good guys. On the one side are the people who believe that democracy with all its accompanying civil liberties is the best way for human beings to organize their societies, whereas the other side spits at democracy and fights for the world to be ruled in accordance with the medieval laws of Allah, the "oft-forgiving, most merciful" Muslim God who, unfortunately, does not love non-believers. In many ways, this asymmetrical warfare is more dangerous because the enemy (men eager to die so as to be rewarded with carnal Paradise) could be living amongst us, and most probably are.


      The war on the ideological front, which should be so clear in its boundaries, unfortunately is not going very well at all. Western concepts of civil rights, along with legal, political, and cultural constraints currently preclude government intervention of organized religions, and make it difficult to prohibit or punish inflammatory sermons of imams in mosques, or to punish clerics for issuing fatwas justifying terrorism. Myopic organizations like the ACLU, with support from activist judges, claim no boundary or limits can be placed on speech. Even without such opposition, within politics it is problematic to differentiate where free speech ends and incitement begins. As long as it so restricts itself the West remains at a severe disadvantage in the War of Ideas. Guilt related to colonial legacy also deters some Western governments from taking steps that may be construed as either anti-Muslim, or as signs of lingering colonialist ideology. Although statues are in force in many European countries to cope with destructive and dangerous political and racial crimes (anti-Nazi and anti-racism laws), in democratic countries no statute has ever been considered to date against religious ideologies deemed a threat to existing governments and citizens. Most of the new terrorism prevention legislation enacted in some counties depends on surveillance and subpoena powers but does not empower agencies to deal with religion-based "ideological crimes". This mindset and approach needs to be reconsidered if the West hopes to counter the unquestioned fatwas being issued calling to Muslims to take up the sword and kill infidels. As long as we are only dealing with the brainwashed Islamic soldier, and not the teacher who sent him, we will never stop the flow of terrorists planning and carrying out more attacks against us.


      The conflict and struggle between competing ideologies had always been a component of total war, but in this war the US has somewhat abandoned ideological warfare, restricting its criticism to terrorists who ‘got their religion wrong’. Even Bush tells us that Islam means peace, recognizing that most Muslims are not terrorists and some even disapprove (quietly) of the terrorist tactics pursued by militants. But the teachings of Islam make it quite difficult, if not impossible, for more moderate Muslims to openly wage war against the terrorists. It should be clear to any casual observer that the vast majority of Muslims instinctively rally to support fellow Muslims when they come under attack. It seems that no matter how unworthy or how violent and repressive a regime is, Muslims always prefer a bad Muslim to a good Infidel. Thus when the US attacked Afghanistan (ruled by the brutal Taliban), or Iraq (ruled by a murderous regime) Muslims all over the world protested. Saddam Hussein killed many more fellow Muslims than arch-enemy Israel ever did, yet many Muslims from all over the world volunteered to fight for him against the Coalition forces entering to liberate Muslims from the despot. What this means for America is that the war will not be effectively enjoined by any Muslim state, as even moderates cannot be counted on to support the forces of democracy against other Muslims. All we can reasonably hope for is a little bit of lip service and, hopefully, non-interference. The UN is not likely to suddenly improve its vision or develop a backbone either; it is left to us to protect ourselves.


      In its affluence, peace, and untouched by the violence of ‘total war’ for over a half century, Americans look back with revulsion at the horror of Hiroshima, but hardly any of today’s self appointed moral elitists know anything about Okinawa. Whereas the exploits of George S. Patton and Douglas MacArthur, as well as campaigns in Iwo Jima and Normandy are heralded in books and films, almost none commemorate the far greater struggle on Okinawa in three months in 1945. Few appreciate what impact the suicidal fanaticism exhibited there had on our policymakers. American forces suffered 35 percent casualties in and around Okinawa, with over 12,000 American dead, 35,000 wounded, and over 300 ships damaged or sunk. The Japanese suffered 100,000 killed (many in hand-to-hand fighting) plus an additional 100,000 civilian casualties. Okinawa is a large island but minuscule in comparison with the far better defended Japanese mainland, which facts weighed heavy on the mind of our president who faced stark predictions of over a half million expected losses likely to be incurred in a Normandy type invasion. The Enola Gay and her crew, vilified by anti-war and anti-nuclear groups worldwide, killed tens of thousands to save hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Japanese and American lives. Ten to hundreds of lives were saved for every life taken.


      In all wars emotions run high and there is danger in extremism, but in this case there is also mortal peril in navet. It is crystal-clear that militant Islam is at war with the US as has declared as much by writ, word, and deed, so we should cease the intellectual dishonesty and accept that by default we are at war with them. The danger is very real, and we as individuals and as a nation must choose our method of coping. The decision is a simple one …fight ...or flight. The elite and peaceniks seem content to bury their heads in the sand and hope it will all go away, the rest are left with the hard task of accessing the situation and deciding how best to preserve both them and the rest of us. Both Hitler's SS troops and radical Islamic Jihadists are cut of the same totalitarian cloth. You simply cannot talk to or negotiate with a rabid dog; this sort of animal must be eradicated to insure the safety and survival of the human race.


      What form will the next attack take? There is a high probability of near-term attacks on airliners using shoulder-fired anti-air missiles, probably simultaneously at several major US airports. In the first documented action against a commercial airliner outside of a war zone, a missile attack against an Israeli charter plane off the coast of Kenya in November 2002 missed its target. The incident is likely a "precursor" for anti-U.S. attacks in the future. There are hundreds of thousands of shoulder-fired missiles [MANPADs] throughout the world. In August 2003 the FBI (with assistance from Russian and British authorities) thwarted an attempt by a man with links to Al Qaeda to purchase a MANPAD in Russia and smuggle it into the United States.


      The likeliest scenario would include multiple attacks against high-value/ high-casualty potential targets using the terrorist ‘go-to’ weapon, the truck/car/suicide bomb. If planned carefully and executed simultaneously, terrorists hope that the shock and horror would demoralize this country and result in political/military capitulation. Another scenario is an attack at a fuel terminal or depot, where a massive explosion or series of explosions could be ignited. The Valdez oil terminal in Alaska is under special protection because of intelligence suggesting that possibility. The model would be the May 23, 2002 attempt at the Pi Gilot fuel depot in Tel Aviv, Israel's largest facility, and located near heavily populated areas. Hamas terrorists strapped a bomb on a tanker truck that was detonated inside the depot. Luckily, the terrorists had chosen the wrong target — they bombed a diesel fuel truck that burned rather than exploding. Had they planned the attack better the terrorists might have killed an estimated 20-40,000 people. A strike at similar facilities in the United States, such as at the Port of Houston, would have huge human and economic costs.


      Another possibility is the commandeering at sea of large tankers and rigging them with explosives, and using them to instigate a Muslim terrorist signature suicide attack at a major US port. Other possibilities include a poison attack of a major water supply center, and/or the destruction of several major dams. Attacks against large public gatherings (sports, other celebrations, or transportation hubs as happened in Madrid) are also possible. The possibility of biological or nuclear attack also grows larger daily. There are large stockpiles of nerve and biological agents in the hands of Syria, including probable recent additions from Iraq. Syria is a country that has repeatedly used Hamas as a proxy in its war against Israel and the West.


      The worst possibility is, of course, the nuclear threat. The following news release highlights only the tip of the iceberg of extremist activity and the market availability of WMD’s. Much more activity lies beneath the surface well hidden, and therein lies the greatest mortal danger civilization has ever faced.


(UPI) Nov 15 2003 - Brno, Czech Republic - Czech uranium smugglers arrested. Two Slovaks were arrested in the Czech Republic for trying to sell what appeared to be low-grade uranium, police revealed Saturday. The men were arrested Friday during a sting operation at a hotel in Brno, police told the BBC.


The men were tricked into selling the material to a plainclothes police officer, and then arrested as they counted their money in their hotel room, police said. The head of the Czech Republic's nuclear safety authority said it was most likely low-grade uranium and could not have been used to produce nuclear weapons, the BBC said. Testing on the material, however, continued Saturday. It was the largest seizure of radioactive material anywhere in the world in the last nine months, the BBC said. Officials speculated the material may have come from Russia or another country in the former Soviet Union.


      Rumors persist that Al Qaeda has already obtained several nuclear weapons and is just waiting for the right moment to set them off in US cities. Front page magazine published this article of warning.


      In the Feb 24, 2004 annual assessment of global threats to the Senate Intelligence Committee, CIA Director George Tenet and FBI Director Robert Mueller testified that al-Qaeda is seriously damaged but has spread its radical anti-American agenda to other Islamic extremist groups that now pose the greatest threat to the United States. "The steady growth of Osama bin Laden's anti-U.S. sentiment through the wider Sunni (Islamic) extremist movement, and the broad dissemination of al Qaeda’s destructive expertise, ensure that a serious threat will remain for the foreseeable future - with or without al Qaeda in the picture ... And what we've learned continues to validate my deepest concern - that this enemy remains intent on obtaining and using catastrophic weapons."


      Once the fanatics finally obtain one or more nuclear devices from whatever source, they must quickly use them because they cannot be held indefinitely. The fissionable material in a nuclear weapon decays rapidly, and must be replenished with freshly enriched material about every six years. Terrorists will have a weapon long before they have the ability to indefinitely maintain it, so the clock will be ticking from the moment it is in their hands. The device(s) will probably already have some time on it, and the prospect of obtaining additional weapons may be doubtful. Once obtained, it will be ‘use it or lose it’ for the terrorists, and no one should doubt their eagerness to set it off in a major city like Washington DC.


      The timing and mechanisms are unknown, but the one thing that is certain is that by whatever method, another strike is coming. It is inevitable that terrorists will continue their efforts to attack us. The next attack is out there. It may not succeed; it may be detected and broken up, it may fail because of poor planning, poor execution, or maybe we will just get lucky, but do not doubt that it is nearing. The science of terrorism and destruction is not difficult to grasp or execute. Anyone with half a brain can find innumerable ways to destroy, kill, or maim. The victims will include Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, young and old, men and women. The sequel to that horror film "Sept 11th" is currently in production and coming soon to a theatre near you!


      On September 11, 2001 we were sucker-punched and are still struggling to regain our bearing and composure. The chief task at hand since then has been in identifying and targeting enemies previously protected under the often-misguided umbrella of ‘tolerance’. The ‘politically correct’ media remains convinced that every religion is ‘right’ and none are ‘wrong’. Indeed it is taboo to even speak in a way that may be offensive to someone’s religious sensibilities, as if laws separating church and state also apply to church and media-speech. Though many with weak moral foundations remain uncertain, continuing to wrestle with what is right and wrong, truth does indeed ‘stand clear’ of spin and excessive relativism. It is time to wake up from the ‘ignorance-is-bliss’ mentality, recognize and acknowledge the root of the problem and get into the heads of these hateful people to decide out how best to destroy their will to harm us, even if that means killing large numbers of them to convince them of the errors in their thinking and goals. The only possible successful combat strategy must focus on the entire Jihadi organization including all internal structures, the theologians setting the goals, and all social and religious values giving comfort, moral-support, and sanctuary to terrorist foot soldiers. Each act of Islamic terrorism should be viewed for what it is, a collective criminal act.


      Both the executive and judicial branches of the U.S. government are essentially declaring itself to be the ultimate authority of what is truly Islamic and what is not, inadvertently providing cover to the very theology acting to destroy its protectors. With little intimate knowledge of Islamic doctrine and teachings, and almost completely ignoring recent and distant history, our government continuously attempts to sever the association between Islam and terrorism. Officials do not deny that self-proclaimed Muslims are constantly trying to kill Americans, but it stridently denies any connection between violent aggression and genuine Islam. Despite the fact that those proclaiming it are politicians, bureaucrats, judges, and other members of U.S. officialdom, such proclamations are patently false. Not everyone making such claims are being deliberately deceitful, most are simply making certain assumptions about one of the worlds largest religions, having no particular competence to decide what is or is not Islamic, and so are under-qualified to make such judgments. Officials should contain themselves and not issue opinions on what constitutes the Islamic faith and which are its true representatives. Any individual who has struggled to review the material presented herein knows much more about terrorism and Islam than all of them, and indeed probably more than most Muslims know about their own religion as well.


      Hubris, defined as "outrageous arrogance", has brought down many powerful and great civilizations before. Just like the Roman Emperors and its citizenry who never imagined their most advanced society would become part of 'ancient history', Western elites display exactly the same stupid arrogance. Today there is hubris in the Senate and House of Representatives where a few, sworn to preserve and protect, visited the enemy in Iraq offering themselves as unwitting propaganda tools for dictators and despots. Recently the potential Democratic presidential candidates exacerbated the difficulties of a nation at war, all willing to weaken national resolve in hope of gaining sufficient votes from ‘the convenient masses’ to secure the position of ‘Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces’, which forces they essentially denigrate. The party suffers from myopia, seeing all kinds of far-right conspiracies, but unable (or not allowed by the ‘politically correct’ blinders it designed and advocates) to see the enemy poised to strike us again and again. The Democratic Party seems only equipped to protect its advantage on ‘progressive’ judges, the environment, abortion rights, privacy rights of terrorists, and the entitlements and delicate sensibilities of special interest groups, but otherwise seem wholly ill equipped to protect us from anything more dangerous than vague unintended insults from the ‘insensitive’ Republican Party. Possibly the greatest Democratic president of all time, Kennedy, understood well the perils facing the US by communist totalitarianism and was willing to risk all to stand up to it, but sadly there are no Democrats of his caliber in our day.


      All the while Islam, by its very nature, remains in permanent competition with other civilizations. This theory was expounded by the Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington, who coined the term "Islam's bloody borders" -- a reference to the fact that wherever Islam rubs up against other civilizations -- Jewish, Christian, Hindu -- wars seem to break out. His work ‘Clash of Civilizations’ should be required reading at high schools, colleges, and universities. Amir Tahiri, the editor of ‘Politique International of Paris’ noted October 2001 that of the 30 wars going on at that time, 28 involve Muslim people fighting either non-Muslims or other Muslims. The true Islamic concept of peace goes something like this: "Peace comes through submission to Muhammad and his concept of Allah" (i.e. Islam). As such the Islamic concept of peace, meaning making the whole world Muslim, is actually a mandate for war. It was inevitable and unavoidable that the conflict would eventually reach our borders, and so it has.


Sura 9:122-123 "Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. Know that God is with the righteous".


      So far we have gone to great lengths to reassure the Muslim world that we are not in a war with Islam, but only terrorists. However much of Islam understands better than our leaders do, that to fight the orthodox extremists in Islam is to fight against all that Islam holds sacred, and so in their minds we are indeed fighting Islam . But in reality we are not fighting all Muslims, just those who send, support, train, supply, fund, handle, protect, sympathize, admire, or hide Jihadic warriors worldwide. What percentage of Islam is that? A conservative estimate might be 25% of Muslims, which is still a number in the hundreds of millions. This is a huge problem any way you look at it, not likely to be solved by bombing a few camels and decrepit tanks in Afghanistan even when followed by a spectacular armored column run strait into the heart of Baghdad. In fact tens of thousands of fundamentalists, particularly their ‘religious’ leaders, will need to be helped into paradise to convince the rest it is in their best interest to reform their schools and abandon their terrorist ways. The most dangerous potent extremists in the world currently reside in Iran, Pakistan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. All these nations need to be rendered impotent economically, militarily, and politically in order to cut off the head of the venomous snake poised to strike us.


      If we are willing to accept our lot and protect our present and future nation, major changes will be needed in all aspects of our lives. Change is not easy, but as Thomas Jefferson once said; "A little revolution every now and then is a good thing, it clears the atmosphere". Jihad is not going away on its own, it needs to be helped. An awakening and ‘Cultural Revolution’ must first take place here before we can successfully commit to the task at hand. The set of changes and actions that could define victory are the responsibility of our military and political leaders, but require the full support and participation of every citizen who must now trust that judgment.


      Much more needs to be done to dissuade Muslims from their lust to destroy the West and kill non-believers. Our current measures of providing blanket legitimacy to Muslims through the failed principals of multiculturalism and diversity will bring us more Jihad not less. Such suicidal policies will not protect us in any wit, rather they give Islamists cover to continue recruiting and planning for the demise of the very institutions currently protecting them. Unfortunately, to discuss what could be done to protect us from the next terrorist mega-attack is an exercise in futility with current political realities. Whereas no one would have thought of providing Nazi prisoners of war a personal copy of Mein Kampf, today we provide respect and copies of the Qur’an to interned terrorists. Then to add insult to injury, we allow our idiotic overtures to be used to discredit our own military. Almost four years since 9/11, and a multitude of Muslim terrorist activity since, still the theology that creates them remains largely immune from challenge because it calls itself a religion. In previous conflicts against totalitarianism, success meant we did not support or excuse ‘moderate’ Nazis, Fascists, Imperialists, or Communists …all followers and supporters of the dangerous philosophies were brought low in total war. Both Hitler and his vile Nazi credos were criticized in order to defeat it. From 1933 onward, anyone wearing a swastika and reciting from Mein Kampf would be immediately recognized as a dangerous enemy and dealt with. Today Qur’an carriers wearing beards are given wide berth to carry on their anti-Western Jihadic crusades. When the other shoe drops, and tens of thousands to millions of Americans are dead and maimed, perhaps effective measures might yet be adopted. Until then we can present only watered down wish-lists which are bound to be defeated by CAIR, the ACLU, and all their suicidal leftist apologists.


      While there are things we can do within the scope of what is currently politically feasible, there are many more things which we should, but cannot do because of suicidal leftist opposition. Some things in the latter category will likely move into the former, after the next mega-attack on American soil. But for now, I will group them all together in this synopsis, leaving it to the reader to decide what is feasible, and what is fantasy.


#1 Educate. A crystal clear grasp on reality would provide a tremendous boost to assist beleaguered Western civilizations. To achieve that, University and High-School student text material needs to be purged of anti-American, anti-democratic, and pro-Islamic propaganda. Real history relating to communist, socialist, and Islamic histories should be taught in a dispassionate, accurate manner. Americans need to be taught how to recognize all totalitarian theologies and identify their various means of brainwashing the general public. The true history of Muhammad caravan raiding tactics, his political achievements, and his methods of assassination and Jihad need to be comprehensively and fearlessly exposed. This also provided the added benefit of preventing immature young people from becoming the unwitting tools of today’s Islamists.


#2 Prosecute.  Under Rico and other laws designed to protect this country from the promotion of seditious acts designed to overthrow civil society, arrest and imprison anyone advocating Jihad against both Americans and our allies. Relentlessly prosecute treason, sedition, racketeering, inciting to violence, and hate-speech crimes perpetrated by Muslim leaders and lay. Seize property, including mosques, of any individual or group found promoting violence and bigotry. Once their prison term is up, the same individuals need to be exported to their country of origin. The first phase of this ‘extremist’ round-up would include all Wahhabi assets and leaders.


#3 Respond. The claim that violence begets violence is not always true. In fact well executed, professional violence works quite well when the other party has been sufficiently subdued, especially if they are dead. Just witness the behavior of dhimmi in Islamic lands. Hands must be untied to be able to strike with the kind of lethality required to finish the ugly task and put it behind us. Those not willing to live as slaves must be willing to execute greater violence than those trying to enslave them. Islamists are executing methods of ‘total war’ while we worry incessantly about ‘Arab opinion’, and ‘collateral damage’. Our current ‘hands-off’ policy towards the government and forces of Syria and Iran, while they provide considerable support to Jihadists worldwide, is reminiscent of the failed Korean and Viet Nam military policies. The enemies of freedom anxiously seek to enter the next world to receive their reward for their hatred and efforts to kill non-believers, and we must as quickly as possible expedite that journey for them. That may sound like warmongering, but it is simply a practical reality of survival to kill creatures threatening your family with cold calculation. The dogs of war must be unleashed to convince not only Jihadists, but all social/religions institutions supporting them, that terrorist policies will bring unacceptable consequences. They are going to hate Americans and Jews no matter what we do, so we might as well follow policies that will actually destroy our enemies and their supporters, instead of vainly trying to win some sort of popularity contest.


      I also proffer the following suggestions. They may seem extreme now, but hearts will change if and when enough pain and death has been visited upon this people, so they are offered here in advance of that consensus:


1.       The President should clearly and unequivocally identify the Islamic threat and Congress officially declare war on all groups and governments promoting Islamic Jihad against America or her allies, or who in any way support, justify, or enable terrorist threats and acts. Habeas Corpus should be suspended for all matters related to national security (as Lincoln did in the Civil War). We must not allow liberal weasels from the ACLU, whacked-out tree huggers or an activist interfering Judiciary to obstruct the execution of the war.


2.       Retroactively reclassify Islam from a religious organization to the socio-political organization it is, subject to all the taxes, rules and laws of political organizations. Move to control Muslim schools. Socrates was quite correct when he warned "Ignorance is the mother of all ills". Islamic clergy and texts should be outlawed in our prison systems, including Gitmo. Other works glorifying treason, rape, murder, and thievery are not allowed, Islam should be no different.


3.       Extend, strengthen, and enlarge the ‘Patriot Act’ to allow vetting of all Muslim Americans and all immigrants from Islamic lands, including penalties for municipalities who fail to support it. Profiling is good, monitoring of Muslim mosques and imams is smart. This should not bother any true patriots who have nothing to hide. Japanese and German citizens were not allowed to immigrate during World War II. Its dangerous to allow people from Arab and Moslem nations to immigrate. The borders should be shut down, with broader legal work/immigration policies implemented for friendly (non-Muslim) foreigners.


4.       The CIA should recruit and create an army of indigenous operatives to infiltrate all organizations suspected of planning harm to our nation. How hard can it be to memorize parts of the Qur’an, bow 5 times a day, praise Allah, grow a beard, spew anti-Jew/American invectives on cue, and (god willing) shoot an AK47. These recruits should not be Muslims, but very knowledgeable of Muhammad (peace be upon him).


5.       Bite the bullet and shut down Iran’s oil economy with a blockade. Iranian Oil is a main funding source for Islamic aggression and expansion worldwide. Also fund and support indigenous opposition groups in Iran with weapons and, if necessary, air support.


6.       More quickly build up the police and national military forces in Iraq, wish them luck in maintaining a democracy, then leave. Recognize the ‘Marshal Plan’ will not work in Islamic lands, and stop trying to buy friends. The people deeply resent help from inferior Infidels and will not develop a sudden case of gratitude and become our best friends like Japan and Germany. Let Iraq rebuild borrowing against future oil sales.


7.       Terminate all aid to Iraq, Palestinians, Egypt, Jordan, Somalia, Algeria, Sudan, Pakistan, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Albania, Indonesia, and any other Islamic nation who persecutes non-believers. Pour the Jizya aid we now give them into emergent democracies, and under the still infallible ‘Monroe Doctrine’, the Americas. Assist the good people of Russia with troops and material in their war in Chechnya. Warn Pakistan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia that continued friendly relations with the US absolutely depends on an immediate and comprehensive reformation of their schools as well as all new religious leaders abandoning Jihadic concepts. Warn first, and then if they are not serious about reform, seize all assets.


8.       Forget the EU, forget the UN, and completely rework NATO cutting out France, Turkey, and Germany. Withdraw all support and funding to the UN and send the inept diplomats packing with their flags in tow. Withdraw all forces from Western Europe, leaving the Bosnian/Serbian/Kosovo problem to the ‘morally superior’ French. Under a new framework, sign all new military alliances with Great Britain, Russia, Poland, Italy, Australia, India, Japan, the Philippines, and other friendly nations.


9.       Assign an all new 75/gal tax on gasoline/diesel to drive down demand and fund the following:


a.       Require development of oil reserves in Alaska, offshore, and elsewhere. Support and subsidize new and expanded Coal and Nuclear energy sources. Nuclear power plants are much less polluting anyway.


b.       Invest in fusion research with the goal of harnessing the power of the helium3 (via lunar mining) or the hydrogen molecule to generate electrical power. D 3He  → p(14.7 MeV) 4He (3.7 MeV) 18.4 MeV


c.       Create more incentives for oil/gas conservation like car pooling, higher efficiency engines, braking regeneration/conservation, lighter/stronger vehicles employing smaller engines, more efficient methods of mass transit, capturing solar/wind/water potential, etc ect.


10.   Open another front against the other tool Islam uses to both weaken us and finance its efforts. Open a front against drug use and drug pushers. Educate citizens on how proceeds are used to fund terrorist activity, and call for volunteers to fight the war on terror and drugs. Stiffen penalties for those who profit in despair, and provide more help getting young people off their dependencies.


11.   Rework START to allow the US, Russia, and other friendly allies to both dominate space and rework their nuclear arsenals, including spares for replenishing weapons expended in wartime. If it proves that the Islamic threat becomes unmanageable by other methods, a huge stealth armada of hydrogen and neutron bombs should be developed and deployed in orbit, while at the same time preemptively shooting down any space asset launched from unfriendly countries who will not guarantee verifiable non-nuclear ambitions. Mechanisms can be built into the weapons to physically prevent their use against friendly countries.


12.   It should be made clear to all nations that the US will respond to nuclear or biological attacks, not in kind, but with such force to destroy all nations and peoples deemed remotely culpable or even sympathetic to acts of terror and genocide against us. It should be denoted the new YAD doctrine (as opposed to MAD), which stands for ‘Your Assured Destruction’.


      These proposals require courage, vision, sacrifice, and a complete changing of the ‘politically correct’ guard. The voice of pacifists will sound shrill as ever, but as Islamic violence continues to expand, patience for ignorance and fools will grow short with increasing knowledge of the goals of terrorist foot soldiers, and awareness of the hoards of Muslims cheering them on from the sidelines. The sleeping giant stirred briefly after Sept 11th, but slumbers still. That giant may soon be forced to awaken …for if not he will surely die in his sleep.


      In taking measures to protect ourselves and dissuade governments supporting Muslim militants, we should not be so arrogant as to think such actions will end the huge problem of Jihad for all peoples and places, especially for the billions trapped by the cult in majority Islamic countries. When Muslims see that their philosophy is flawed and their God cannot help them, it will be but the first small step in the long process of Islam’s eventual ruin and subsequent reformation. In reality Islam can only be brought down from within, by men such as Ali Sina who runs a site to help his fellows see the error of their ways, and who offer the 21st century equivalent of a ‘freedom train’ to assist those wanting to escape the misery of its spiritual slavery (visit After all the death and misery, the end of the danger which Islam brings to the world will come at the hands of good Muslims following conscience over Islam. As we act against militants and their supporters, every effort should be made to support all legitimate freedom movements in Islamic lands.


Dark Premonitions


(revised from a Feb 6, 2003 NRO article by John Derbyshire, with permission)


      Am not sure quite what's going on, or what drives me to pursue this work. Possibly the Sympathetic Fallacy is playing tricks with my soul. Still, I hope at springtime to open a window to hear birds and smell flowers, but know those sweet simple sensory images will likely seem surreal once again this year. The air has been sort of quiet lately, but such serene relief is fleeting as something keeps whispering it is only the calm before the storm. It is not quite visible with the naked eye, but one can sense a force like ‘The Nothing’, that malevolent entity in the ‘Never Ending Story’, nibbling at the edges and poised at any moment to gobble up our entire world. I fear that, as Myers says, we may be sailing off the edge of the world, into the realm of chaos. Don't get me wrong, I have no specific cause to be obsessed with apprehension. As a single father of several young children I am much too busy to waste thought and energy chasing ghosts or slaying windmills. Perhaps it is too much reading J. R. Tolken and C. S. Lewis that put me in this frame of mind, or pushed me deeper into it, or perhaps it is the endless string of news releases filled with violent manifestations cascading down my consciousness and sucking hope dry. Masked terrorists on TV resemble too much the dreaded ‘Uruk Hais’ of Saruman the White in ‘Lord of the Rings’. All these crazed, mindless groups acting in lock-step waging Jihad seem exactly like minions of the ‘Borg Collective’ …intending to assimilate our society. The phrase ‘resistance is futile’ disturbs both my dreams and drifts into daytime thoughts.


      Anyway, it didn't start like that. In the numbness following Sept 11th my spirit self-comforted with the idea that truth, right and the American way would prevail once again, believing every foe would soon repent or be destroyed. Then I read a piece by Paul Johnson in the Spectator reprinted below, its first sentence reading as follows: "The sound of the explosion was so loud, so prolonged, and so unusual that I knew at once I was listening to a historical singularity." There followed a great wind sweeping over his London house, in the library of which he was sitting, and something that felt like an earthquake.


      Stepping up to the flat roof of his house, he saw "destruction on an immense scale." He saw London being consumed by a vast swelling ball of fire and smoke. It is all described with terrific fluency and vividness, in just a thousand words, with the skill that comes easily to a man who has written a shelf-full of thick books and innumerable pieces of throwaway journalism. What he is seeing is the detonation of a hydrogen bomb, a megaton-scale nuclear weapon. "As the darkness increased and the compensating fire drew nearer, I grasped that the catastrophe would soon swallow up my house and me, too..." In the last paragraph, of course, he wakes up. Johnson's nightmare was the more striking because he normally doesn't write like that at all. A levelheaded, practical sort of fellow, worldly and very knowledgeable about politics, he usually has his feet firmly on the ground. Johnson's dream still lingers, buried in the nether portions of my consciousness, ready to reappear like a sudden thunderstorm to ruin any bright sunny feelings.


      Then there is the stuff about wacko North Korea having nukes, and reports of Iranian Mullahs receiving streams of prominent representatives from the Muslim world like a wedding reception, all paying honor and seeking favor for some achievement of nuclear proportions. Libya also, had mature programs previously well hidden until recently revealed, and Syria may have inherited the bulk of forbidden Iraqi arsenals and programs. Thinking about that, it dawned on me, as it has on many others, that there has been some qualitative change in world affairs. In the past, scary as it was, all nuclear nations had long histories, and ancient imperial or grand-republican political traditions - traditions, that is, of responsible governance. None of them was fundamentally nihilistic, with a desire to do mischief in the world just for its own sake. That state of affairs went on for decades, and lulled us into thinking it was permanent.


      It wasn't. The genie is now out of the bottle. Now nutcase nations or pseudo-nations like North Korea and Pakistan have nukes, and the base principle upon which deterrence is based, which served us so well since 1949, has broken down. Deterrence only works with responsible people, people who give a damn, and who, if they plan conquest, plan it the old fashioned way - armies, battlefields. It is useless against Mohammed Atta, or any nation that cares to use his sort as proxies.


      Well, those were the lines I was thinking along. Then I started to notice how many other people were thinking the same way. "Thinking" is actually the wrong word. This isn't something thought so much as something felt, something in the air. And what I really didn't like a bit was that the people who are thinking it are people I have found to be pretty reliable guides to what is going on in the world. The things people say in conversation nowadays! - things like: "It'll take another 9/11...". And then there is the image of the guy living on Long Island, waving his arm at the busy suburban landscape beyond the window of a diner, and saying: "When New York City's been taken out, all this real estate will be worth zip." Nobody talked like that ten, five years ago. Nobody even thought those things.


      Is something unspeakably horrible going to happen? I don't know for certain. I'm only saying that there is something in the air - a grimness, a bracing. Perhaps I'm just scaring myself over nothing. As in all times, the future casts its shadow over the past helping us to forget it, but the past ever projects its image into the future to form it. I can't shake off the feeling that we are living, right now, in that chill shadow cast from recent and distant Islamic history. Surly we have come to the end of a golden age of relative peace and security, and there are nasty things lurking in the not too distant future. Is chaos the only option left for our great Western society obsessed as we are with consumption and self-absorption?


      Look at us! Look at the gross vulgar overflowing fat wealth we live amongst! Look at the great cars that 20-year-old kids drive 300 yards to the mall, to buy things they don't need, gadgets to pack into houses already overflowing with gadgets, clothes to cram into closets stuffed with clothes. Look at the work we do, sitting in humming cubicles scrolling through screens full of words and numbers as our wealth grows. Look at the bright, airy schools our kids attend, to be taught that their ancestors were moral criminals, their parents are liars, and their culture is a sham. Look at our popular heroes, all self-absorbed rock stars, sports icons, or made for movie fantasy personalities. Look at our "reality TV" programs, where people with empty heads wallow in infantile hedonism. Look at our fool politicians and diplomats, pouring over their poll numbers and UN resolutions, playing tug-of-war with pork while young men with burning eyes slip silently into our cities with boxes, canisters, cargoes, vials, and suitcases curiously heavy.


      As they arrive at our unprotected borders, while entertainment Icons live in a make-believe world continue using their popular influence to undermine national values. Hollywood weenies like Martin Sheen and Sean Penn rake in millions playing soldiers in films like "Apocalypse Now" and "Casualties of War" and then, in real life, give the finger to those who really wear the uniform and risk all to defend us. Violent rappers get rich issuing songs like "Cop Killer", and "Die, die, die, pig, die! Fuck the police!". Michael Moore denigrates all of us in his hate America propaganda film "Fahrenheit 9/11". The elite from among us (Actor, Artist, Intellectual, Union leader, Tenured Faculty, Judge, Lawyer, ACLU, and powerful advocacy groups including left-leaning media) arrogantly live their lives demanding the full measure of entitlements and freedoms paid for by the blood of the kind of men they disparage. Young people at universities regurgitate excessive relativism leaving campus with no core, no love of country, and no willingness to sacrifice for it.


      For decades now we have selfishly chased vanity, postponing and/or limiting our offspring, thus limiting the available pool of young men and women we wish to call upon now for our protection. Is there enough, are they strong enough? One wonders why Osama bothered to create such a fracas to kill 3000, and why he did not simply sit back and watch with satisfaction as we continue to do it to ourselves, on a scale orders of magnitude higher, using the arbitrary tool of abortion. From the surviving young who do walk amongst us, premonition often prompts me to look hard into their eyes and hearts searching for strength, but probing the windows into their souls has revealed a vast cavernous emptiness bringing little comfort. Look at this proud tower! And feel its foundations tremble.




There Arose out of the Pit of Smoke a Great Furnace


by Paul Johnson (7 Dec 2002)


      The sound of the explosion was so loud, so prolonged and so unusual that I knew at once I was listening to a historic singularity. Indeed, it may not have been an explosion: more a catastrophic global event. Was it the end of the world? As the initial noise fell in volume, though it did not cease, a pentecostal wind swept over my house in Notting Hill. It faces north into the street, and the air current came from the south, as I could see from the trees bending over in our south-facing garden. I was sitting in my library, in my habitual chair near the French windows, and was astonished to see fallen leaves plastered on to them and held there by the fierce wind. Then I felt movement. It was not like an earthquake, which I had experienced in South America. In such tremors parts of the earth's crust crack and move in relation to each other, to produce disorientation and dizziness. It was, rather, as if the entire earth moved, as a unit, but out of its regular axis.


      Despite the feeling of movement, I went to the bottom of the stairs and began to climb them, up to the top floor, where a glass door in my bathroom leads out to a flat roof. It was midday, but I became uneasily conscious that I was ascending not into light but into darkness. There was no disturbance inside the house and the roof door opened easily. But once I stepped outside I knew I was in a different world, and that the constants of the old, familiar one had changed utterly. The noise continued but spasmodically, ranging in its decibels and nature in an erratic and unpredictable fashion. It was now, audibly, the noise of destruction on an immense scale. The wind, too, came in gusts. I feared the wind. I was beginning to fear everything. The light, or rather the comparative absence of light, was sinister. To the north, the sky was blue, yet there was no daylight. The light was thickening. When I glanced south, into central London, I saw why, and I began to get, for the first time, an inkling of what was taking place.


      The whole of the southern view was occupied by a dense, swirling, expanding and ascending column of smoke. It was many miles wide and already tens of thousands of feet high. Though five miles distant at its nearest (I guessed), it was moving with great speed, not so much horizontally as vertically. It was punching a colossal hole in the sky, filling it, then finding fresh energy to punch another, so that at intervals the column was encircled by giant haloes, stretching out vast distances into the stratosphere. I could not see the top of the central column. It was covered by one of these haloes, which was now stretching into the northern portion of the sky, so producing that progressive light reduction I had already noticed. I call the column smoke, and some of it was smoke — the result of a giant conflagration — but most of it was dense, throbbing, twisting cloud, white and grey vapour, of the kind emitted by the steam-engines of my childhood but on an unimaginable scale. How had so much water — or whatever it once was — been turned so swiftly into trillions of square yards of foggy miasma, still piling itself up at high speed into the stratosphere and beyond? What incalculable force had done this monstrous thing?


      As my eye fell to the bottom of the column, I began to grasp the source of its power. A white incandescence, low by comparison with the column but still perhaps a mile high and 20 or more broad, filled the skyline of the south horizon. Its fiery heat mitigated the gloom caused by the towering cloud above obscuring the sun. As my eyes grew accustomed to looking at this radiant epicenter, I saw that it was composed not only of white-hot elements, but also of fiery red particles, orange and blue flames, shooting heavenwards like the gigantic tongues which leap out of sunspots thousands of miles into space. There were also sporadic flashes of white, caused, I assumed, by continuing detonations on a stupendous scale. The epicenter was spreading steadily; or rather not entirely steadily, for it moved in spurts and formidable leaps, as well as munching and digesting its periphery. It was alive, this prodigious sore or cancer in London's heart, expanding its frontiers all the time. It had swallowed and vaporized all Westminster, and sucked out the entire contents of the Thames and turned them into thick clouds. It had gone down the river at thousands of miles an hour, engulfed the City and its tall towers, vaporizing steel, concrete, glass and water as it punched and thrashed and pounded the streets of massive buildings into nothingness — or, rather, minute particles of its flaming column, surging high into space. Now it was crumpling and atomizing St James's.


      The glittering, searing edge of the immense fire, with its bottomless black crater beneath, advanced before my eyes, having snuffed out Buckingham Palace and the Mall in an instant, snapped at Mayfair with cavernous jaws, swallowing it in three rapidly succeeding mouthfuls, while simultaneously devouring all Belgravia in one tremendous gulp. Appetite unappeased and seemingly unappeasable, it was now guzzling up Hyde Park, its trees whooshing into brief candles of flame, the Serpentine quaffed and vaporized in an instant, the Round Pond licked away in one fiery rub of its tongue.


      As the darkness increased and the compensating fire drew nearer, I grasped that the catastrophe would soon swallow up my house and me, too. This was not an episode, like an earthquake, leaving a giant print on the earth in a minute of time, but more like a volcano, spreading its lava with all deliberate speed over a vast area. How many billions of tons of high-explosive equivalent had gone into what I assumed to be the detonator, at ground level, of an enormous hydrogen device, I could not guess. Yet, surely, even the largest blast conceivable must be of limited duration, and its immediate physical consequences reckoned in minutes, not hours or days. But there was no sign yet of an end, or even a diminuendo.


      I suddenly noticed that I was not alone. At my feet, or very near them, was a curious congregation of creatures. First, there was a fat wood-pigeon, who usually gives me the widest of berths for he knows he is not a favorite. He was motionless, cowering, his feathers dank and bedraggled as though he was in a cold sweat. There was a crow I had never seen before, more composed than the pigeon and looking about him with alert eyes. There was the hen-thrush, who nested in the tree a few feet from my study window this year and produced a brood: no sign of them — flown off, perhaps, already — and she was clearly frightened, too. Above all — and I was strangely comforted to see him — was Randolf, or Randy, my audacious squirrel, not bold now, however, but sitting stock-still in terror, waiting for a doom which he could not evade by flight. It suddenly struck me that these varied creatures, enemies or competitors as a rule, were crowding together for comfort, and looked to me for salvation. But how was I, or anyone, to render help in this Armageddon, or apocalypse?


      At that point I became aware that my eyes were open, and focused on family photos near the foot of my bed, all steady and correct. Behind my head, my beautiful crucifix, carved by a holy monk in the hardest of woods, hung motionless, not a millimeter out of place. The sun was wintry, but it shone nevertheless.



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About the Author


      Many years ago, performing a multi-year service mission in a foreign country, I had the occasion to discuss religious concepts with many practicing Muslims. Not long afterwards I had a university study partner who was a devout Muslim from Lebanon, and we had several discussions concerning the Qur’an (a.k.a. Koran) and Islam. Our relationship was typical and warm, but later became strained following a bombing in Israel. In a discussion I learned he would be happy to use his degree in electrical engineering (acquired at tax-payer expense) to facilitate killing Jews upon his return home. Prior to that, my family enjoyed the company of three Muslim University students from Jordan we call friends today, some staying at our home, none of whom seemed capable of such thinking. My father, stepmother, and their siblings spent 10 years living and working in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. While living there, my father visited Afghanistan several times, traveled to Yemen, Iran, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Quatar, Kuwait, Oman, Srinagar, India, Beirut, Damascus, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, all over Saudi Arabia and have had many discussions with Muslims about their perception of the US and the West. In all cases the young men (young women are unapproachable by edict and mandate), although not expressing animosity toward any particular Westerner personally, had problems with Western nations, peoples, and cultures in general, and all had a deep irrational hatred of all Jews. My father tells me that he learned there are many decent Muslims in the world, including many he now calls personal friends.


      An engineer by trade, I have also been a student of history and have studied in some depth various religious philosophies throughout my life. I have also visited Israel four times, and have taken the time to learn from both the Israeli and Arab points of view religious concepts and perspectives relating to the ongoing conflicts in the region. I have tried to be open-minded and to make friends with both Muslims and Jews. My contacts include merchants, some religious leaders, and even Israeli military officers from whom I have attempted to understand their perspectives and passions. I was especially impressed attending a huge celebration of ‘Purim’ in Tel Aviv on my own where numerous young people and whole families danced and socialized. As an obvious outsider I remember feeling very safe amongst the many young people at that event, the same way feel attending church-sponsored youth social events at home. I did not observe the usual trappings of gothic, gang, punk, or other threatening paraphernalia that accompany public events in the US. For whatever reason, generations of Israelis seem more cohesive than Americans. My overall impressions were that Israelis are a competent, family oriented, a hard working and industrious people generally disposed to treat others well. My dealings with Palestinians also showed me they are generally intelligent, hard working, and family oriented. To me it seemed that both groups of common people would prefer to avoid war, however the distrust and paranoia of each toward the other is great, based as it is on the long litany of conflicts with no end in sight. Aside from these and some other limited contacts, the author admits that his experience with Muslims is otherwise limited.


      As mentioned earlier I am an engineer by training and trade, and as with many of that discipline comes a certain inclination and aptitude to disassemble every problem to its most basic root-form components as the first step in the problem solving process. After Sept 11th, 2001, it became apparent that few were searching for the root cause of the war declared on us, and my natural curiosity and a certain passion has driven me to explore in some detail the true source driving the varied violent acts of Islamic zealots. My studies have revealed unexpected data, which it appears is not widely known, or is often very much misunderstood. The initial curiosity and effort was to identify for myself just exactly where and how Muslim militants erred in deviating from peaceful Islam by choosing a violent path. Much to my chagrin, I could not discover any error, only support. As it turns out, it’s not the wrong interpretation of the Qur’an (Koran) that produces terrorists; it is the exact interpretation of it which creates them. These findings, and the inescapable inferences that must be drawn thereby, served to inspire this effort to share this vital knowledge with my fellow citizens. This book, considered in its entirety, could and should alter convictions and politics for the sincere searcher of truth and knowledge of all political persuasions.


      At the risk of alienating some, I must now delve into personal opinion, and even politics. It has been difficult to present this material factually, avoiding (or trying to avoid) personal opinion. I admit that separating my personal emotion from the passion, pain, and sorrow connected with all I have learned has been difficult, surely my feelings have leaked out all over. But now I must reveal my whole heart, the stakes being as high as they are. The issue, survival, should not be not politicized, but it is. Although I am a conservative Democrat at heart, I can no longer support the current direction of a National Democratic party that is largely ignorant of the nature and scope of the Islamic threat. It seems more a coalition of fringe myopic special interest groups than a truly National Party, none of whom seem to grasp the threat of militant Islam. My once great Party fell ill at the time of Jimmy Carter, our fierce peanut farmer appeaser, became morally and mortally ill with Clinton at the helm, and lost its heartbeat completely following the Gore Campaign. Great men like Zell Miller notwithstanding, nothing has come from the once great representative party since but the awful stench of moral death. Suffering from Hubris, it slips noisily into irrelevance, the entire country forced to endure shrill hateful screams of frustration from the likes of Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, Michael Moore, Howard Dean, and John Kerry. My hope is that reasonable people will seize the party back from the fringe of lunacy and make it great again.


      A personal note to any truly pious Muslims who feel their faith is compromised by the truths and logic outlined herein. The truth, from the mouths of your leaders yesterday and today, is surly a bitter pill to swallow, but please accept the reality staring you in the face and balance it against what your heart tells you is good, true, just, and right. Truth can be hard to contemplate, but when humbly accepted it will always be redeeming and cleansing. For those inclined to believe in deity, God is still God, and surely is not threatened. His existence and plans do not depend on the man Muhammad. To all believers of a caring creator, there is no God, but God, …and God is indeed greatest! But such a Creator must also embody all-knowledge and all-power, and so He must also be a God of Truth, above any inclination or need to deceive or lie. It follows that any who truly know and represent Him would be similarly disposed. By that standard Muhammad, a man of deceit who created a cult of deceit and manipulation, could not have known such a deity, despite all his self-aggrandizing proclamations otherwise. If he was inspired by supernatural visits and direction, which considering what he accomplished may be entirely possible, then that ‘angel’ who directed him could be best described as the ‘father of lies’, ‘the author of slavery’, ‘the king of contentions’, ‘the purveyor of greed’, ‘the source of false pride’. In other words, Muhammad’s extraordinary exploits and achievements were helped by that old false angel of light, the devil himself. If God lives, so does His counterpart, and that very Lucifer must be laughing that so many have accepted his philosophy based on fear, forced compliance, and worship of him and all his evil methods so hurtful to victims, and in spirit to the victimizers. Would that I could be a bug on the wall as all Islamic terrorists arrive at that way-station between life and their spiritual holding place, to watch as shock and disappointment covers their countenances and to witness their anguish and panic grow as they realize they spent their last wage of agency on Earth serving the enemy of love and free-agency, …the enemy of God.


      Despite the fear and difficulties faced by those seeking to separate themselves from the ‘faith’, the difficult question must be posed to any and all true peace loving Muslims, "Why follow Muhammad? Why follow Muhammad in every respect – including his commands to do violence against those who reject him as a prophet? If you truly disapprove of Muslim terrorist actions, why continue to tie yourself and your families’ eternal future to the man?" If you truly believe that Muslim terrorists are and were wrong, then find a way to separate yourself from it. A person who chooses to follow Muhammad and trust his eternal future to Muhammad’s word, by extension approves of Muhammad’s brutal teachings …including all his brutal acts. The same will surely reap the same reward, but it will not be the 72 virgins, thrones, and mansions so often spoken of and hoped for. There are already millions of ‘martyred’ Muslims on the other side of the veil separating life from death, who lament that fact today from their spirit prison, …but the dead cannot change anything.


      Because one is the embodiment of the other, the religion can and should be judged by the behavior of the people who practice it; you cannot in fact separate the two. Isa (Jesus) identified this simple fact when he said: "By their fruits ye shall know them", or in other words it is the acts of a religion or following that define the value of the theology, …not the beauty of words, the magnificence of buildings, robes, etc etc. By this standard, (the  fruits of his totalitarian religion created to promote his vision of Arabic Imperialism), we know that Islam in fact has no connection with God whatsoever. Such bitter fruits as have been described herein, along with all the branches of humanity which made them, have no intrinsic value. The many who claim it as their religion notwithstanding, an incorrect opinion based on a false premise is still wrong, even if repeated by a billion people. As such, Islam cannot serve as any kind of guide to humankind, except as an example of the utter failure of all totalitarian systems of control.


      The Muslim God is a god of deception, self-gratification, and war, whereas the Christian God is one of truth, self-sacrifice, and peace. Muhammad was a man of violence who bore arms, was wounded in battle, and preached holy war against non-believers. Christ, on the other hand, healed the wounded soldier’s ear who came to arrest him. If you openly disagree with a Christian on religious doctrine, he’ll probably pray for you. If you openly disagree with a Muslim on a matter of faith, he is likely to try and kill you. In Muhammad’s day, converts were gained to Christian Faith by witnessing the constancy with which its confessors cared for others and suffered martyrdom; whereas they were gained to Islam by the spectacle of the readiness of its adherents to inflict death on others. Indeed, for devout Muslims, there seems to be no limitation to act in vile and inhumane ways towards non-believers, jihadists being allowed to enslave, rape, rob, pillage, and kill to advance Islam. In Christianity, by contrast, the direction is to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. These two groups truly worship very different beings, and represent polar opposites in both belief and practice. Muslims claim to honor all prophets prior to Muhammad, including Jesus, yet conveniently dismiss all previous revelations regarding proper behavior in human relations. Muslims accept without thought that their great ‘seal’ of the prophets, ‘abrogated’ (canceled out) all previous revelation by all earlier prophets. Knowing almost nothing of earlier teachings, Arabs now and then swallow easily all the self-serving ideas the man Muhammad presented, whereas Christians and Jews, with some knowledge of those earlier revelations, were and are unable to accept a philosophy which effectively wipes out all previous understandings of the nature of God and directions on good behavior. Consider the radical change in religious philosophy born by Muhammad, whereas previously God loved all inhabitants of the Earth, then suddenly afterwards only Muslims. How terribly discontenting for the non-believers, for whom the newly reformed Muslim God unexpectedly had no more patience nor love. It completely escapes Muslim theologians how a perfect and fully developed and mature being (God) could suddenly decide that his previous feelings for His children, as revealed to his prophets, were in error and needed abrupt adjustment. Is the universe really that fragile, and can mans faith in God be based on that kind of uncertainty associated with a God whose feelings for his own children are in such flux? Obviously not, the concept fails all logical standards of reason. Muslim terrorists claim to kill people in the name of the one God, while vast numbers tolerate such actions, which surely is the greatest sacrilege and affront to God possible.


      Can deeply indoctrinated, yet intelligent Muslims ever see the fraud Muhammad for what he is and what he has done to them, their ancestors, and to faith in the God of this universe and creator/father of us all? Certainly not if the full array of Islamic controls are in place preventing critical thought, personal development, and so personal virtue. For those hopelessly brainwashed, the only two remaining distasteful solutions left for the rest of the peace-loving world are; to either destroy them utterly, or; to completely defang, marginalize, segregate, encapsulate, and contain them.


      When an entire culture embraces the vile butchery of innocents, its whole civilization is in trouble, as are all others within striking distance of a people out of control. We must all stop trying to compare Islam to other benign forms of religion, as there is really very little in common to compare outside of the term ‘religion’. Comparing Islam’s ethics, or its followers ‘fruits’ to other religions, Islam does not have recognizable spiritual standards that can be called lofty. Such a statement is easily understood by all peoples everywhere, except poor Muslims who have been brainwashed since birth to believe violent Jihad is the highest expression of personal spirituality. Indeed, any preview of its ethical precepts in relation to conduct toward non-Muslims are deplorable by any standard of human and civil behavior, …except Muhammad’s. As such, with neither spiritual nor ethical precepts of a genuinely religious nature, and because it aims to conquer the world, it’s much more realistic to call it a political system. Politically correct or not…, sensitive or not…, the philosophy and methods of group control, otherwise known as Islam, is simply not a religion. We must stop trying to protect them from the truth, and hide from it ourselves. And why, exactly, should anyone really care about the ‘feelings’ of people following a cult seeking to kill us, our families, and dedicated to the destruction of everything we value. When they show a little empathy, sensitivity, and remorse for current and past atrocities, then perhaps we can approach our relationship with a little more delicacy. Until then, why tip toe about carefully worrying about their tender feelings? I mean, they aim to brutally kill us all anyway and take our young women as sex slaves, who cares if their feelings are a little hurt. Should not we all become much more concerned with our own tender feelings of survival, or the feelings of the tens to hundreds of millions of victims who in the past 1400 years suffered extreme horror, pain, humiliation, and death, at the hands of Muslims? Shouldn’t their precious religion be mocked by all of humanity, instead of respecting, thereby reinforcing, their own silly grandiose feelings of accomplishment and superiority, which is at the root of their dangerous psychosis? This corset of political correctness is way too tight and must be loosed …before it kills us.


      There will always be a large pool of feel-good, do-nothing appeasers who ignorantly continue to claim that Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion. Because some effort is required to move from a state of ignorance and oblivion to a state of knowledge and awareness, sadly there will ever be many such nitwits amongst us. In addition, there are always some who can not draw a correct inference no matter how plainly the facts are laid out before them. You can walk that horse carefully and gingerly to water, but you can not make the animal drink, even to preserve its own life.


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